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Fishing shop advertising – what to bet on to be effective?

Fishing is a hobby that, contrary to appearances, has not become a thing of the past. On the contrary! The number of enthusiasts comes from year to year, as does the equipment and accessories that become the object of desire of enthusiasts. Therefore, running a tackle shop can be a good business idea. Of course, provided that you take care of its proper promotion. What is important in this context? How should an advertisement for a fishing tackle shop on the web be conducted? Here are the highlights.

How to advertise a fishing shop on the internet?

First things first: regardless of whether your fishing store operates only in the Internet space or also in the stationary field, you need a promotion on the Web. Why? The answer to this question is very simple: this is where your customers are. It is on Google that they look for information both about stationary points in their area, where they can buy a new rod or groundbait, and about e-stores selling such goods.

That is why advertising an online fishing store is a good solution if you want to:
– increase awareness of your brand among the target group,
– increase the visibility of the website,
– take care of more traffic on the website,
– raise the level of conversion and improve sales results,
– create and strengthen the brand image.

On the web you have access to a very wide range of promotion tools – from those in the area of SEO, through Google Ads campaigns, to actions that you can take in the field of social media. Let’s take a closer look at all of these solutions.

SEO for the tackle shop

SEO activities are the first to be undertaken in the context of promoting a tackle shop. Why? Because this good positioning will allow you to appear in the first lists of search results for keywords related to your business. This is a key issue because Google is where the lion’s share of fishing enthusiasts start their shopping.

You have to remember that this is a very diverse audience. On the one hand, they will be beginners looking for basic equipment and enter very general terms, such as “spinning rod” or “cheap fishing shop”. On the other hand, they are experienced enthusiasts of this form of activity, whose purchases will be more specific. They will look for, for example, specific reels, fishing rods, hooks or advanced sonars that will allow them to map the bottom of the fishery. Therefore, your SEO activities must be able to reach such a wide audience.

A good solution is to invest in long-tail positioning, i.e. a wide range of terms and phrases related to the area of your business. Why is this a good way out? There are several reasons. First of all, you can significantly increase the ranges thanks to this. Secondly, it will be easier for you to break through the competition, which is quite large in the fishing industry. Thirdly, an investment in SEO activities carried out with this method may bring a better level of return.

Remember that the tackle shop SEO campaign is not based on random keyword selection and promotion planning. If you implement it in consultation with experts, you can count on:
– in-depth analysis of keywords – both those for which your store is currently searched and those important in the fishing industry. Specialists will look at their potential and help match them to the goals set,
– clear definition of the purposes for which the advertisement of the fishing tackle shop will be carried out – both short-term and long-term,
SEO audit, i.e. analyzing how your website is adapted to positioning activities.

It is worth remembering that in order for SEO campaigns to be successful, it is necessary to optimize the content on the website – incl. creating substantively valuable and at the same time appropriately saturated texts with appropriate keywords, with headings, as well as the development of metadata. This, of course, is not all, because a Google algorithm-friendly website should also be responsive or error-free – all this is important for the effects of positioning.

What are the advantages of SEO?

Positioning of a tackle shop, provided that it is carried out in a thoughtful and planned manner, will bring long-term benefits for the company. It will help build large ranges and strengthen the brand image. In addition, the positioning process will create valuable texts that will also allow you to achieve persuasive effects.

It is worth emphasizing, however, that SEO activities require a long wait for results – you have to be patient for at least a few months. Also remember that although in theory you can perform positioning and optimization yourself, a much better solution is to use the support of specialists. It’s easy for you to make a mistake that will not make the invested funds well spent.

Paid ad for a tackle shop on Google

The SEO of a fishing tackle shop brings long-term results, but you have to wait just as long for them. But what if you want to achieve faster results, e.g. run a quick campaign aimed at selling specific products – just in connection with the beginning of the season for a given species of fish? This is one of the situations when you should focus on the Google Ads promotion system.

Of course, saying that Google Ads only helps with short-term campaigns is a simplification, because the set of tools provided by the Mountain View giant is very wide. By using them, you can effectively reach a very wide audience – both in search results and on external portals.

When it comes to advertising a tackle shop, consider using both of these channels.

Search engine advertising

Fishing enthusiasts who are interested in buying good quality equipment direct their first steps to Google, both when they want to get general information about certain products and when they plan to buy specific accessories. In order to reach them quickly and increase your reach, it is worth investing in sponsored links. This form of advertising will make the link to your tackle shop appear above the organic search results after the recipient enters a keyword related to the offered assortment. The first position increases the likelihood that a potential customer will visit your website and take advantage of the offer.

PLA advertising – Product Listing Ads increases the conversion potential even more. This solution is intended mainly for the e-commerce industry. It is based on the fact that the search engine above and next to the standard search results displays specific product offers related to what has been entered in Google. For example, if the recipient uses the keyword “fishing reel”, a photo of the product offered by your store may appear next to the search results, along with the price and name of the store. There is a chance that the recipient will click on such an offer and make a purchase or at least be interested in your offer.

Google Display Network – advertising of a fishing tackle shop on external websites

Of course, these are advertising banners displayed on portals visited by your recipient. This is an extremely effective form of promotion, especially when targeting people to whom messages are displayed is based on the analysis of cookies in their browser. This is how remarketing. It is a strategy that involves showing product ads to people who have visited a given online store. For example, a customer looked into your e-shop, viewed specific products, e.g. landing nets, but did not complete the purchase – abandoning the basket. This is a very common occurrence. Nevertheless, you can attract some of these audiences back to your store – remarketing ads serve this purpose. Recipients will see banners with specifically viewed products and, for example, with an offer of a few percent discount.

Advertising of a fishing tackle shop on Facebook – is it worth it?

Advertising on Google brings many benefits – from quick translation into website traffic, to the ability to precisely monitor the results of the campaign and how effectively the budget has been used. Facebook ads operate on a similar basis.

Is this the right medium to advertise your tackle shop? Absolutely! On this portal you will find many recipients interested in your products – both young and old. With them in mind:
– run an attractive fanpage that will be combined with content marketing activities on your website (e.g. with a company blog) – it will help you build organic reach,
– promote your solutions using a wide range of tools – from sponsored posts, through advertising banners, to sales tools,
– think about automating communication with recipients by using a chatbot.

The tackle shop can also be promoted on other social media. Pinterest can be a good solution – it is a place eagerly visited by hobbyists.

To sum up, an effective advertisement for a fishing tackle shop on the Internet is one that is based on a coherent and precise strategy, clearly defined goals and carefully selected tools – both in the area of SEO and marketing. If you want to be sure that it will go according to your expectations, use the support of a digital agency. Thanks to this, you will be sure that the money invested in campaigns is well spent and you will see the expected results.

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