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Advertising on Messenger – what should you know?

In 2017, Facebook crossed the limit of 2 billion active users. As TechCrunch put it, at that time it significantly stuck with other social platforms:

Thanks to the coverage provided by Facebook, many people use it for advertising purposes. So how do you stand out from other companies in your niche?

Facebook Messenger provides additional advertising features that will help you reach customers better. In this article, we’ll look at what messenger advertising is and why it’s worth using it.

Advertising on Messenger – what it is

Facebook first announced new ads on Messenger in November 2016, calling them “an unprecedented opportunity to take advantage of the amazing targeting and reach offered by Facebook News Feed.” However, only recently has the ad format discussed here gained popularity.

It is also important to note that Messenger ads are not a typical ad category – there is no such thing as the “Messenger ad” format. Rather, they are the goal – the end point that you want to lead people in contact with your ad.

They were also designed so that they would be a quick method to start conversations with potential and existing clients in a much faster way than is the case when filling out the contact form on the company website.

Advertising on Messenger – types

There are basically 3 main types of ads:

Place of advertisement
This ad consists of placing the banner between the conversations. Usually in campaigns it is useful in a supportive form.

Start a conversation
At the time, the most popular type of advertising on Messenger is the so-called destination ads. At first glance, they do not differ from ordinary ads displayed in the feed. However, the difference lies in their call to action. People who click on it are not redirected to a company page or fan page, but are encouraged to “Send a message” to start chatting.

Sponsored messages
Sponsored messages are a bit more direct because they involve starting conversations directly with Messenger users. The caveat for these ads is that you can only send them to users who have previously had contact with your brand through Messenger.

When should you use messenger ads?

Messenger campaigns are least effective when acquiring completely new customers. This is because they require a higher level of engagement compared to other campaign goals such as video views or getting traffic. Instead, use them inside the sales funnel to reach an already engaged group in some respects.

You can also use them at the very bottom of the sales funnel to reach hot leads. It is in such a situation that campaigns on Messenger are the most effective, because then you direct them to recipients ready for interaction.

What are the benefits of using ads on Messenger?

Messenger ads give companies a unique way to connect with their target audience personally. They are affordable and can help you reach new customers, connect with existing ones and work on these potential through sponsored messages.

Other benefits we can mention are:

A good chance of interaction
If, in addition to email marketing, you want to use another proven method to reach customers directly, Messenger will be for you. In the case of the advertising channel in question, there are no such phenomena as deliberate avoidance of advertising content (the so-called banner blindness) or irritation resulting from receiving e-mail fatigue too often. Interestingly, messenger ads can even get an open rate of 80%.

Better personal communication
Direct messages are more personal than news feed ads, which helps create a better connection between the company and the recipients.

Acquiring valuable information
People who respond to your ads also give you access to their information. Thanks to appropriate tracking tools, you can collect data on the sex, place of residence, job position etc. of people who have contacted you.

Real-time marketing
Ads on Messenger, in particular sponsored messages, appear when the user is displaying activity on your site. This allows you to engage him when he shows your first interest in your offer.

New sales opportunities
Starting a conversation via Messenger helps guide potential customers through the next stages of the sales funnel, as it allows them to quickly answer any questions or concerns that may arise. For example, your ad can show a demo version of a product, giving users more information and acting as a direct sales conversation.


If your company uses Facebook to generate leads, advertising on Messenger can be an important element of the campaign, which will help convert the target group into real customers. You can use this ad both inside and at the bottom of the sales funnel. In the first case, direct it to people who have already had some contact with your brand, watching e.g. video on Facebook. In the second case, direct it to more advanced groups that have already visited your company page.

If you use the messenger ads correctly, they will certainly help you build trust on the part of the target group. In addition to increasing the number of leads themselves, an earlier conversation in the sales funnel will also allow for their initial qualification and quality improvement. So try this form of advertising, and if in doubt, use the help of people who have already successfully optimized many campaigns.

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