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SEO background – find out why it’s worth it!

If you want to drive traffic to your site, you need to help users find their way to it. The higher you go in Google searches, the easier they will find you. Among the most important Google ranking factors are inbound links. And getting high-quality backlinks isn’t easy. This is where SEO support comes in handy.

SEO background – definition

SEO facilities, or positioning facilities, are specially created pages containing content about a given brand, industry or a specific issue. They support the process of page positioning, i.e. improve the visibility of a given domain in organic search results, thanks to adding links leading to a page using a given backend.

What are Inbound Links?

Inbound links are links that appear on one website and direct you to another website. They are also known as backlinks, backlinks, or inbound links. Acquiring links is not easy, because a link from another site works like a recommendation, and the higher the quality of the site, the more difficult it is to get that type of recommendation.

Why are inbound links important?

While Google’s algorithms are complex and constantly evolving, inbound links remain an important factor in which search engine decides which rank to rank a site on. Link building is one of the many tactics used in search engine optimization because, based on the links, Google decides whether the content on a given site is worth citing. Therefore, sites with more backlinks tend to rank higher. As you can see, links play an important role in the positioning process, which is why the backend is created with content that is the carrier for SEO links.

How to create a good backend text?

Let’s start with what backend texts are. These are content intended for publication on the SEO backend. It should be emphasized that links that come from pages filled with attractive content are of greater value. How this content looks like will vary slightly from industry to industry. It can be content rich in details, technical, or creative and humorous. Any good background text should:

Be original
This does not mean that you cannot reuse content or write about the same topics as other brands from time to time. However, it’s important to create your own unique content.

Include answers
Most people use a search engine because they try to find an answer to a question quickly. The text is supposed to give them that and satisfy their curiosity.

Start with an eye-catching headline followed by a strong introduction. Text that elicits readers’ questions and comments draws more attention, and so may result in higher search engine rankings.

Include keywords and key phrases
Back-end texts should be properly saturated with keywords. It is also important to skillfully place phrases along the length of the test and in the header. However, you should avoid the pointless stuffing of the text with phrases so that the content does not lose its value.

Have the correct length
It is assumed that a good background text should be at least 2,500 words long. Of course, it can be longer, but not too long so as not to get bored with the user. On the other hand, short text may have a negative impact on indexation.

Be correct
It is necessary to take care of grammatical, spelling and punctuation correctness, because the Google algorithm pays attention to this.

Features of a good SEO background

This provides the background not only for original and valuable content that will be appreciated by Google users and algorithms. When building SEO facilities, you should also remember about the visual side and appropriate technical solutions. Good background, apart from an attractive text, is also characterized by:

Relevant subject
Back-end pages to be linked should be thematically related to the linked page. When one site links to another, Google requires the two sites to be related to each other.

Regular publications
Systematically adding content to the backend is very important. Algorithms like regularity. If the texts are published every few months, it will not translate into better positioning.

Use of graphics and videos
It is important that next to the text there are also photos, pictures and videos that will visually diversify the website. Since Google can’t see the images, it’s a good idea to use alternative descriptions.

Domain selection
It is also worth choosing the right domain. It’s good to choose a domain name with a keyword phrase that you care about. The domain name will also be information for the user about the subject of the page. You should also consider whether we prefer to buy a new domain, or whether we decide to have a domain with a history from the secondary market.

Adequate security
Always remember about security: updates, appropriate plugins, purchase of SSL certificates, strong passwords for CRM and the administration panel.

The advantages of an SEO backend

Having an SEO background has its undeniable advantages. Here are the reasons why you should consider this solution:

Improve your organic search ranking
Thanks to SEO facilities, we permanently support the positioning of our website. If a site receives links from other significant sites, it will rank higher in organic search results.

Increasing the authority of the site
Google wants to know that the website it places on the first page of results is valuable and has authority. One way of determining this is the number of backlinks you have.

Increasing the visibility of your content and building awareness
The bigger the audience the better. Increasing traffic from referring links from one site to another means more people will see your products and services. It should translate into more people interested in your offer. Thus, having SEO facilities supports marketing and builds brand awareness.

Who should consider having an SEO facility?

Companies focused on long-term improvement of sales results and willing to build brand awareness on the web should consider creating an SEO base. Building an SEO backend is a time-consuming process, and building the backend itself will not guarantee that the website will achieve a stable position in organic results. Therefore, companies often decide to cooperate with agencies and specialists in the field of SEO.

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