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E-mail marketing – 8 advantages

Email marketing – old but spring

Mails have been with us for over 30 years. During this time, a lot has changed – initially as an innovative technology, they served only a few fascinates for simple communication. Over time, they have become widely used in advertising as e-mail marketing.

Although after some events, emails began to be associated with spam, and the emergence of social media has changed our way of communication, this tool is still widely used.

Perhaps that is why you are wondering – does email marketing still make sense? Certainly! In this article, you’ll learn 8 reasons why you should use this solution.

What is e-mail marketing?

At the beginning, let’s explain what the concept is. E-mail marketing is classified into direct response marketing. This means that its operation is to stimulate a specific reaction / response of the recipient. Therefore, such e-mails have a call to action (CTA) in the form of a graphical or simple link.

The CTA itself may encourage:

– reading the last blog entry,
– downloading an e-book, using the discount coupon,
– purchase of a given product,
– get acquainted with new information that may be of interest to the recipient.

Email marketing is therefore an important tool that will help you acquire new customers and keep existing ones.

Clients continue to value communication via e-mail

The first reason why e-mail marketing is a great choice for companies is that customers prefer such a way of communication. One of the studies conducted by Paraphrase-Online shows that 72% of customers prefer to receive promotional messages via email.

In addition, e-mail marketing should consider small businesses. Most of them have limited marketing budgets, which means they need tactics that will resonate well with their target market.

Of course, social media has become a very popular way for small businesses to communicate with the target group. However, brands sometimes simply can not afford to get the right coverage through such channels. Fortunately, e-mail is also a professional and direct medium that allows companies to reach their customers.

What other benefits are there for e-mail marketing? Here they are

1. Simple segmentation

Advertising and marketing must be very closely related to a given target group today. E-mail marketing gives optimal opportunities for precise distribution of recipients. This allows you to be sure that you are targeting only those groups of customers for whom the offer or information is really important. A good choice results in a higher conversion and prevents wasting resources.

2. Flexible personalization

Customers should always be addressed and treated individually. This can be easily done via e-mails due to numerous personalization options. Such activities are no longer limited to greeting or other simple elements. The content of the whole email can be adjusted exactly to the individual recipient.

3. Scalability

If you want to implement marketing activities aimed at a larger group of people, the costs will start to grow rapidly. In the same way, the time needed to handle a larger campaign will increase proportionally.
Email marketing is easy to scale. All you need to do is create a message once and then send it to a large number of recipients. Thanks to this, the marketing tool can grow with the company.

4. Using emotions

Advertising and marketing must not only convince potential clients based on facts, but also emotionally. Mails offer rich design possibilities that can be combined with, for example, landing pages. As a result, such e-mails reach a high response rate.

5. Transparent costs

The costs of using e-mail marketing are relatively low. They mainly require writing the right offer, designing the graphic layout and configuration. Many free tools allow you to handle up to several thousand messages a month for free. Because the effects of such advertising activities can be obtained very quickly, the return on investment takes place after a short time.

6. Simple A / B tests

In the A / B test, two variations of one campaign are created, and then sent to a small percentage of recipients. Half of this group receives version A, and the other half gets version B. Taking into consideration the largest number of openings or clicks, the winning version is determined. Then it is sent to other people.
In this way you can optimize everything – from the very title of the message, to content, graphics and call to action. Thanks to this, your campaigns will start to generate better and better results over time.

7. Reaching mobile customers.

Paraphrase-Online conducted an analysis on which devices e-mails are most frequently opened.
It turns out that mobile devices are definitely preferred here. For this reason, e-mail marketing in the context of reaching out to mobile devices is much better than text messages because:

– Also works on portable devices other than mobile phones.
– E-mail is free for the consumer, while receiving text messages can sometimes involve fees.
– E-mail messages have much more room for content than text messages, which allows for better customization of marketing elements.

8. A good solution for the omnichannel campaign

The use of numerous channels in modern marketing is becoming more and more important. This approach allows you to keep in touch with potential and current customers in as many ways as possible. E-mail marketing is particularly useful here because it allows for the easy integration of many different channels.

For example, it can be well combined with social media. If you plan to organize a competition on such a platform, you can arouse the mood of waiting by e-mail campaign. In addition, the e-mails themselves can be used to increase the number of recipients in social media, including buttons encouraging you to like your profiles.


Email marketing is certainly not dead. There are many reasons why it will work for you.

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