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What modern writing looks like

Do you dream of writing your bestseller? Are you looking for ways to finally use your writing talent? Learn 9 skills that will ensure your creative success and see what modern writing looks like.

Writing how to get started

If you want to live by writing, I have good news and bad news for you.

Let’s start with the bad one.

We live in a society where over 60% of people don’t read any books.

Theoretically, we should consider writing a historical curiosity and give it up. If the trends in society do not change (and I see no reason why they should change) – in a dozen or so years practically no one will read books anymore.

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So why invest your time in a skill that no one needs?

If you think so, you will make a huge mistake.

The good news is that writing has never been as needed, appreciated and profitable as it is today.

The Internet has opened up enormous opportunities for creators. Today you no longer need a publisher, editors and an amazing reputation to reach a wider audience with your work. Today, no one decides if your work is good enough to be published.

The development of the network successfully liberated the creators from the yoke of various types of intermediaries.

Today there are only you and your reader.

And it’s not true that people stop reading. On the contrary, they are just starting out.

However, to understand and take advantage of this, you need to leave a smoky café where frustrated artists in pulled-out sweaters complain about their fate and discover modern writing.

What modern writing looks like

Let us return for a moment to our sinister description. According to it, world reading is slowly dying. Now let’s compare the statistics with reality.

Take a look around you. Have you noticed what people do when they feel even a little bored?

Almost each of them takes out a cell phone and… reads.


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On the bus, waiting room or the line to see the doctor. During a boring lecture and at work, when the boss looks away for a moment.

News, posts, rumors, tips, articles and columns. We consume an unimaginable amount of content every day. And it is mainly text-based.

Although books are constantly declining, reading is booming. Only its character changes.

The profits of most websites are growing at a rate of over a dozen percent annually, and entrepreneurs are increasingly focusing on attracting the attention of web users.

Modern writers work primarily online, and the future is defined by copywriting in its broadest sense.

Is it worth crying over the dying classic book market? In my opinion no.

You must be aware that the author would usually receive between $ 2 and $ 5 per copy sold (with the retail price of the book around $ 20).

Today, one online store leaves more than 10,000 copies in the pocket of a good writer. And selling a book in such a circulation was not easy at all.

Naturally – writing is not only about money. Creative passion and the ability to convey emotions and ideas to readers are also important.

Modern writing does not rule this out at all. On the contrary. The Internet is just waiting for talented writers to recover from their book mourning and begin to fulfill their task under new circumstances.

The 9 most important skills of a writer

Writing on the web has a lot to do with what you know from reality. A good copywriter must possess the same skill set as a classic writer.

1. Empathy

Success in writing depends primarily on your ability to put yourself in your readers’ shoes. You must constantly assess their needs and try to respond to them.

The primary mistake most creators make is writing for themselves. I am able to understand the pleasure of this kind of activity. However, a work written for the author’s needs much more often goes to the drawer than to the bestseller list.

2. Regularity

It’s funny that when I talk about writing, associations with gym training come to my mind all the time. Perhaps both of these activities have more in common than you might think.

Either way, writing takes practice. And it’s on a regular basis.

One of the greatest writers – Stephen King – writes about 1,000 words a day. I have empirically checked that this level is as achievable as possible and does not lead to immediate burnout.

And the effects? In a matter of weeks or months, you won’t believe how your workshop has improved and what you’ve achieved.

3. Patience

Writing is a very common skill. So you shouldn’t be surprised by the huge competition.

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There are plenty of writers and copywriters on the market. Therefore, it will probably be a while before anyone notices your work.

When it comes to writing, you need to be prepared for a marathon rather than a sprint. However, if you consistently create – success is inevitable.

4. Resilience to criticism

Writing is also inseparable from criticism. You have to be prepared that your work will not win the hearts and minds of all readers. And certainly not on the Internet.

Criticism is natural and can even be helpful at times. When deciding on any publication, you just need to have thicker skin.

Perhaps you will be comforted by the fact that behind the overwhelming majority of hate and conceit are incredibly frustrated people who have never achieved anything themselves. I don’t know anybody who’s serious about wasting their time pouring out the washing and fooling around with the comments.

Therefore, don’t let fear of criticism hold you back.

5. Willingness to learn

Developing a workshop requires constant learning. But keep your head up. Fortunately, you don’t have to enroll in a new study.

The most beautiful thing about writing is that virtually any contact with culture is a great learning opportunity.

Have you seen a movie with an incredibly engaging story? Did you hear an interesting combination of words in the song? In the street, you heard a conversation on a topic that actually interests people?

Use it in your creativity! Watch, read and experiment. This is the fastest way to success.

6. Assessment of the harmony of the text

The sooner you understand that speaking and writing are two completely separate things – the more you will be able to accomplish in writing.

The basic mistake of novice writers is to write exactly the same way they talk. This results in a lot of repetitions and fillers that disturb the harmony and good sound of the text.

7. Knowledge of the recipient

If you want to create great texts – you need to know your audience thoroughly. Don’t write to everyone, because everyone won’t be reading you anyway.

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Try to use phrases, words and cultural references specific to your target group. A good writer always strives to connect with his audience.

8. Creativity

As a writer, you must force your mind to create new concepts, ideas, and useful associations.

In order to be successful as a writer, your work must stand out (while maintaining the rules of a given communication channel).

Are you wondering how to increase your creativity? You just have to create. The more the better. Vigor and creativity, as a rule, result from the work undertaken, not its cause.

9. Flexibility

It is also worth checking out on many writing grounds. In the case of classic writing, don’t limit yourself to just one genre.

Similarly in copywriting – you should efficiently create SEO articles, but also product descriptions or back-end texts.

Writing – why it’s worth it

Writing (including utility) is an art and you cannot forget about it. Equipped with the most important skills of a writer, you will surely find a way to enjoy your passion immensely. Don’t be fooled by appearances – our times are thirsty for emotions, creativity and engaging stories more than you think. By perceiving writing in a modern way, you definitely broaden your possibilities of reaching your readers. Read what writing texts on the Internet is all about and start your copywriting adventure.

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