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Before you start working with – what is worth knowing?

Everything you need to know about working with Natural Born Googlers.

New Year – some entered it with greater, others with less impetus, but certainly every entrepreneur with hope and plans for the development of their business on the Internet. 2020 gave many businesses a hard time and absolutely forced them to open up online. It was also a difficult exam for us – meeting the requirements of companies and providing equal service to each partner. Our activities for clients were not limited to generating more sales or promoting brand awareness. In many cases, we have supported companies that have just entered the online world, offering them survival assistance and new development opportunities in a difficult time of the pandemic. Many companies decide to invest in online marketing at the beginning of the year, which is why I decided to briefly discuss what cooperation with looks like – what we are, what we expect and what you can expect from us. If you are interested, I invite you to read.

We like what we do

On this we base all our activities and projects in which we engage. If we have the heart for it, it means that we will do it the best we can. This is our promise and commitment in one.

If you decide to cooperate with, you can count on the full commitment of our team. We will always look for the optimal solution for your business and tailor services to specific goals. We will adjust the form of cooperation to the size and requirements of your company.

We work for a positive, long-term effect. We plan strategies and invest resources in tools that will affect the success of your company – both today and in the future.

We treat each other as a partnership – mutual respect, understanding and trust in our specialists and the work they undertake are extremely important to us. If we are to act, then together – because we have a common goal.

Effects of work take time

For many entrepreneurs it is most difficult to accept the fact that it takes time to develop the expected results. Of course, it happens that we cooperate with a client and we notice an increase in sales or visibility in the first months. In most cases, however, it looks different – you have to wait for the results of the work you put in. Of course, paid channels bring results much faster than, for example, website positioning, but they also need time to learn and work out the most effective mechanisms possible.

So how long do you have to wait? This is best illustrated by examples of common situations.

Many customers expect us to implement solutions that will immediately guarantee them sudden growth and a leadership position. Previously, they used the services of another agency or acted internally, but decided to come to us, seeing that thanks to the technologies, tools and practice used, we can significantly improve the efficiency of activities carried out so far.

However, signing the contract does not mean that on the next day we will “launch the rocket” and conquer the universe immediately. Everything takes time and requires methodical operation. Well-thought marketing is not a sprint. It’s a marathon. In order not to burn out and not to strain the condition of the website or advertisements shortly after the start, you should carefully prepare – test a wide range of possibilities, settings and tools to choose the “master composition”. Even if we know that certain solutions work (e.g. in the case of e-commerce shopping campaigns), it does not mean that we will not launch a search engine or other channel. At the beginning, we want to test the available tools to see if it will bring specific results. Only after checking a specific channel can we be sure that it works. If it did not work, we can be sure that you can opt out of it in a specific case. However, we do not write off any solutions. Each channel has thousands of combinations that are perfect for a different industry. Testing is key to understanding which method is right for your business.

To sum up – the success that we guarantee to many of our clients is often several months of cooperation, implementation of hundreds of improvements, and testing of solutions and channels. When you decide to cooperate with, you have to be prepared for it.

We work honestly for your success

We offer many solutions, we are open and willing to test, we expand our service package, develop our skills (e.g. in video creation, graphics, animation, additional analytical and UX tools, optimization) – so as to be able to fully serve each client, according to his needs and expectations, but also with the use of the latest methods of operation.

We try our best, but we are not miracle workers. If your advertising budget in the previous agency was $ 1000 and you decided to invest with us, we will tell you openly that with this amount we will not be able to increase sales by 400%. We can improve the effects by 20%, increase revenues by 30%, reduce costs by 25%. Enchanting reality is not enough – with this type of budget, increasing the profitability of a campaign by several hundred percent is in principle impossible, especially when actions were taken in the right way before starting cooperation with us.

