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Case study – authorized shop with watches

Many companies have already learned that in the era of such strong competition as we have today, combining advertising channels is not so much an option, but a necessity. Obtaining organic and paid traffic from various sources allows you to systematically increase the number and value of conversions, and at the same time does not make profits completely dependent on one medium. In Paraphrase Online, we offer our clients a comprehensive service to remove the burden of promoting the brand on the web as much as possible. What are the results we achieve? This time we will show it on the example of an authorized distributor of branded watches.

SEO – increases after a year

We started cooperation in the field of online store positioning in July 2020. The website visibility status at the start of our activities was as follows:
31 phrases in TOP3,
366 phrases in TOP10,
3027 phrases in TOP50.

What does it mean? The website has already developed visibility in organic results for several dozen phrases. Therefore, our task was to increase the volume and calorific value of traffic from organic search results. We started by optimizing the site so that it would meet the high requirements of search engine web robots. We worked on improving the page loading time and organizing the assortment in terms of belonging to specific categories.

The site was experiencing cannibalization of content, which means that it was having trouble displaying a specific URL in response to a query that contained a keyword. Effect? Jumping positions of monitored phrases. Therefore, one of the first things we did was organize the texts to get rid of this phenomenon. We also commissioned writing new content – approximately 160,000 characters optimized for SEO enriched the client’s website. At the same time, we took care of external linking, paying particular attention to the diversification of links, i.e. their diversification.

During the cooperation, the client decided to change the category structure and URLs, which entailed the need to implement redirects so as not to lose the results achieved. Nevertheless, after a year of work, the website shows increases in terms of both the number of phrases in top positions and website traffic. In July this year, the client’s website was visible on:
82 phrases in TOP3,
675 phrases in TOP10,
5435 phrases in TOP50.

In the case of phrases from the top three results, this represents an increase of 164.5%. As for website traffic, the change is also clearly visible – it increased by 103% compared to 2020

Google Ads – How the number and cost of conversions have changed

A man with a watch on his wrist watching the report

In Google Ads, we run various types of campaigns for the client. Search ads, dynamic search ads, Smart Shopping campaigns (PLA Smart), remarketing and Discovery format are launched. This combination, in the case of the discussed brand, gives the best results and allows you to observe constant increases – both in website traffic and revenues. Let’s take a look at how the overall results for all campaigns changed from January 2021 to July 2021.

In January, the total number of clicks on Google Ads ads was 15,000, while in July it was 35,917, indicating a significant increase in paid traffic. The mere increase in the number of users, however, does not prove the effectiveness of the campaigns carried out. The parameters that indicate this are the generated revenues, the increasing number of transactions or the cost of a single purchase. In January, thanks to the ongoing activities of Google Ads, 196 transactions were registered on the website, and the cost of one was around $ 65.42. In July, conversions were already 796, and the cost of a single conversion was close to $ 40.54.

This means an increase in the number of transactions by 306% with a simultaneous decrease in the cost of acquiring a customer by 38% over the last six months of the campaign.

Regular profits from the campaign at a satisfactory level allowed for a gradual increase in the Google Ads advertising budget. Over the indicated time frame, it increased from approximately $ 6,500 to $ 16,500, representing a 157% increase in ad run. At the same time, revenue increased from $ 40,000 to $ 197,500, or 392%. So the return on investment increased by 175%!

It is also worth mentioning here how important Google Ads are in relation to the total revenues of the website. In 2019, the revenue generated by Google advertising campaigns accounted for 26.7% of the website’s total revenue. In 2020, this share increased to 36.6%, while in 2021, considering the period from January to August, this value is 37.9%.

Facebook Ads – the beginnings of activities

Less than a month ago, the client also transferred advertising in social media under our wings – on Facebook and Instagram. At this point, we are at the stage of determining the operating strategy, testing various advertising formats and collecting data. All these activities are guided by one goal: generating sales equal to the level of Google Ads. The first ads are already on the web and are in great demand, bringing people involved to your site.

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