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Copywriter’s Guide

Most civilization claims that “in the beginning was the word.” If this is true, we may have to redefine “the world’s oldest profession”. Is it worth becoming a copywriter? How much does a copywriter earn and how to start writing texts on the Internet? Read the guide and see for yourself.

Copywriter’s Guide

Below you will find information about where the term “copywriter” came from.

You will see who can earn money by writing and you will learn the basic forms of copywriters’ work.

Paraphrase Online will also tell you how to quickly put theory into practice and start a career in this profession.

A copywriter is a word craftsman. Only this and so much. At present, it is not possible to precisely define what activity this profession relates to. Anyone who deals with the word in a practical sense is, in a sense, a copywriter.

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At this point, the indignation of all people for whom the copywriter is only the creator of advertising texts may appear.

Currently, the greatest rivalry is between slogan “classic copywriters” and website SEO “SEO copywriters”. Which side of the dispute is right? None.

If you strictly stick to the definition – a copywriter is a person who arranges fonts on a printing press from the 19th century.

Why People Hire Copywriters

Internet is business. For business to go smoothly, a website needs traffic. Interesting content is essential to generate traffic. The more content, the more traffic.

Copywriter – work for large companies

Some sites are actually huge companies employing dozens of writers. All this is to create content that will lure as many internet users as possible and make them spend money or click on ads.

Work as a celebrity copywriter

However, large Internet companies are not the only place where copywriters work. Writing is quite laborious. Many celebrities just don’t have time for this. At the same time, it’s unwise to give up your online experience and keep in touch with your fans. Therefore, they employ professional writers to help.

Working as an SEO copywriter

Another important segment is website positioning. SEO companies maintain thousands of backend pages that are used in the link building process. Link building helps their clients get a good search ranking. SEO copywriters are responsible for creating the content of these pages.

In the minds of many people, writing SEO texts is still creating spammy, mindless songs that repeat a specific phrase over and over again. However, positioning issues are evolving (and very quickly). Nowadays, it is impossible to achieve a good position without providing your readers with valuable content. Moreover, the form of its presentation matters. Writing SEO should in no way deter ambitious writers.

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Why is it worth becoming a copywriter

First of all, because in many cases no one can take care of your content as well as you do.

Quantity is not the same as quality. You must realize that we have been living in the age of content marketing for several years. If you want to appear in the network in any way – either you will do it yourself or you will spend a lot of money on it.

Don’t get me wrong – most professional copywriters create very decent content. However, you have an amazing advantage over them – you know your niche perfectly.

If your business is selling flowers and you want traffic to your website, you can pay for the content.

Suppose the hired copywriter does the job. Suppose he does some serious research (which is not so obvious at all). He’ll write a nice text.

If you are a florist and have a bit of knowledge about copywriting and SEO – you will easily beat this copywriter’s text. You will achieve a better position in the search engine.

Because you will be authentic. Because you know what your customers actually care about. Because you know a thousand varieties of magnolias and you can talk about them for hours. Because to the text you will add a few of your photos in overalls and with a spatula in hand. Because you are actually in this business. Because you are the expert.

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Maybe your text won’t be as neat as his (he’s a professional writer, after all), but on the Internet it doesn’t really matter. People are looking for the knowledge and opinions of practitioners. Very often, imperfections are linked to authenticity. Internet users know it and Google knows it too.

Large portals spend hundreds of thousands of dollars annually on content marketing issues. They conduct regular training for their copywriters (e.g. to write a blog in the same style as a specific celebrity). Then it makes sense. However, most small and medium-sized businesses can only dream of such a budget. Therefore, many entrepreneurs have to do it on their own.

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Second – writing is a very useful skill. The founder of 37Signals and co-author of the best-selling book “Rework” – Jason Fried – says:

“If you have several equal job applicants, hire the one who writes better.”

There is a deep justification for this. People who write well have no problems with communicating, they are able to segregate thoughts and highlight what is important.