Clearly defined level of service

We have a clearly defined time for our clients. We are advisers, consultants and partners. It is worth bearing in mind that by outsourcing the activities that our specialists deal with, you do not gain an additional employee available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are always in close contact and you can be sure that our specialist will always come back to you if you need advice. Yes, we are not a full-time employee of your company, although we will comprehensively deal with all the services you entrust to us – but if you expect constant, daily contact, tell us about it in the initial phase of talks – we will be able to clearly tell you whether it is feasible and how much you will pay for it so that both parties know what they can count on.

Really evaluate your business and the chances of success

It is hard. Nevertheless, if you spend 2-3 thousand dollars on advertising activities and you do not notice any effects, and we have checked all possible channels and keywords, unfortunately you should not count on changing the agency to bring any effect. It is then worth analyzing your business, website and offer.

Let me give you an example and explain why changing the agency will be of no use in this case. Suppose you run a coffee roaster. We have already checked all possible channels, keywords (e.g. coffee shop, roasted coffee, craft coffee), several people tried to run the campaign (with a similar budget), and the results are still missing. Do not be under the illusion that another agency, modifying a given keyword (eg instead of “coffee shop” will use “coffee online shop”), will completely change the performance of the campaign. If all the attempts used do not bring results, it means that the fault is not on the side of ineffective advertising activities – most likely something is clearly going wrong in your business model or offer. Although it is sometimes difficult to accept this fact, it is worth accepting it and analyzing your business. This is a good time to make the appropriate changes.

An internet campaign is only part of the business

Please note that we will not plan the entire business model for you if it is flawed. We know advertising, digital solutions and technologies and we can help you with this. Based on our experience, we can suggest what will work for you. You can completely trust us in these matters.

We are specialists in our field, and you, in terms of business goals, count on your precise guidelines to match them with our activities.

Online activities, though, can really drive sales and bring you huge profits. In order to record these effects, you need a clear strategy and a certain business model. And it is worth starting from, and even should be started.

Too often, we encounter the case that an online store owner orders an ad for $ 1,000 or $ 2,000, or even $ 10,000, and does nothing else. The store is empty, maladjusted, unprepared for the campaign, and apart from posting an advertisement directing traffic to the website, no other actions are taken to improve efficiency. If someone thinks that today it is enough to set up an online store and buy an advertisement, e.g. in Google Ads, with the help of an agency or a freelancer, then they are very wrong. Currently, all activities related to running a business must be more comprehensive. The days when someone started an online store in a garage and launched a simple $ 2,000 campaign is long gone and they are unlikely to come back.

Multichannel is a necessity, not a choice

Using a single channel to reach customers significantly reduces the effectiveness of all marketing activities. By choosing only one method of communication, you cannot expect your business to achieve spectacular results. If you know how the Chain Reaction Mechanism works, it will be easier to understand that operating in one channel drives traffic in the next – the evidence for the correctness of multichannel actions are the values presented in the graphs below. It’s obvious you have to start somewhere. We do not always have the option to go all the way right from the start, but in the long run the implementation of new channels is a must – if we do not do it, it will be difficult to scale the company and achieve at least the same or better results.

What happens if you intensify your activities by using different channels?
There is only one answer. There will be a so-called synergy. Through various formats and targeting in Google Ads, advertising on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or Programmatic, you will both accelerate the success of each of them individually and strengthen the results in each of them.

Building a brand requires a lot of advertising activities

The barriers to entry today are much higher than a few years ago. It is worth taking into account that other companies, i.e. your competitors, have been on the market for longer and regularly spend these funds on advertising. They invest every month, e.g. $ 5,000 or $ 50,000. They have it already contracted in the budget and spend such sums regardless of whether they have better or worse results in a given period. Even if they do not achieve the current results, they are working on intensifying traffic on the site, which in the long run will certainly translate into profits. If you are just starting your business, be aware that you will incur marketing costs. This is an entry barrier that all companies must take into account.

As an owner of a start-up business, you will probably invest wisely in advertising, allocating about $ 2,000 to $ 3,000. Meanwhile, the competition has been spending 5,000 or 10,000 dollars on marketing for a long time. With such a disproportion you cannot expect any spectacular effects.

