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Content marketing in e-commerce, or how to effectively sell with words?

As in the case of stationary stores, companies usually have a designated person responsible for customer service, in online stores some of these duties are taken over by published content of various nature. They are designed to attract the attention of the recipient, present them with the best products and services, and finally guide them through the entire purchasing process, taking into account their individual needs and expectations. What influences whether content marketing for a specific company is effective? Why is it worth to differentiate published content and distribution channels? Where to get ideas for attractive content?

Pillars of content marketing – what is content marketing based on?

Content marketing, in other words, content marketing, is a set of activities focused on creating diverse communication with recipients. It can take various forms, the choice of which depends on the specificity of the industry, a specific set of goods offered, and finally a specific target group. The goal is to build a brand image, effectively and completely present the offer and encourage specific actions. There are various forms of content, many of which are located in the indicated areas:

Copywriting – creating unique verbal messages has considerable value, which is no secret. For better reception, the use of language of benefits, substantive richness (usefulness of the content) and linguistic care are of great importance. From the point of view of algorithms, skillful formatting and the selection of key phrases that affect the positioning of the brand in search results are also important.

Translations and content created in other languages – it is also a written form, but it requires slightly different competences. It is a mistake to assume that a literal translation of texts published, for example, on a foreign website of one of the company’s branches is enough. It is similar with product descriptions or posts on social media. The context is also important, including the local context, which must be taken into account – it gives a chance to reach a wider group of potentially interested consumers. On the other hand, content created in foreign languages makes it possible to extend the reach of business to foreign markets and thus attract new customers.

Visual materials – very often they act as a navigator on the website and in marketing materials. Graphics, photos, as well as infographics, advertising materials, e.g. in the form of banners or posters, newsletter binding and video materials attract the eye and affect the aesthetic value of the reception. It is estimated that a significant part of society are visual learners, so downplaying the visual aspect may be unfavorable from the point of view of sales. The research published by our company Paraphrase Online shows that text with graphic materials has a higher response rate by as much as 48%.

Therefore, creating high-quality content is not as easy as it may seem, because it is not just a lightweight pen – it requires a well-thought-out strategy, concept and creativity. It’s easy to stumble – the most common mistakes in content marketing, such as text overload, too densely interwoven phrases or inappropriate communication method to the target audience – the so-called persona buyer. To avoid them, it is worth using professional help of specialists in creating and SEO content.

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The most effective weapon in the fight for online visibility is the combination of words and images. The high quality of both of these types of communication makes it possible to handle messages that appeal to a wider audience more effectively. As evidenced by the eye-tracking research (analyzing the movement of the eyeballs during contact with content) carried out by Paraphrase Online Group, human eyesight while scanning a text focuses primarily on the left side of the screen, so it is worth placing the most important information there. This is a valuable tip when building a coherent visual identity and composing the layout of the website. Clear messages allow you to create a specific impression in people visiting given online services, and harmonious texts correlated with them – provide answers to their questions and needs.

SEO copywriting – online shopping guide

The effectiveness of messages published on the web largely depends on your SEO activities. Search Engine Optimization, which is to put it simply, search engine optimization, is in many cases to be or not to be for the brand. Well-prepared content will be more favorably received by the Google algorithm, which needs as precise messages as possible, and thus – will ensure better placement in search results. A high position on the list means more frequent visits to the site, which in turn increases the chances of successful sales.

While using Google Ads, the ad system of the most popular search engine, is a good idea, it will never replace organically generated traffic on your website resulting from good positioning. Paid coverage extension is additional, not obligatory. Redirecting the consumer to the website through advertising is only half the battle – he still has to find content that he really finds interesting and meets his expectations.

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Product descriptions as the key to a good presentation

Well-developed product descriptions in e-commerce are one of the guarantors of a satisfactory sales conversion, i.e. translating marketing activities into the actual reactions of their recipients. An important principle of creating such texts is the use of a language of benefits, which is practical and attractive at the same time – it consists in pointing out the advantages of using given products or selecting services. Communication focused on benefits triggers positive feelings, and thus is helpful in building attachment. The style should be clear, understandable, but allow for the substantive exhaustion of the topic in a short message – this is a true art of writing.

The so-called inverted pyramid is a well-known scheme for building content, effective also in the case of product descriptions. It organizes the information system in a simple way, hierarchizing it. The text should open a set of basic data on specific goods, the next step is to present detailed parameters and then weave side threads that can also attract consumers’ attention, for example by encouraging them to create their own compositions or telling about the ways of using the products.

We used a slightly different construction in the online bookstore – visitors to the website can learn what to expect after reading the book from the parameters of a particular book indicated in the table. Here, the most important is a set of catchy rhetorical questions, which – as it can be assumed – the author answers in the presented volume, and they stand out in the foreground. The next part of the description provides more detailed information on what the content of the book is about. This is more substantive data, and people intrigued by the unconventional introduction will surely read it.

Webwriting, i.e. engaging content on the website

Creating engaging texts – webwriting – is a strategy that strongly influences the brand image on the Internet and ensures reaching the planned audience, as well as automated algorithms. It can be perfectly observed on the example of company blogs, which are often a subpage in online stores. Easy-to-read advisory articles should lightly refer to the available assortment, presenting to consumers the methods of applying given products or solutions. Their main task is to inspire recipients and build their engagement.

It is also worth paying attention to catchy slogans called CTA (Call To Action). Short text messages with attractive graphics usually directly encourage shopping, often indicating direct and limited benefits, including short-term promotions – for example, buy now or Check out our unique discounts.

CTA passwords can also prompt you to contact us about a personalized offer. For example, a chain of DIY stores offers comprehensive renovation assistance – it lists its advantages on a banner and suggests taking action.

Storytelling – a method of engaging communication

What is storytelling communication and why has it taken online content by storm? It is a light and, above all, pleasant to receive way of creating a narrative, thanks to which the recipients can become more “familiar” with the company and build their attachment to it. The strategy allows you to spread a vision, tell stories about the company’s past or share knowledge from the position of an expert. The jewelry company presents the company’s history on its website, using a timeline with highlights.

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Coherent, multi-channel communication – how to do it right?

Nowadays, effective communication in social media is based primarily on direct contact with readers. An interesting form of such contact is the serially published content that appears on the channel in a fixed order – the recipients often wait for the next “episode”. In the case of many companies, it is the use of humorous accents and witty response to the current situation, the so-called Real Time Marketing.

An example of such consistent contact with recipients, often referring to news through social channels is the Boston bookstore, which decided to attract its audience with a series of posts from the so-called A Headless Bookseller.

However, it is worth remembering that what will work for a small brand with a specific group of recipients will not always turn out to be sufficient for large enterprises. When looking for new customers, it is worth reaching for modern presentation methods that change with current trends. Currently, so-called rolls can be indicated as such, i.e. short, attractively designed video content on Instagram or Facebook.

Diverse but uniform content as a way to sell effectively

Phrase-rich key texts, aesthetically consistent graphics and harmonious communication are the key to successful sales conversion in e-commerce. It is worth diversifying the published content in order to more effectively reach people looking for specific content. However, it should be remembered that effective content marketing is a process, not a one-time action.

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