Writing is such a common skill that hardly anyone notices it. Wrong. If your job has anything to do with writing (and probably has a lot of it), it’s worth learning how you can do it better. The form in which we communicate with the world is the best testimony to our professionalism.

How to become a copywriter

If you reply to an e-mail from a client, create an offer or a description of your service – you are already a copywriter. Anyone who derives any profit from the creation of utility texts will fit in the definition of “copywriter”.

If, on the other hand, you would like to work only as a creator – the first step is to choose the field in which you will specialize. Think about whether you prefer to carry out orders or would you like to invent and sell texts yourself? Are you more interested in SEO or would you like to write articles for your blog? Or maybe both?

Another important consideration is the category selection. You must be interested in what you write about. If not a specific issue, then at least a domain. There are categories where it is very easy to sell texts. You can mention, for example, Fashion, Beauty, Health, Multimedia, Finance, Marketing. It is much more difficult to sell texts in such categories as Travel or Culture. However, it is possible. You shouldn’t give up on less popular categories.

What does SEO Copywriter do

The term “SEO copywriter” can be defined as the creator of functional website content. Its task is to create such content that will generate traffic from the search engine or social networking sites.

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SEO is a huge business. SEO companies buy thousands of various texts for their clients. Text content is designed to help websites achieve good search engine rankings.

The works used for this purpose are called “functional”. Their length and design depends on the website’s SEO strategy.

Functional texts are created a bit differently than classic texts. More attention is paid to the placement of keywords, title and lead construction. Paragraphs are used more often. The text can be supplemented with multimedia content (photos, videos, drawings).

A good SEO article can generate tens of thousands of clicks per month. Once we get traffic, we can think about ways to monetize it. There are various forms of earning money on the website. From showing ads, to selling products, to affiliate programs. Most of these methods rely on organic (search engine) traffic. Therefore, functional texts play a similar role on a website as blood in the human body.

What does the Copywriter blog do

Blog remains one of the most important forms of online communication. People love blogs and want to read them. Why? Because blogs are run by practitioners.

Internet users expect quick and direct access to the most important knowledge. Practitioners are able to provide it. However, from the entrepreneur’s point of view, running a blog allows you to gain recognition and confirm your position as an expert.

There is also a problem with blogging. It is accepted that posts should appear regularly. It takes time to create high-quality entries. As a result, many “bloggers” decide to use the services of a copywriter.

This may raise ethical questions among readers. After all, when reading a blog by a famous fitness expert, they expect advice from her, not from an anonymous writer.

Bloggers caught red-handed explain that they form the core of the text – while the copywriter only helps them choose the right words. You have to judge for yourself how much truth there may be.

Either way, creating blog entries is of great interest to copywriters. Perhaps because it is a regular job. Working with three or four blogs, you can basically say that we have arranged a full-time job.

How to cope as a novice copywriter

Theoretically, you can start working as a copywriter today, and order the first payment of funds tomorrow. There are dozens of portals on the market that mediate in the execution of orders.

If you do not know yet which form of copywriting will suit you, cooperation with these portals will help you make a decision. You will complete several orders, you will find out which category and type of text suits you best.

In addition, you will find that earning money writing is possible. Nothing is as motivating as the constantly growing account balance.

However, writing is a specific activity. You will quickly notice that this is not as easy as it sounds.

It is very important to read orders carefully and to follow the ordering party’s instructions diligently. You will also see how important the deadlines are. In the writing market, your greatest asset is your reputation. If you make any commitment, you must keep it. People ordering texts indicate that the biggest problem is failure to meet deadlines, and not the poor quality of the piece.

If you do not feel confident in a given category yet, start by writing texts for large websites. On such websites, you can only book one order at a time, and you have several hours to complete it (usually several dozen minutes are enough). When you gain experience, you can undertake more complicated cooperation (e.g. consisting in creating a certain number of texts per month).

