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The power of a habit – how to write and earn regular income

Earning money to write texts on the Internet is about putting together small elements. Most songs for sale will be under $ 50. Honestly, it rarely exceeds $ 1. Especially at the beginning of the adventure with writing, when we rely solely on popular portals for copywriters. Learn how to write SEO texts and get paid well.

How to earn money by writing SEO texts

To earn decent money – you have to write a lot. Writing basic SEO texts is more industrial than artistic. An example is the platform on which I wrote mainly presell texts.

>> How to write a presell article <<

In December 2017, I received $ 332.48 for creating 116 texts, which is an average of $ 2.86 per text.

In January 2018, I made $ 226.74 for writing 114 texts, which is an average of $ 1.98 per text.

We are talking about this scale. It may not seem like much. Truth?

How to get paid for writing “cheap” texts

At the outset, it should be noted that hardly anyone writes on only one portal. That’s why presell is only part of my income. In addition, it takes an average of 4 minutes to write a presell text using the paraphrase tool.

This means I worked for about 14.5 hours in total. During this time, I made a total of $ 559.22 which is an average of $ 38.5 per hour.

Of course, to be methodologically precise, one should add the time spent looking for orders. However, since I noticed how long it takes, I keep browsing for listings to a minimum. Theoretically, if we work this way, we will earn $ 1,380 for 40 hours a week. On a monthly basis, it is approximately $ 5,500.

Writing SEO texts – practice

Unfortunately, you have to hold back your imagination a bit. I have never achieved such a good result. When writing exclusively for portals, the amount of $ 2,500- $ 3,500 per month is more realistic.

>> 7 mistakes in SEO texts <<

First, because I have never been able to write effectively for 8 hours a day. It takes a lot of determination and discipline. After two or three hours, I’m just fed up. Secondly, I have never liked to carry out orders on a subject that I am completely uninterested in. That’s why I was a bit picky. I focused on e-commerce, real estate and investment funds.

How to write regularly

Fortunately, to earn good money – you don’t have to write full-time. Regularity is enough. The first difficulty can be created by the time itself. It’s a good idea to integrate writing into your daily routine. In my case, the start from the hour of writing after the evening walk with the dog proved to be successful.

Later, when I saw that it made sense – it was two o’clock after the morning walk. I end up thinking about what to write on every walk, and then just pour it over the keyboard. Writing has become a kind of habit for me.

>> How to write a good article <<

This phenomenon was described by Pulitzer Prize winner Charles Duhigg. The essence of this book boils down to the statement that if we perform a certain activity for 21 consecutive days – we will stop thinking about it and start doing it automatically. And guess what? It actually works. Today it’s hard for me to imagine a day when I wouldn’t write anything.

How to start writing

When we manage to find time, we are already on the right track. However, we sit down in front of the keyboard and we do not know where to start. It is worth reviewing the available orders, but we must limit this activity temporarily. Ten minutes is more than enough – if you don’t find anything interesting – it means that these orders are not currently there. Close your browser window, open a text editor, and focus on typing.

What to write

Most people start by creating long articles. They try to imitate the songs they know from magazines or news websites. It’s not a very good idea. Writing SEO texts is not the same as writing articles for newspapers. To create a good functional article, we need to be familiar with popular keywords and the basics of positioning. Starting from writing articles is a bit like jumping into the deep end.

At the beginning, it is worth focusing on presell and back-end texts. These texts sell the fastest. Write in your favorite category. Come up with topics and keywords yourself. It is important that the volume of the text is constantly increasing in the file you are working on.

>> How to write backend text <<

Each hour is a few created pretzels or backstops. If in the future there are orders in this category – earning money will be based on clicking ctl c + ctr v. If the orders do not appear – you will sell the texts on the Exchange or use them for other purposes. Do you prefer to do something more ambitious?

Be sure to write down what you create

Ever since I started writing, none of my texts have been wasted. It will be the same for you. Therefore, be sure to write down everything you create. Also, write down the rejected songs and the ones you consider to have failed. Ultimately, there will be a way to use them. Even if you are creating today, you will come back in three months. Each text has a certain value. Often cosmetic changes are enough to radically increase it. Are you wondering how to increase the quality of your texts?

Where to sell texts

Everywhere. It is not worth focusing on working for one portal. If the number of attractive offers were presented in the form of a graph, it would be a sine wave. The execution of orders must be supplemented by selling on your own. Over time, there will also be offers of permanent cooperation from internet portals and various agencies. However, it is worth postponing this decision until we find out which subject really suits us. There is nothing worse than making a commitment to write dozens of blog entries if we are out of ideas after 3.

Don’t worry about the fact that we sell texts for $ 2-3 at the beginning. If you write for one hour a day, you can easily earn $ 300-500 per month. After a while, your rates will increase significantly.

If you want to develop yourself in this direction and regularly earn money on writing – just start creating. Make a coffee, open your favorite text editor and describe what’s on your mind. Don’t focus on rates and current orders. Let your imagination run wild. Thanks to this, your account balance will constantly increase.

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