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E-senior – a new customer profile on the e-commerce market

People over the age of 60 exist in our minds as stereotypical old men, who shop most often in stationary stores, in their favorite stores, and the most technologically advanced equipment that a television has. But is this customer profile still valid?

New customer profile – senior online

To start with, let’s specify who we call senior or elderly. In research, this nomenclature already affects people over 55, and therefore often professionally and socially active people. And the difference between the consumer needs of a 60-year-old and a 70-year-old is huge.

Let us assume, then, that we will refer to senior or online as people who have not grown up surrounded by modern technology, but adapt to it to a greater or lesser extent. Due to the manner and frequency of Internet use, we can divide this group into the following consumer profiles:

– Beginners – their knowledge of the network and technology is small, in this topic they rely primarily on the knowledge of loved ones. They often use only one thing, e.g. mail;
– Advanced – they work with the computer on a daily basis, understand the principles of the Internet and computer programs, and are able to use it no less advanced than the younger generation;
– Enthusiasts – they discovered the internet at a late age, it became their passion, that’s why they use new technologies, invest in them, for example: replace the old phone with a smartphone, understand the operation of applications and games.

What technologies does e-senior use?

Seniors are not strangers to using a smartphone or a computer, and in case of problems they use the help of younger family members or IT courses. E-seniors are also eager to use tablets and e-book readers. Thanks to the data, we know that 18.5% of people in the age group up to 75 are actively using the internet. People over 50 can spend up to 4 hours a day on it. So what do they most often use the network for?

What does a senior do online?

In studies carried out at the request of, 94% of respondents declare that they actively use online banking, and 68% of them do it at least once a week. Thanks to the online service of a bank account plus the increasing knowledge of the network, new opportunities have opened up for seniors in the form of online shopping.

The most frequently purchased products include clothing, cosmetics, perfumes and books. Often these are gifts for friends and family members. Household and RTV purchases are also becoming more and more popular. Thanks to research carried out by, we also learn that 62% of seniors spend time searching for information about brands, and 65% before buying, compare products, looking for a convenient offer for themselves. Senior online is no different from a young internet user.

Mobile activity is not worse. It turns out that the smartphone often replaces your favorite newspaper or TV show. According to a survey conducted by, 60% of users use it every day, and not just for sending sms or phone calls. E-senior willingly takes pictures, and then shares them on social networks, gives on forums, comments. Research has shown that 39% of users aged 55-64 have an account in social media. On portals for seniors you will also find a series of guides on how to use e.g. Snapchat or Instagram.

Adaptation of UX solutions to the needs of E-seniors

It is worth noting that the mechanisms, which are intuitive for the young generation, will most likely be incomprehensible to the senior. Should they be changed completely? As long as e-senior is not our main recipient, the exchange of solutions can be replaced by instructions or a guide. In the opposite situation, it is worth investing in designing the interface or customer path tailored to the needs of the older user. What should be considered?

– Security – one of the most important values for the elderly in the network. Very often he becomes a victim of fraud, cheating or cyberbullying. It is worth stressing the recommendations and certificates, as well as providing access to the hotline or other contact with a person who will assure the senior about the company’s credibility;
– Clear interface – should be easy to use and have specific descriptions and commands;
– Product or service description – must be very accurate. Seniors are a generation that values ‘live’ shopping very much because of their physical sensations – nothing else will provide them with the benefits of a product like seeing it or trying it out. That is why it is worth investing, e.g. in 3D or 360 preview;
– Comments and opinions – seniors do not differ from other clients in this field. They want reviews that will verify product information, so you should increase their visibility on the page.

Customer profile and future of the market

Thanks to statistics and research, we know that the growing number of seniors can significantly affect the consumer market. Longer professional activity and higher earnings are just some of the factors that allow you to look at this group with more interest. Increasing technological awareness gives a lot of new marketing opportunities targeted specifically at e-seniors. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to his needs when creating and improving contact points with the company, especially in the face of data that shows that in a dozen or so years he will be the main recipient of the market.

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