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Case study – furniture industry

Google Ads and website positioning are two promotional activities that exist in full harmony – supporting short- and long-term sales and increasing brand recognition on the Internet. Although the cost of this specific struggle for a customer on two fronts may seem considerable, it is worth treating it as an investment that pays back quickly and with an excess, which may even exceed the contribution several times over. Let’s show it on the example of our client operating in the furniture industry.

Positioning the website

Our client’s company has been operating for over twenty years, providing high-quality furniture throughout Europe. Nevertheless, when we started SEO in December 2020, its online visibility was very low. The website did not appear on any phrase, neither in TOP3 nor in TOP10 of search results, i.e. it was never visible on the first page in Google for phrases related to the industry. What’s more – it appeared only for one phrase in the TOP50, which almost completely limited the organic traffic on the site.

Top phrases in December 2020
Therefore, it was necessary to take both on-site activities, i.e. within the website itself, and off-site activities – consisting in acquiring high-quality external links. We started out by optimizing the site technically to improve loading times and usability for the user. We also focused on adding meta elements, important for the website evaluation by search engine robots. However, these changes were only the beginning. Together with the client, we also decided to implement a blog with tips on the website, and saturate each entry with key phrases best suited to the store’s offer. In addition, we strengthened the website by acquiring links on external websites leading to the client’s website.

Thanks to these actions, after six months we can see a significant improvement in the visibility of the website – we currently have 5 phrases in TOP3 of search results and 25 phrases in TOP10, i.e. on the first page. Naturally, the TOP50 saw the greatest progress – here we have already introduced over 500 phrases and we are constantly fighting for their even better positions.

Top phrases in June 2021
It is worth remembering that indexing pages by search engine algorithms is a time-consuming process, and it is sometimes even a dozen or so months for Google robots to be “recognized”. So this is just the beginning of the SEO road, and even better results can be expected in the coming months.

In a short time, however, you can achieve a significant increase in traffic and conversion thanks to Google Ads. Let us compare the results of our client’s campaign from 3 months ago with those achieved now.

In the period from February 16 to March 16, the ads generated over 21,700 clicks. In the period May 16 – June 14, this number dropped by approximately 1,500 clicks. However, does this mean a decrease in the effectiveness of the campaign? On the contrary. Clicks themselves do not bring the customer tangible profits – they only mean that the user has entered his website. In the process of optimizing ads, we try to limit accidental, empty clicks from recipients who are not really interested in the offer and do not plan to make a purchase. Choosing the right target group may therefore slightly reduce the number of clicks, but this does not translate into a reduction in profits.

The number and cost of the conversion

During the three months of campaigning, the number of conversions doubled – there were 319 of them at the turn of February and March, and now their number is 663 per month. At the same time, however, the cost of acquiring one conversion decreased by over 50%, which means that at the price you had to pay three months ago to acquire one customer, you can now acquire two.

How it’s possible? The answer is simple. The longer the campaign runs and the more data our specialists and bid optimization systems have to analyze, the more effective your ads can be. We constantly monitor when there is the greatest chance of conversion, what devices are used by users who most often show interest in the offer, where are the people who convert and many other factors. On this basis, we can predict which actions will bring the best effect and optimize the rates per click to achieve the campaign’s goal at the lowest possible cost.

What profits did the campaign bring?

Together with the client, we agreed that we would stick to the chosen budget for the campaign – for 3 months it increased by only 2.6%. With almost the same budget, revenues increased by more than 56%, i.e. about 88,500.

So how has the return on investment changed? At the turn of February and March, each euro spent on campaigns brought the client about EUR 14.50 in revenue, which is a very good result anyway. Now, however, EUR 22 in costs corresponds to EUR 22 in revenue, an increase of 50%.

Channel bonding = more profits

By combining a Google Ads advertising campaign with positioning, you can significantly increase not only brand visibility and recognition, but also real profits in a relatively short time – this applies to both online stores and service industries. Can we promise that the profits for each company will be on a similar level? Of course not. Marketing campaigns on the Internet are governed by too many variables to take anything for granted, and we focus on honesty and transparency in contact with the client. Instead of empty promises, however, we offer experience, knowledge and commitment, and this in many cases, with good cooperation with the client, brings even higher profits than expected.

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