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SEO Trends 2019 – where is Google’s search going

The year 2019 has already started! Taking advantage of this opportunity, it is worth trying a few forecasts from the series “what SEO will look like in 2019”. Without unnecessary introductions, we enter the most interesting seo trends for 2019!

Updates dedicated to particular industries

Summer 2018 is the time to update the Google algorithm in the medical and financial industry (YMYL area – Your Money Your Life). It is possible that these dedicated and quite precisely targeted changes are a trend that Google will continue in 2019.

Be mobile or die!

We reminded you about the need to fit your website to display on mobile devices throughout 2018. There is no indication that this trend will lose its importance. Parties that do not meet the mobility requirements will not be able to count on a reduced fare.

Content is still a King

People associated with the SEO industry repeatedly repeat the formula: “Content is King”. A few years ago there was a belief that the more content there is on the site, the more valuable the site is. Such a belief led to absurd situations when the portals created a lot of new subpages with articles whose quality left much to be desired. If you struggle to create quality content and need help, you should try free online rewriting apps, for example Paraphrasing Tools.

The speed of the site

It is also a continuation of the current trend, which is likely to gain momentum in 2019. Pages that work too slowly can forget about high positions in results. We have reminded our clients of the need to take into account the speed of the website’s operation and we have supported them in this regard.

Crawl Budget – budget for indexing your site on Google

This is a particularly important issue for large websites such as extensive online stores. It is related to the quality of the website. Lots of low-quality URLs can affect the indexing of your site. It is worth to avoid, for example, empty subpages or duplicates of content, so that the web robots do not index them and do not spoil your opinion about our site.

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