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Advertising of a furniture store

The furniture industry is very diverse, but also very competitive. In a saturated market, it is difficult to distinguish yourself with an original offer. That is why it is worth investing as much effort and funds in marketing as possible. However, advertising for a furniture store does not have to be expensive to be effective – it is enough to use the tools available on the Internet, which are very effective, and at the same time require much less expenditure than, for example, TV, press or radio advertising. Find out more!

SEO – the basis for advertising a furniture store

It is impossible to hide – nowadays, in many furniture stores you can find very similar or even the same goods at very similar prices. Even if you propose something unusual, it will be very difficult for you to break your offer among a huge number of products and sellers. How do customers find furniture stores? Often via Google. Sometimes they search on the basis of very general terms (eg “Los Angeles furniture store”), other times more precisely (eg “modern New York furniture”, “Boston-sized kitchen furniture” or even “eared armchair with a footrest”). Usually they click on the first few search results, rarely (only about 25% of the time) looking at their second page. Therefore, a high position in Google results is something every seller should strive for!

This is what website positioning is all about. It is a set of activities aimed at improving the visibility of the website on the Internet. Positioning is carried out on the basis of a well-defined list of keywords and a carefully developed strategy. These words should be skillfully placed in the content of the page, its meta tags and attributes. It is also worth making sure that links to it from other websites, preferably reputable and thematically related to it, are directed to it.

Keywords (phrases, queries) should be selected in a specific way. Although the company’s main goal may be to be in the first place in the search results for the phrase “New York furniture”, positioning your site only for this phrase will not bring you tangible results. Long tail keywords work much better, i.e. detailed, several-word queries similar to those mentioned above. They are much less searched, but at the same time much less competitive. This in turn means that it is easier to get to the top of the results. The positioning strategy for long tail phrases has one more benefit. They are entered in the search engine mainly by people determined to buy, including those looking for specific products. Therefore, if you can offer them a favorable offer, there is a high probability that they will take advantage of it.

It is best to hire specialists to conduct positioning. You can create a new position in the company or decide to work with an agency. It is worth remembering that the latter solution is usually much cheaper. However, it is important to carry out all activities systematically and thoughtfully – positioning is definitely not something that can be done “by the way”, especially in a serious company. How to make your website more visible? It is a combination of different types of activities. However, an important role here is played, among others, by content marketing, i.e. content marketing. The website of a furniture store is an ideal place to run a blog about interior design, trends, popular materials and their properties, arrangement styles and other related topics. It is quite easy to smuggle in many keywords in published articles, which affects the position of the page in the search results. One should only make sure that the website does not contain duplicate content, which will disqualify it in the race for good visibility on Google. In order for the advertising of a furniture store to be even more effective with this method, it is worth keeping your finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest trends and topics that interest customers. Thanks to a variety of online tools (including, for example, the free Google Trends service), you can check which topics and terms are most frequently searched for.

In addition, the very structure of the website is of great importance for positioning, so it should be constantly optimized, including in the field of code order, structure, appearance and content. You should also not forget about the exhaustive descriptions of categories and product descriptions in the online store (if any) and internal (between individual subpages of the website) and external linking.

SEO for a furniture store – why is it worth it?

Taking care of SEO should be a priority for every store and company that cares about a good image and attracting new customers. Positioning also plays an important role in advertising a furniture store. It is worth taking care of seriously mainly due to:
– the ability to reach customers looking for specific information and products,
– increasing brand recognition and prestige, which can be extremely important in the marketing of a furniture store,
– long-term effects – a well-positioned website helps to constantly acquire new customers,
– side effects in the form of a well-structured, optimized and user-friendly website and valuable content on the website and company blog.

Thanks to positioning, you will build a strong brand and reach your potential customers. It is now a primary marketing tool and a foundation for other activities that we will discuss below.

Google Ads – effective advertising of a furniture store on the Internet

Google Ads is another good solution for advertising a furniture store. The platform offers a number of paid promotion opportunities that are useful for both stationary and online activities. What tools can be used?

Google text ad (sponsored links)
Ads that appear just above or in between and look very similar to organic search results are sponsored links. Placing such a link in the search engine costs nothing in itself. However, you will pay for each redirection to the store’s website – i.e. for clicking the link. This is called Pay Per Click (PPC) settlement. The price of a single click varies greatly – it depends on the competitiveness of the keyword, i.e. how many people want to advertise within a given query, but also on e.g. your ad quality score. The advantage of a text ad is the possibility of obtaining immediate results comparable to those provided by careful positioning.

Product Listing Ads
Sometimes, ads for specific products along with a photo, name and price also appear in the search results. This is called Product Listing Ads (PLA). It is worth using them to promote specific goods from the offer. In this case, you also pay in the PPC settlement, and the customer redirected to the store often makes a purchase, which is why PLA campaigns can be very beneficial. In fact, it is currently the fastest growing advertising channel for online stores.

Graphic ad (display, banner)
When browsing various websites and websites, you often come across graphic ads, often related to your interests or previous Google queries? This is the banner campaign. Advertising of a furniture store conducted in this way may prove useful in the context of building brand recognition. Campaign settings allow you to refine the target audience of your content, which increases its effectiveness.

Remarketing is similar banners targeted at those who have already visited the store. Depending on the selected settings, they can show up to former customers or only to those who have not made a purchase. If you run an online store, you can use dynamic banners. Then, the recipients of the advertisements will be shown previously viewed products or other similar products (e.g. from the same category).

Google Ads in advertising for a furniture store – why is it worth it?

Google Ads is used by both novices and the greatest representatives of the industry – including those who managed to achieve the highest positions in search results. Why? Because it just pays off. In addition, advertising for a furniture store with Google is:
– several types of campaigns,
– immediate results,
– the ability to reach a well-defined target group and customers looking for specific products,
– favorable settlement model – Pay Per Click,
– the ability to analyze the effectiveness of the campaign thanks to statistics and conversion path tracking.

These types of campaigns can produce really good results. Condition? Consistent and skillful actions. Therefore, advertising for a furniture store via Google should be supervised by professionals.

Advertising of a furniture store via Facebook Ads

Facebook is a very important medium, but still remains underestimated by some companies. Your competition is definitely there, so it is definitely worth joining. Importantly, users often look there for information that is relevant to them. The company profile on the platform is a tool for communicating with customers and a determinant of its authenticity, so it is certainly not worth giving up.

Your own Facebook page can be used to publish news, present specific products and collect opinions or suggestions directly from customers. In addition, it enables paid advertising of a furniture store. You can use it to direct users directly to the store or to your fanpage, as well as gain new “fans”. There are many possibilities, also in terms of targeting. Thanks to this, promotional content can go exactly where you want.

Facebook Ads for a furniture store – why is it worth it?

Facebook Ads allows you to reach millions of potential customers. It is perfect for advertising a furniture store, as well as many other types of business, mainly due to:
– several campaign formats,
– affordable prices and no minimum budget for advertisers,
– the possibility of precise targeting, i.e. reaching a specific target group,
– various billing methods – e.g. for clicks or impressions,
– the possibility of creating the company’s image.

Facebook ads can be very effective, especially when done wisely. In addition, being on the platform will be useful for establishing and maintaining relationships with customers and increasing brand awareness.

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