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The greatest value of artificial intelligence comes from the fact that it can already act on its own, work for us. Expert on the AI revolution

Artificial intelligence is gaining more and more importance in everyday life. What can the digital mind do today and how to use its possibilities in business? What prospects does it open and what threats does the development of AI bring? These questions were answered by Ignazio Zubek from the Grossberg Group, which provides proprietary analytical tools for the business and public sectors.

He can listen to natural language, respond to inquiries, independently, make decisions, stay awake around the clock. Replace a salesman, director, accountant and even a policeman. Artificial intelligence can be used on many levels. How to use it in practice?

How to explain to people who do not follow news from the world of technology on a regular basis the scale of progress made in the field of artificial intelligence?

Ignazio Zubek: Let’s start with the fact that the history of artificial intelligence is much longer than the last 5-6 years, during which we actually hear much more about its use. In the past, artificial intelligence has faced serious barriers. Only ten years ago, such a big barrier was the technological one, related to the limitation of the amount of data that can be processed. Machine learning models are as smart as the data we provide them, which affects the effectiveness of AI. What has happened in the last ten years is, above all, the dynamic growth of the available computing power. For example, GPU systems are used, which are commonly used in processing computer graphics, or, recently, for “mining” cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, artificial intelligence can do much more than just a few years ago?

Yes. Artificial intelligence can do more today, it is more accessible, more advanced. There are very large computational possibilities. Barriers related to the possibility of building deep neural networks or processing large amounts of data have largely disappeared. The largest neural networks learn data in terabytes. This is amazing progress.

Does artificial intelligence already resemble human?

We are at the moment when it can be described as getting “smarter”. He can imitate people better and better, he understands us more and more. But that doesn’t mean, of course, that we’re out there in science fiction scenarios. Artificial intelligence cannot answer every question. Only that does not mean that there has not been gigantic progress in this area. It’s worth checking out, it’s a text paraphrase tool that works on the basis of artificial intelligence and it does it very well!

How to use artificial intelligence in practice?

The use of artificial intelligence is very wide. One of the essential aspects where it helps is communication. Research shows that consumers who use internet services often have a problem to find information on the website, product or answer to a question. Many customers choose services that allow you to quickly ask a question and get an answer just as quickly. Artificial intelligence is irreplaceable here.

Any examples?

For example, mobile applications in electronic banking or shopping applications. More and more banks and shops are choosing to use natural language recognition technology. This has its reasons. The number of functions and products that we can put “on top” in such a mobile application to make it friendly, in line with trends, is simply limited. Artificial intelligence in this case actually bypasses the barrier related to the graphical user interface.

And customers like talking to robots?

I think sometimes we don’t even realize now that somewhere when we connect with the support department, we are actually talking to an artificial mind. But even if the use of robots is not profound, but only serves to gather information quickly, that’s fine too. It helps entrepreneurs, employees and clients. And, importantly, it is available 24 hours a day. Whoever uses the services of banks, telecommunications and energy companies has repeatedly found out about the convenience of this round-the-clock readiness.

And what does the Grossberg Group offer its customers in this respect?

We provide solutions that allow you to build a “tailor-made” robot, tailored to your needs as much as possible. Our software allows you to build – whether on your own or with our help – a bot that, firstly, implements a client-defined scenario of activities and secondly, they understand the consumer’s intentions, thanks to the natural language we use when we write or speak.

Tell me more about this technology.

Our tools are based on natural language. So I can write a sentence like “I would like to send a transfer”. And using the Natural Language Processing procedures as one of the artificial intelligence techniques, the bot will recognize individual parts of speech, sentences to catch what may be the object of interest, i.e. making a transfer.

Artificial intelligence can not only listen and understand, but most of all analyze. So it can become the guardian of our interests. How?

Tools created by Grossberg Group that use artificial intelligence are actually great at detecting threats. They can detect unknown patterns in behavior. This is the case for detecting card, payment and invoice fraud. It is about situations in which we receive different invoices that really relate to one product, service, aspect. Without our solutions, there is a risk of paying such an invoice twice. Ordinary systems don’t recognize this.

And here lies the greatest strength of artificial intelligence. It replaces the human.

Of course. After all, there are companies where one employee processes several hundred payments a day. It would be difficult for him to “manually” verify such cases.

What else can your tools detect?

In a very large foreign enterprise, we detected wages paid to employees who had not been employed there for a long time. Artificial intelligence can also work great inside the company. In our experience, similar problems have been exacerbated by the pandemic. The issue of holidays, benefits, subsidies. There are many irregularities here that our artificial intelligence can detect.

Is artificial intelligence a good worker?

Dreamed! Artificial intelligence ensures high availability. He doesn’t have to take time off, take coffee breaks, or go into quarantine. It allows you to personalize your communication. And depending on what we know about the client, the more effectively we can communicate with him, because the needs will differ. Artificial intelligence can learn all this: what my client is interested in, what he watched. Our tools can not only suggest what decisions to make, but also make them on their own. Send a dedicated offer, propose a product, a discount. The greatest value of artificial intelligence comes from the fact that it can act alone, work for us.

Are there any areas where artificial intelligence should be used with caution?

Ethical issues are very important. AI tools used in medicine are not yet perfect enough to be used without human supervision. Artificial intelligence makes decisions based on data, and a data error can be dangerous in this case. The same goes for the judiciary, insurance, all social matters. Artificial intelligence, even with good intentions, can be misused. For example, due to incorrect or incomplete data.

The Grossberg Group acts ethically in this respect. How?

The responsibility of companies like ours is that customers have the opportunity to see how this AI works, what exactly it does with the data, and how it uses it. A comprehensive system built on artificial intelligence must provide the ability to verify that everything is functioning properly.

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