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SEO and Shoper – 3 effects of Paraphrase Online activities

At Paraphrase Online, we position nearly 50 stores based on the Shoper platform. We have extensive experience, and the system has proven to be SEO-friendly, as shown by the results we achieve.

We receive many inquiries from potential customers regarding the positioning of online stores depending on the platform they operate on. What results can be achieved with specific e-commerce software? What is the difference between positioning a store on a specific platform and SEO on other platforms? These and other questions will be answered by collective case studies showing the visibility of e-commerce selected by us on Bat, which we have the pleasure to position.

This material is all the more valuable as you get time, budget and domain – hardly any company on the market can boast of such transparency. All the more, we thank the three companies that have decided to share the data.

Case study watch shop

SEO case study
The company with watches has been with us since October 2019, but in this case study we will show its results from a year ago and compare them with those that are currently recorded. Why? Well, it is an interesting case because the client has migrated the website over the last year and redirected it to a new domain. The example below shows that a correctly carried out migration in cooperation with an SEO specialist does not have to have a negative impact on the SEO of the website, and the power of the old domain can be redirected to the new one. The results from last October are:
TOP3 – 134 phrases,
TOP10 – 670 phrases,
TOP50 – 2479 phrases.

In October this year, the customer’s visibility is at the level of:
TOP3 – 348 phrases,
TOP10 – 1283 phrases,
TOP50 – 4325 phrases.

This means that for 12 months the number of phrases in TOP3 increased by 160% and in TOP10 by 91%. The website achieved such results despite the migration carried out in the spring. In the chart below, you can see the time at which power from the old domain was transferred.

This customer chose the Advanced package for e-commerce for $ 3,500 per month.

Case study bed shop

SEO case study
And what do the increases look like when we position the website, starting almost from scratch? Let’s show it on the example of a bed store, a website that we are positioning from September 2020. At the beginning of the cooperation, the list of top phrases included:
TOP3 – 2 phrases,
TOP10 – 2 phrases,
TOP50 – 27 phrases.

After a year of SEO, the visibility increased as follows:
TOP3 – 14 phrases,
TOP10 – 94 phrases,
TOP50 – 620 phrases.

This means an increase of 600% in the case of TOP3 and as much as 4,600% in the case of TOP10. Such results were achieved with the Advanced package for e-commerce for $ 3,500 per month. The number of phrases in the top3 may not be impressive yet, but their number in the top10 and top50 indicates that the increase in visibility will definitely skyrocket in the next year of cooperation. This is the standard time for positioning fresh online stores on a budget of this level.

Case study of a honey shop

Case Study SEO
We signed the contract with the honey store in March 2021, so we’ve been through a little over half a year of website optimization efforts. The client chose the Standard package for e-commerce for $ 2,000. When we started our cooperation, the visibility of the site was as follows:
TOP3 – 26 phrases,
TOP10 – 118 phrases,
TOP50 – 573 phrases.

Half a year of positioning brought valuable traffic to the website and significantly increased its visibility for phrases related to the industry. Currently (i.e. in October 2021) the client’s website is visible:
TOP3 – 63 phrases,
TOP10 – 255 phrases,
TOP50 – 945 phrases.

This is an increase of 142% in the case of TOP3 phrases and by 116% in TOP10.

SEO on Shoper and SEO on other platforms – what are the differences?

Shoper is usually installed on a server provided by the manufacturer, so there are very rarely any problems with performance, and this is an important aspect of evaluating Google algorithms. In addition, Shoper updates the software itself, so you do not have to introduce new versions yourself. Its downside is that the positioner can use a limited number of extensions and add-ons for Shoper, so not all changes can be easily implemented.

Platforms such as WooCommerce or PrestaShop can be freely modified. Especially WooCommerce has a huge number of functionalities, which gives a lot of room for modification. On the other hand, if we use this WordPress plugin, we have many built-in functions, some of which may be completely redundant. This slows down the performance of the page, so a lot of work needs to be done to optimize the site well and improve the page load time. PrestaShop, on the other hand, works faster and offers great configuration options. When deciding on it, however, you must remember that most of the plugins for this software are additionally paid. However, as our experience in positioning online stores shows, all these platforms – both Shoper and Woo or Presta – are well suited for SEO activities and allow you to obtain satisfactory results.

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