If you do not like terms at all and want to enjoy writing, you should work on other portals. In this case, you define the topic and length of the text you are working on yourself. You choose the type of song and its keywords. Not only that – you decide how much you want to sell it for. If you get the right reputation, you will earn the same money as when you execute orders.

Also, remember that a copywriter has to write a lot. A lot. If you want to be successful, you need to develop habits. In this article, you’ll learn how to use the power of habit to write regularly.

Your greatest opponent will be lack of inspiration. There is nothing worse than wasting time in front of a blank page in your word processor. However, the deficit of inspiration can be overcome. By applying the basic techniques of work organization, you will ensure yourself solid efficiency.

You don’t need to have any formal education to become a copywriter. Your references are mainly based on your portfolio.

Portfolio in copywriting

The portfolio should be something natural. At the first stage of work, it is not worth wasting time on its conscious construction. Most complex (and profitable) assignments depend on proof text approval anyway.

To work as a copywriter, all you need is a keyboard and a computer. Literally anyone can earn money. Due to this fact, contracting authorities make a strict selection. If they have an order for which they want to pay more serious money, they collect several dozen “free samples” and then select a winner.

Why are sample texts rejected? The basic problem is spelling and stylistic errors. Writing internet texts is not a dictation, but a certain level should be maintained. There are dozens of copywriters on the market who still have a long way to go to grammatical nirvana.

A lot of texts are also rejected because they are not similar to what the website owner creates. It is completely understandable and there is nothing to be offended. Content should be reasonably consistent.

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Once the sample text is accepted, the price negotiation stage begins. And here again, universal access to the profession is taking its toll. Quite a few copywriters are ready to write for the proverbial “cent”. I think entrepreneurs have not fully understood how powerful content can be. As a result, at the beginning of their career, most copywriters compete mainly with price.

But this is not just American specificity. For a while, it was fashionable to outsource content creation for major English-language websites to India.

The whole story did not end well, and Google has a big part in that, carefully examining the bounce rate and average session duration. Thanks to this, Internet users themselves “vote” which content suits them best.

Examples of copywriter texts

Texts created by copywriters can be divided into three most important categories:

1. Presell texts
The first is presell texts. These are short pieces of no great merit, intended for use by search engine robots. There are at least a few uses for presell. However, from the copywriter’s point of view, the most important thing is that this type of text will not be read by a live user. Therefore, you can boldly let go of your imagination and calmly train your writing skills – you will not meet any serious criticism here.

2. Back-end texts
Another category is the back office. Backend texts are used primarily in the link building process. They are placed on pages that need to generate traffic. Songs in this category are a compromise between the positioning functionality and meeting the user’s needs.

When writing the background text, the editing and construction characteristic of functional works should be used. This is primarily about equipping the text with the appropriate number of paragraphs and subheadings. The background does not require any substantial research into the topic, but they must be written in a neat and readable language.

This is the favorite category of copywriters. Here you can show off your workshop. Especially if someone has the ability to create neat texts about nothing.

3. Articles
SEO articles are the most important in a copywriter’s work. This is a huge and ambiguous category.

When using the term “article”, on portals intermediating in the execution of orders, we mean thematic or specialist texts of medium length. Their task (as opposed to the previous categories) is to provide the reader with valuable information. This category will also include blog entries.

However, the whole essence of a decent SEO article is to fight the competition for free search engine traffic.

Winston Churchill used to start his speeches with the phrase:

“The speaker should structure the speech in such a way as to exhaust the topic but not exhaust the audience.”

The Google team apparently did not listen to Churchill’s speeches. Long and comprehensive entries are rewarded (exhaustive both in terms of content and for the reader).

Competition has written a 1000-word article? You have to write 1500. They will write 2000. You have to write 2200, upload a YouTube video and a free ebook. This is the current policy of the largest search engine.