You need to learn about the operation of individual business models and examine the competition, check how much time is already on the market and what funds are spent on advertising. Of course, spending 50% of the funds available from competitors will, in some cases, estimate the potential of the entire channel. But with us, you can safely skip this stage of estimation. After all, it is because of experience that you hire us.

The guidelines that we submit for implementation are extremely important

It happens that customers ignore the list of recommendations prepared by our team. Some business owners feel that they do not need a mobile-friendly website. Others underestimate the role of redirects. It also happens that clients explain that they do not have enough time to introduce the suggested changes. And it is time that works to our advantage …

The implementation of changes based on the guidelines has a key role in achieving results! The client pays us for the website analysis as part of, for example, positioning or Google Ads campaigns, and we suggest actions that improve visibility and traffic within the website. As practice shows, it still happens that these suggestions are omitted and the client does not implement changes. Of course, this applies only to a certain part of the entities we support, but it is worth mentioning, because even those who rationalize their websites in terms of our guidelines, often do not realize the importance of this action.

If the changes are not implemented, it will certainly affect the results – both current and those expected in the future. When a client entrusts us with a specific task, he receives specific instructions in response, i.e. a work plan that must be performed on his side so that we can achieve the expected results together. It is very important – without appropriate modifications, we cannot efficiently perform our work and rationalize our activities. Of course, we understand that changes are introduced gradually, and in some cases it is necessary to wait six months or a year. However, if we unsuccessfully recall for a few months about minor, but necessary modifications, without which we will not achieve our goals, unfortunately such cooperation will end sooner or later.

The website is one of the most important components of your business

The online store should be treated exactly the same as a stationary point or office where contractors are received. If chaos reigns in the real space, e.g. in a supermarket or local shop, and the exhibition looks outdated, customers will avoid this place with a wide berth. The same goes for online stores. If the online store does not have a mobile version of the website, i.e. it does not work properly on a mobile phone, the potential customer will probably not return to it again. It is difficult to shop when the products are not showing up, and proceeding to transactions or making payments is a torment. This also applies to service pages – if you cannot find a clearly structured offer, gallery or portfolio on the company’s website, and in addition it is difficult to find contact details – acquiring a customer via the Internet will be a miracle. It’s time to accept the fact that users of virtual space have already got used to high standards of service.

At, we can do a lot for you in the field of online advertising – improve the website, provide UX tips, implement tracking codes to better optimize the campaign. However, we are not able to change one thing – your approach to doing business.

The website – as a business resource – is still underestimated by many business owners. And very often, implementing a few changes on the website, rationalizing CTA, UX or improving the operation on mobile devices can significantly improve the effectiveness of the campaign. It happened that its effectiveness was increased by up to 50%, at the same cost.

It is worth adding, as if in defense of all Google Ads specialists, advertising specialists in other channels or positioners, that they are too often blamed for failure in terms of search engine visibility or poor sales results. In fact, such cases do not occur among customers who work closely with us and prioritize their website by making the suggested changes.

If we do our best work on the advertising side, but a given client neglects his website, and in fact his business, we will never achieve spectacular results.

Fixed budget for advertising

Only constant, repeatable advertising activities bring long-term effects – mass and regularity count. Constant reminding. I will use the arguments of the author of the book “How brands grow”, who places building and maintaining reach over the occasional but intense frequency of advertising activities. This is particularly important for companies whose customers rarely make decisions. The more often we remind them of cheaply bought traffic, the greater the likelihood that we will hit the moment when they are ready to buy.

Budget to service relationship

We often come across cases in which companies have extensive marketing departments (e.g. 10 people in a team) and spend e.g. $ 10,000 a month on online and offline advertising. Including team members’ salaries, they cost in the range of $ 30,000-40,000. A simple calculation shows that only or ΒΌ of them go to real advertising activities. Such companies very often have a problem with generating positive effects. This is a flawed concept. Nevertheless, it is worth analyzing your sources of marketing costs to allocate them appropriately.

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