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Step-by-step customer satisfaction survey

Considering the fact that companies are currently “fighting” for customers in every possible way – from SEO, through Google Ads, to e-mail marketing and advertising in social media, we should go a step forward. How to do it? By testing customer satisfaction. Thanks to this, we will be able to more accurately promote our own offer, taking into account the users’ experiences about our brand, employees, all products and services. In today’s article, we will tell you how to conduct an effective customer satisfaction survey step by step. We invite you to read this post!

What is a customer satisfaction survey?

Customer satisfaction survey is a verification of the customer’s satisfaction with the comprehensiveness of the offer proposed by our brand. It is not only about a given product, but the overall quality of the company – starting from customer service, through a properly adapted website in accordance with the principles of SXO (Search Experience Optimization) and UI (User Interface), to efficient answers to questions asked sent via e-mail.

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What influences customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction also depends on the adaptation of your brand to the requirements of users, i.e. customer experience. Depending on the specific target group, the positive perception of the brand may be influenced by various factors, including:

– efficient purchasing process,
– professionally conducted customer service,
– high quality of products or services offered,
– an intuitive purchasing process,
– trouble-free complaint support.

Is customer satisfaction important?

In this case, we are dealing with the so-called zero-one system. The customer is satisfied or dissatisfied with your brand’s approach to business. From experience, we can say that the second option (i.e. the unsatisfied consumer) costs much more than the implementation of individual steps to maximize customer satisfaction. Why? Because negative reviews (e.g. on Booking, Facebook, Google or Yelp) can (and often lead to) a decrease in brand credibility and, consequently, a crisis, which will translate into a worse brand reputation and lower sales.

Customer satisfaction survey – why is it worth it?

Regular customer satisfaction surveys will allow you to take precise actions that will make the consumer stay with our brand for much longer than expected. Thanks to this solution, we will be able to take better care of the customer, more accurately respond to his expectations and preferences, adjusting the offer to the current requirements in terms of UX and UI.

How to conduct a customer satisfaction survey step by step? – practical tips from Paraphrase Online experts!

First of all, we should find out about what values we want to conduct the customer satisfaction survey. Then it is worth carefully analyzing the target group that we want to ask about the issues. We should also use this stage to determine how large a representative group should be collected for the results of the study to be satisfactory. Let’s also consider how to ask questions to customers and in what form (directly or remotely). The final stage is a comprehensive analysis of all responses. Here’s how to conduct a customer satisfaction survey step by step!

1. What values do we want to take into account when conducting customer satisfaction surveys?

Consumers care about meeting specific needs. For this purpose, they buy products or use selected services. For example – they buy a car to shorten the commuting time. They install photovoltaics to support the environment and save electricity, which will translate into lower expenses on an annual basis.

It is also worth approaching this step by asking a variety of questions that enable customer satisfaction surveys, including:

– Does the product meet the customer’s expectations?
– Why did the client decide to use the service or purchase a given item?
– Is there a chance that the consumer will buy again?
– Is the price of the offer adequate to its quality?
– Why did the customer decide to abandon the cart?
– Does the consumer recommend our product and why?
– What do customers care about the most (quality, 30-day warranty or efficient communication)?
– What is the customer afraid of buying?
– What expectations does the product meet?

We think about questions that will help us improve our offer in the future. Let’s adjust them to the target group and discuss issues such as:

– product quality,
– customer service approach,
– prices,
– references,
– expectations.

The questions should be natural, unforced and based on the basic assumptions of your company.

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2. Who do we want to ask about the issues?

In this case, it is about selecting the right number of consumers – so that the survey is representative and shows a wide range of our customers. To this end, we should define:

– how many clients we currently serve;
– how consumers divide in terms of expenditure.

Thanks to this, using scientific calculators, we will be able to easily find out how many surveys we need to carry out in order for the survey to be objective (usually 100-150 of 1,000 clients should be questioned).

3. How should we ask questions to customers?

This point should be taken very seriously. We recommend asking complex questions that the consumer will be able to answer comprehensively. Avoid suggesting answers like:

– Is our product of high quality?
– Do we stand out from the competition with the comprehensive offer?
– Are our services helpful?

By asking about the above issues in this way, we will probably hear short answers confirming our question, that is:

– yes, this product is of high quality;
– yes, your company offers a comprehensive offer;
– yes, your services are helpful.

We can also get the opposite answer, but in a broader perspective, these answers will be unreliable. It is worth persuading the consumer to express the so-called a deeper opinion that the client can present on a larger scale, for example:

– How do you think the price of our product compares to the quality?
– Do you think this product will also be useful for your friends, and if so, why?
– What benefits can your friends experience when using this product?

The answers to the above questions will be yes or no, with additional reference to the topic. This will allow you to “draw” broader conclusions on a given topic.

“Remember to keep the questions asked to customers simple. It is worth if they require a “broader” answer. We should not use conditional questions (i.e. those that develop the previous thread). One point in the survey is one question – as an experienced SEO agency and creator of a paraphrase tool based on artificial intelligence, we stick to it and we also recommend it to you. “

4. In what form is it worth interviewing consumers?

It depends on individual preferences and expectations of your company. Personally, we recommend choosing a direct or remote form. We can conclude from experience that the so-called Internet or e-mail surveys yield a very low response rate. They are also less reliable – Internet users, receiving a survey by e-mail, often click random options (without further reflection).

5. How will we analyze all the answers?

One of the best solutions is the so-called statistical analysis. Thanks to this, we will be able to easily verify the elements pointed out by the respondents.

Customer Satisfaction Survey – Basic Principles

When testing customer satisfaction, we should focus primarily on their needs. Let’s decide on the so-called scores on a scale from 0 to 10. However, we believe that verbal scales showing the consumer’s attitude to a given issue are also a good way, for example:

– very pleased,
– happy,
– dissatisfied,
– I cannot comment on this.

Also, remember not to change the scale from question to question. Such procedures often take time, frustrating Internet users, causing them to want to end the survey as soon as possible by “clicking” through the remaining questions.

Remember! We recommend ending each questionnaire with the so-called an open question. Thanks to this, the respondent will be able to express a broader opinion on an issue that we have not raised.

Step-by-step customer satisfaction research – summary

The customer satisfaction survey will facilitate adaptation to the current consumer requirements. Thanks to this, we will meet their expectations, which will allow us to build a group of regular and profitable customers who will regularly use the proposed offer and, what is more, build a bond with our company. Optimizing websites for SEO is not everything. Currently, it is not only effective promotion that counts, but also regular consumer surveys based on their satisfaction level.


What are the most common questions and answers regarding customer satisfaction research?

1. What should a professionally conducted customer satisfaction survey look like?

A professionally conducted customer satisfaction survey should make it possible to respond to negative opinions. It is also worth keeping it short (such a solution maximizes the chance of completing the survey), and also informs about customer satisfaction at every stage (this can be done by introducing a numerical scale – from 0 to 10 or verbal – very satisfied / satisfied / dissatisfied).

2. Can customer satisfaction research prevent your company from being excluded from the market?

Yes of course. Skillful conduct of a customer satisfaction survey will allow you to verify to what extent your offer meets consumer expectations. Thanks to this, you will also find out if customers are willing to pay as much as you want for specific products, and if not – why. It is also worth mentioning that the customer satisfaction survey will facilitate the verification of your company’s weaknesses (e.g. in terms of customer service). Implementing the necessary corrections can help keep your company on the market and, what’s more, maximize its operating budget.

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