On the one hand, that’s good, because the effect of such behavior is to increase the quality of content on the Internet. In a way, Google forces the sharing of knowledge with users. On the other hand, it is much slower and more difficult to read on a computer screen than on paper. Getting through such long content is quite a challenge. In a few months, this fact may reach people responsible for creating algorithms, the assessment will change and everyone will share content. Then it turns out that every other blog has several thousand entries.

What does the work of a copywriter look like

There is no single scheme that could represent a copywriter’s work. All technology-related professions must dynamically adapt to changes in the market.

Rather few copywriters work full-time. By the way, the very idea of a full-time job is becoming less and less fashionable (especially among employers). Everything is outsource. This phenomenon has been termed “Gig Economy”. Most economists take the view that work “from contract to contract” is our future.

This is how a copywriter works. His professional activity focuses on the implementation of individual projects that will help him build an attractive portfolio and provide access to… new projects.

This has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, we may lack job security, on the other – freelancing is much more developing. Copywriting does not have to be your only source of income. For most people, the first contact with freelance writing is just additional work from home.

Opinions about copywriting

Opinions on the work of a copywriter are divided like the Korean Peninsula. This is due to the fact that in this profession everything depends entirely on us. There is no structure, hierarchy or imposed mode of work. You will earn less in one month and definitely more in the second. If you stop growing, you can only blame yourself.

Open access to the profession means that many creators are harassed by competition. This affects the horrible level of beginners’ stakes. However, the overwhelming majority of copywriters do not go beyond a certain pattern. They work with one portal or blog and don’t invest in skill development. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that they are complaining about a salary of $ 500 a month.

The demand for copywriters is huge, and the more you delve into the market, the less competition you will meet. Your rates will also increase. Once you’ve gained some experience, you won’t even be looking at broker websites. It is the jobs that will look for you, not the other way around.

On the one hand, it can be said that a copywriter is a profession for everyone. After all, anyone can open a browser and write. On the other hand – some things you can’t skip. If you do not like to create, you often have a lack of ideas and need a false sense of security – maybe you should work on something else. All these problems can be overcome, but it takes determination. Copywriter is a profession for people who love to create, who love to collect and share knowledge, who love to write.

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Copywriter earnings

The copywriter is accounted for using the old editorial method – remuneration for 1000 characters with a space. This is not a perfect form of determining the value of a text. First, from an SEO point of view, words matter more than characters. Second, the volume of the text is in no way indicative of its quality. But it is what it is.

In the case of popular websites, rates for 1000 characters with spaces are as follows:

Presell text – $ 1.28 – $ 5
Backend Text – $ 2 – $ 10
Article – $ 10 and more

These are not huge amounts, but we must remember that 1000 characters with spaces equals about 12 sentences. Writing them is a matter of a few or several minutes.

The situation is different in the case of establishing permanent cooperation. Then the rates are set individually and much more can be negotiated.

A budding copywriter who writes an hour a day will earn about $ 500 per month. For those who take writing a bit more seriously, the salary is around $ 1500-2000 a month. The upper limit is practically non-existent.

Does copywriting pay off

Copywriting is an incredibly developing activity. By creating web texts, you will learn the basics of SEO. You will learn what principals and readers need. You will improve your writing skills. You will gain self-confidence. It is possible that your texts will be read by thousands or hundreds of thousands of people a day.

By moving in a selected category, you gain knowledge about it and earn money at the same time. You work creatively. This is how amazing business ideas are born. You never know how far this seemingly simple activity can take you.

In addition, the ability to earn good money without leaving home improves financial security. You are always aware that you can earn extra money if necessary. You don’t have to become a full-time copywriter. When creating website content, in principle, you can write whenever you want (as long as you do not overdo your commitments within the framework of permanent cooperation).

Copywriting is a combination of art and utility. Create great things out of tiny pieces.

There are so many ways to earn money on writing that you will surely find the one that suits your needs.

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