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Google Ads Automated – how does it work? Who and what can gain?

According to data collected by Paraphrase Online Team, Google remains an unquestionable monopoly. Over 96.6% of Internet users choose this search engine. Nobody is around for a long time. The microscopic chunks of the internet pie are shared: Bing with 2.47% market share and Yahoo! with less than 0.55%. The crumbs went to DuckDuckGo (0.2%), Yandex (0.07%) and Ecosia (0.02%). In practice, it means more or less that almost every Internet user uses the Google search engine. And this is a sufficient argument to advertise your products and services in it. Who is it profitable to do this with Google Ads Automated? What is it and why should you know it? We answer!

Running and optimizing a campaign is the bread and butter of an online entrepreneur. He can keep his finger on the pulse of digital marketing in person or through a proven agency. There is still a tempting option, i.e. the Google Ads Automated service provided by Paraphrase Online!

Google Ads Automated – what is it?

This is our way of offering our clients more and more for less and less. Google Ads Automated is a clever combination HUMAN + MACHINE that we have been using since the beginning of Paraphrase Online.

The principle of operation is based on building the account architecture by our specialist. He prepares the ad account and campaigns, selects the appropriate keywords, writes content, sets the ad schedule and sets initial click rates. He also sets up a Google Analytics or Google Merchant Center account, and after a month, the care of the campaign is transferred to the customer, who can log in to the panel at any time and check its effects. Monitoring will not be time-consuming – everything works according to a specific strategy!

Fun fact… Originally, customers using Google Ads Automated in Paraphrase Online did not receive access to the management panel, and all changes had to be made by our specialist. Thanks to the optimal use of algorithms and automation, it was possible to “put power” into the hands of customers. It is worth remembering that in Paraphrase Online we offer the option of purchasing additional specialist support when the campaign requires extension or consultation.

The biggest pluses of Google Ads Automated are:
– Time savings – campaigns are created by specialists, algorithms work alone, and the client only monitors the effects and takes occasional optimization measures.
– Cost reduction – the possibility of adjusting the package to the actual needs and optimal use of the campaign budget.
– Maximization of the effects of actions taken – thanks to the use of proven algorithms and building a campaign by professionals; according to the best standards and current trends.
– Possibility to use the help of experts working in the Google environment for an additional fee.
– Access to an easy-to-use panel – 24/7!

POCM helps in improving the results of campaigns conducted in Google Ads.

It is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool, based on statistical models and self-learning algorithms that collect and process campaign data 24/7. Thanks to this, they can automatically refine them to increase the probability of achieving the previously set goal.

It is worth mentioning that we also use other algorithms (Google) and platforms (including Skai – formerly Kenshoo) that are based on similar solutions.

The configuration introduced by a Paraphrase Online specialist, with the simultaneous use of algorithms, allows you to optimize the campaign and make the best use of the budget.

On the start page of the panel you will find a summary of the account and the most important data about the campaign:
– views,
– clicks,
– average CTR,
– average CPC,
– number and cost of conversion,
– budget.

Thanks to this, we receive information on the effects of actions taken in LIVE mode. We can modify them in any way – add new campaigns, ad groups and ads within the search network campaigns, keywords and exclusions. By yourself or with the help of a Paraphrase Online specialist.

In the account preview, we will additionally check the campaign results on individual devices, the expenditure forecast, performance for each type or TOP10 by cost.

Weekly report shows basic account information on a weekly basis, as well as the number of clicks and impressions per day. The monthly report allows you to compare the last two months of activities, traffic, sales at specific times of the day, annual account performance as well as TOP10 and TOP15 (campaigns, ads, keywords).

We will quickly compile statistics and data in the form of legible reports that we can send by e-mail.

Google Ads Automated – who is it for?

We’ve piqued your interest, but you still don’t know if this solution is for you? So let’s explain who we are addressing Google Ads Automated to.

Are you a small or medium-sized company with a fixed offer? Want to focus on your text ads on the Search Network? If the two answers are yes, then Google Ads Automated is for you!

This is a great option for simple local and national campaigns, which are to attract traffic to the website by specific phrases and do not require frequent changes to maintain satisfactory visibility on the web.

Good to know… We tested Google Ads Automated on over 300 accounts and 1000 campaigns. It really works!

If your priority is to keep costs down and monitor your campaigns yourself, you can opt for Google Ads Automated. You then pay a fixed monthly amount for the initial setup of the campaign and pairing it with the correct algorithms, and then for the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of machine learning. You can use the help of the Google Ads support department, but for smaller projects it is limited to email contact. However, we know that for some people it is very important to keep in touch with the guardian and to support him or her on a daily basis. If you want our specialist to optimize campaigns and change strategies, you can always choose Paraphrase Online Google Ads Managed.

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