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Where to get knowledge about marketing?

Are you making your first steps in marketing? Or maybe you already have some knowledge, but you want to expand it? Regardless of what stage you are in, you will easily reach valuable sources, thanks to which you will know much more about marketing. Check where to get valuable knowledge.

There is a lot going on in the marketing industry, which is why – even after acquiring basic knowledge – you must always be up to date. The preferences and expectations of potential customers are changing, which forces modification of marketing techniques. You can get this knowledge from various sources – also without leaving home.

Trade literature – for a good start

It is worth starting your adventure with marketing from the industry literature. There are books that every marketer should know. They are a kind of Bible. They contain a lot of valuable information – the basics that are the starting point for further exploration of the secrets of this industry.

However, you must remember that marketing books become obsolete quite quickly. Therefore, relying on industry literature alone is not enough.

Use internet resources

The Internet is a real treasury of knowledge – also in the field of marketing. It is worth using the resources gathered there to update information and broaden knowledge of currently used marketing techniques.

– Industry portals – Trade portals dealing with marketing are a must. Check back there systematically to get knowledge about e.g. trends in running a marketing campaign, use of tools, etc.

Read articles written by experts, follow publications on case studies, monitor events on topics related to broadly understood marketing. Thanks to this you will be up to date.

– Social media – No, that’s not a joke. Social media can provide a solid portion of marketing knowledge. Take for example the popular Facebook – often associated primarily with the “time killer”. It will become a very useful tool if it is properly filtered. All you have to do is unsubscribe from Fanpages that contribute nothing or hide notifications. Instead, it’s worth joining groups that provide valuable content or valuable marketing discussions.

If Facebook is the only social media in which you mark your presence, it’s time to change it. Join LinkedIn – a website that allows you to manage your professional identity, which facilitates establishing professional and business contacts. It also gives access to valuable articles created by industry experts.

Twitter can also be a good source of knowledge. All you need to do is follow people considered to be marketing specialists.

– BlogsBlogs run by an experienced marketer also constitute a huge portion of knowledge – often supported by real-world examples. Check which people are considered industry experts and follow their entries. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive not only notifications about new articles, but also additional materials, e.g. e-books, reports, etc.

Remember that blogs are run not only by individuals, but also by companies. And they are worth considering – especially if they are considered industry leaders.

– Webinars – Participation in webinars devoted to marketing is a huge dose of knowledge. Conducted live on the Internet by industry experts, they provide a wealth of valuable information – including information that you will not find in industry literature.

Participation in online lectures does not limit the two-sided communication model. And here, as during stationary seminars, there is the possibility of asking questions. Thanks to this, the participant has a chance to get professional advice – and it’s completely free.

Wondering how to find out about upcoming webinars? If you follow the activities of known marketers on social media, you won’t miss any information.

Start participating in industry events

Conferences, meetings, lectures – be wherever you talk about marketing. Participation in industry events is another opportunity to broaden your knowledge and … make contact with other marketers – at least at a basic level it will be very helpful.

Participation in such events is a very valuable experience – especially as speakers are often invited not only the greatest American experts, but also specialists from Europe, Asia or Australia. There is a good chance, however, that at some point you will decide that apart from the “dose of energy”, you do not get much out of such events. Then a good idea for acquiring specialist knowledge will be participation in marketing training.

Take part in training

Participation in training is another way to gain knowledge in the field of marketing. You won’t have much trouble finding the right course – all you have to do is determine what topics interest you. Do you want to start from scratch and get general information? Or maybe you care about specific issues or a narrow thematic scope?

Remember to approach your training company wisely. Price is not an indicator of the quality of training. Get acquainted with the achievements and opinions of participants. Check who the course leaders are – good if they are not only theoreticians, but above all they know marketing from the practical side.

Everyone who wants to explore their knowledge has this chance. There are many possibilities in this respect – all you have to do is want.

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