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The future of SXO – what can we expect?

SXO (Search Experience Optimization) is a combination of two comprehensive concepts – SEO and UX. This strategy focuses both on increasing the visibility of websites in organic search results and on improving purchase conversion in, among others, e-commerce. As a result, the currently developed websites are valuable not only to crawlers (so-called Google robots), but also more accessible to potential customers to use. But what can we expect in the future when we consider the SXO issue? What innovations are waiting for us? We answer that in today’s article!

What is the future of SXO?

Until a few years ago, SXO was a great unknown. Currently, we cannot imagine effective website positioning without the regular implementation of many elements improving user experience (i.e. the User Experience aspect). SXO (according to Paraphrase Online Experts) is the largest SEO gamechanger that allows you to achieve results in 3 years that were once simply impossible, because none of us knew that Google robots paid such attention to the UX aspect – even during the times of the famous Google Penguin Update .

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So what is the future of SXO? In our opinion, Core Web Vitals indicators will play an important role in this case. Even though they are officially validated as ranking factors and are working properly, they will still be thoroughly updated. Of course, it’s not about changing key elements like LCP, FID and CLS, but adding other metrics to further improve the user experience.

There is a lot of speculation on this topic in the marketing scene – it is possible that SXO (and thus – Core Web Vitals) will include variables regarding the reconstruction of HTML and CSS code or new guidelines for the development of meta tags and graphic altos.

According to the internal observations of Paraphrase Online Experts, it is also possible to change the site navigation guidelines, its appearance or loading speed. The expectations of Internet users change day by day, and Google meticulously verifies their whims, turning them into specific guidelines that we must follow if we want to increase the position of websites in SERPs (Search Engine Page Results).

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The future of SXO – what innovations await us in a few years?

Taking into account the fact that SXO is also content optimization, we should take into account and begin to mentally prepare for the new guidelines for text positioning. Currently, we adhere to the principles of topical authority, create articles that exhaust a given topic, link and take into account semantics, without accumulating dozens of keywords.

Looking at the last ten marketing years, we must be ready to adapt to completely new conditions set from above by search engines. The changes could be as drastic as the Google Penguin Update in 2012. Why do we think so?

Well, the fight to exhaust the topic (according to topical authority) can start to get fierce enough that the volume of content will reach unimaginable numbers. Currently, the most competitive industries create articles even for 20-30 thousand characters, e.g. in the USA these numbers reach up to 50 thousand characters with spaces, because as experts say – it just works (exhausts the topic, but it is often artificially “pumped” to others approach to a given issue).

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According to Paraphrase Online Experts, within the next 5 years, we must expect a thorough update of the rules for creating content, because what was once natural is now used to the limit, becoming of little use to potential customers. Considering the current state of affairs, we cannot say exactly what these changes will be, but it is worth having the above words “at the back of your head”.


How much is SXO?
SXO is a very complex topic that includes the adaptation of the website both in terms of Google robots and users. To find out the specific cost of Search Experience Optimization, please contact our specialists.

How long can you see the effects of implementing the SXO strategy?
The real effects of implementing the SXO strategy will be noticeable approximately one year after the commencement of activities in the form of additional customers interested in our products or service.

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