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Social Marketing – What Is It? How to choose the media?

Traditional media are effectively replaced by powerful media such as social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Linkedin. Brands are increasingly choosing this form of advertising their activities. The biggest advantage of promotion in social media is undoubtedly the power of the message and the interactive form of communication with the recipient. Social marketing is a good way to strengthen your brand image on the market.

What is Social Media Marketing?

In the era of changing trends, Social Media Marketing is an important and current concept that cannot be ignored when creating your company’s advertising strategy. The statement “you are not in social media, you do not exist” is not without significance. They can also apply to companies and brands for which social media platforms are a great way to promote and quickly communicate with the client. The exchange of interesting content, photos and videos via this type of media is literally just one click. In this way, well-structured content marketing can fuel itself.

The very concept of Social Media Marketing is associated with generating website traffic through activities that are attractive to a given group of recipients. The communication channel with the user are platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, Linkedin or TikTok. For companies, it is a way to reach new customers with their advertising through consistent and legible actions.

What are the benefits of promoting your brand in social media?

The activity of companies, services and brands in social media is increasing. Setting up a profile is very simple, and systematic and creative activities can bring positive effects on it. It is definitely worth investing in building your brand through social media, as it brings many benefits.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Image building – a well-run profile in social media has a positive effect on the perception of the brand by the recipient and inspires confidence in them. Through the company profile, you can create a coherent brand image that gives the user a clear message and insight into its activities. Interesting and engaging content, original photos and iconography are factors that can generate a lot of traffic on the website. It is also a way to interact with a potential customer.

Strengthening the brand – the company profile on social media platforms not only builds the brand image, but also strengthens it. Social Media Marketing makes the brand seem closer to the recipient, thanks to the appropriate narrative. Social marketing should not be based on selling a product, but promoting your brand. It is worth strengthening it by sharing industry knowledge, discussions in comments and company curiosities.

Creating your own community – as the name suggests, social media is geared towards building mutual relationships. The phenomenon of this type of platform can also be translated into the creation of ties between the brand and the recipient. Social media destroyed a kind of communication wall that divided the consumer and the seller, and helped to create easy and transparent relationships on this line. Contact with the customer, quick responses, efficient service and a good product – these are the factors that have a positive impact on building your own consumer community.

Brand-recipient and recipient-brand communication – company profile on social media is an excellent way to communicate the customer with the brand. It is one of the easiest and most beneficial – for both parties – ways of communication. Comments, opinions, shares, private messages, reviews and likes – this is important information for both the customer and the brand. The recipient looks for opinions about the product and the company on the Internet, especially on social media. He is also happy to share his thoughts on a given topic, so it is worth taking care of good relations with the consumer.

Increasing sales – Social media does not directly sell the product, but can significantly affect the traffic in the store. Good brand reviews, interesting product photos, great reviews and contact with the company can influence the purchase decision. Increasingly, brands engage in cooperation with influencers who directly or indirectly promote the brand and the product.

Advertising – Proper social marketing is self-fueling effective advertising. An interesting post can make a big difference to your posts and promotions.

Viral – Viral marketing is spreading fast. It’s content that is interesting enough for users to share with each other. It is an activity that requires a lot of creativity that will attract an audience.

Whisper marketing – buzz marketing is to arouse positive opinions about the brand or product in the recipients. Discussions, comments, videos – these are promotional activities that can be effective in an open manner, e.g. by an influencer or brand ambassador, as well as covertly through user accounts (sometimes fictitious).

How to choose the right social media to promote your brand?

The key to proper and effective promotion in social media is content that is delivered through the right media.

First of all – as in any marketing activity – you need to define the target audience. It is the age and gender of potential consumers that allows the right choice of social media and the content that suits them.

Selection of the target group – an example

If you promote a clothing store for young people, your target group are young people for whom you need to skillfully adjust the message – speak their language, like what they like, communicate through the current trends. In promotional activities, you can use such social media as: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, as well as the TikTok application, which is very popular among young people.

If the brand deals with design, interior design, beauty industry – your target group are women who are primarily looking for inspiration, guides, tips and, of course, products that meet their expectations. In this case, the most suitable social media content carriers are: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Marketing activities on these media should be based primarily on providing useful content, tutorials as well as beautiful and inspiring photos. These are the factors that promote the product and brand.

A serious law firm or specialist industry should not promote itself through, for example, Snapchat or Pinterest, because then it loses its credibility and reliability. The appropriate form of marketing message for such services is Facebook or Linkedin.

Social Marketing – Summary

Brand promotion via social networks offers great opportunities, which is why many companies should decide to set up an account there. Marketing Social Media makes it possible to get to know consumers, define their needs, and strengthen relationships with them.

Valuable content, industry knowledge, interesting photos, good contact with the customer – these are the factors that affect the credibility and attractiveness of the brand, and thus the traffic on the website and increasing sales. Marketing activities in social media must be carried out in a coherent and consistent manner, and above all thought out in terms of the skilful selection of the medium of communication to the group of recipients.

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