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Keywords for an online store – how to choose?

The analysis and selection of keywords is the basis of SEO for online stores. Skipping this step makes it difficult for users to find the website in the search engine, and consequently also the products offered there. A skilful selection of key phrases allows you to increase traffic in your online store, which also translates into increased profits. How to do it?

Types of keywords for your online store

The analysis of the right keywords should start with the selection of their most important types. Those closely related to online stores are divided into the 3 most important categories (although there are more):

long tail.

Brand phrases
Brand keywords usually relate to a unique company name. You can easily match them to a specific website on Google. Users usually enter these types of phrases in the search engine when they do not know the full website address, but they know well where they want to go.

Usually, the page searched in this way appears in the first place in Google results. This is possible when the company name is unique and it is in the domain. The problem arises when the name sounds very similar to another activity. In such a case, more extensive activities should be carried out on the brand phrase so that the website is actually in the first place in the search results.

General phrases
General phrases, i.e. those used without any specific expectations regarding the search results, usually consist of 1-2 words (e.g. paraphrase tool, paraphrasing tool, etc.). They seem very valuable, but focusing on them does not always bring the expected result. This is due to the fact that the competition for positioning with the use of general phrases is very fierce. They are mainly good for larger online stores.

An example of a general phrase is ‘jacket’. The user knows that he wants to find a jacket for himself, but he does not have strict requirements, and even less does not think about a specific model. Due to the low precision, some keywords from this group even have tens of thousands of searches per month. However, it is often not profitable to focus on them. For smaller businesses, phrases from the third category, i.e. long tail, usually turn out to be more effective.

Long tail phrases
Long tail words are typed a bit less frequently in the search engine, but they are more specific. It is not uncommon that the competition in this group is smaller, and the phrases themselves are very diverse. Getting even a dozen or so long tail words allows you to significantly increase the traffic on your website. In addition, the probability that users will find their way to your store increases.

It is worth using long tail phrases, especially with a limited budget for SEO activities. They are usually more than two words long, so they reflect the more precise needs of the people who use them. It may be, for example, the slogan “warm trekking jacket”. The user knows that he wants to buy a jacket, presents his most important criteria and determines its purpose.

Online store SEO and local phrases
When searching for the right keywords for your business, you shouldn’t forget about local phrases. They are not entered by users as often as, for example, general ones, but properly selected they can effectively increase traffic on the website. Consider using local keywords especially for businesses with branches in different parts of the country. A good solution is to prepare a landing page for them with identical phrases. Referring to the aforementioned jackets, it would be, for example, a “New York jacket” or “London jacket”.

It is true that the use of this type of local keywords will not significantly affect the popularity of the entire website, but there is a high probability that the traffic will increase in a given stationary branch. Online activities in the field of local phrases are combined with offline activities, and this leads to increased profits, and therefore the main goal of the store.

Tools to help you choose keywords

Special online tools can be used to find and analyze key phrases. With their help, preparing a list of words and selecting the most effective ones will be much easier. What tools are the most popular?

Google Keyword Planner
Google Keyword Planner is a widely used tool. After entering a specific phrase, a list showing similar forms of the entered password is displayed. It is worth analyzing it carefully, because sometimes you can find valuable slogans on it that allow you to effectively position your online store. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that Google Keyword Planner is mainly useful when observing search trends (it does not generate many unique phrases).

Semstorm is a more powerful tool that may seem too complicated for novice users. However, it has an intuitive interface and it quickly becomes easy to use. Not only simple functions are available here, but also more advanced ones. These include, for example, hints for constructing file names, related key phrases or a generator of topics that users most often mention when using the search engine.

The Senuto platform collects information on the visibility of keywords and domains. It gives the opportunity not only to plan and implement an appropriate positioning strategy, but also to watch the competition. Senuto consists of three basic modules: visibility analysis, keyword database and monitoring. In the phrase section, there is a lot of important data, e.g. position and its changes, average monthly number of searches, daily and monthly history.

Answer The Public
Answer The Public is a visual keyword search tool. It is also useful when looking for ideas for new topics to be published on the website, e.g. on a blog. After entering a term in the search engine, the results in the form of related questions are displayed.

Keyword Selection – Important Factors

After selecting the type of key phrases and searching for them, you should choose the best ones, i.e. with the greatest potential. How to do it? There are several important factors to consider.

Search factor
Even if a certain keyword can be positioned easily, its use does not make much sense when it is not typed in Google frequently. The search factor is one of the most important points that should be taken into account when selecting the right phrases for your online store.

How many searches are relevant is an individual matter. It largely depends on the industry. In some businesses, the most noteworthy are passwords entered several thousand times a month, and in others, a satisfactory result is only a few hundred inquiries. You should also remember that certain keywords are seasonal, i.e. most searched for in specific months. In order to properly select phrases for an online store, you should regularly analyze the type and number of user inquiries.

Competitiveness in search results
Competitiveness determines how much it will cost to position a store for a given phrase and how long this process will take. To assess this, you need SEO experience and knowledge. There are certain factors that affect the competitiveness of your keywords:

– number of competitors,
– industry,
– the number of SEO-optimized competitors’ pages per phrase,
– the number and quality of links leading to competing websites.

Search intentions
According to Google, there are four main types of keyword search intentions:

– I want to do (information search),
– I want to get there (navigation),
– I want to know (preparation for the transaction),
– I want to buy (transaction).

In the case of an online store, the focus should be on the purchasing intention. Keywords from this group express the willingness to purchase the indicated product. Nevertheless, it is also worth paying attention to the phrases from the ‘I want to know’ category, especially if you want to invest in additional content marketing. These are various types of opinions, reviews or guides presenting practical information that may encourage you to buy.

How to use key phrases?

After selecting the best keywords for your online store, you should use them properly. Where is the best place to put phrases? There are several possibilities.

Product description
The product description should present its most important features, be specific and catchy. Bullets and bolds are advisable. This not only captures your users’ attention, but also makes it easy to quickly scan text to find the information you need.

Each product description is to be unique, because copying the content has a negative effect on the positioning of the store. The same also applies to the use of key phrases. There should not be too many of them, because then the descriptions do not look natural. Words related to the industry and products offered are recommended. You do not need to limit yourself to general phrases such as “face cream”. More details can be added here: ‘Nivea anti-wrinkle face cream’. If they are electronic equipment, please also add details about the model. Product description has the least impact on SEO – it is definitely better to focus on the content of category subpages.

Product meta description
Google generates meta description automatically if not entered. However, it often does it in a manner that is not entirely correct. Currently, the meta description consists of approximately 150 characters. It is not very much, but even in such a short description, you can skillfully use keywords and encourage you to buy, for example: ‘Reach for the best anti-wrinkle cream. Check our offer. ‘

ALT attribute
The ALT attribute applies to photos, illustrations, and other graphics. By including a keyword in this description, you can improve the positioning of the store’s website in the search engine, also in the graphics section. How to do it? Choose the most important keyword – the one that tells you what is in the photo or other graphic element. ALT attributes, just like the product descriptions themselves, should be unique, the important thing is that the alt must always reflect what is in the image at the same time.

Other ways
The keywords for your online store can also be placed in a few other places. The other options are:

– internal linking (using phrases e.g. in links to complementary products),
– H1-H6 headers,
– URL address,
– meta title.

A well-conducted keyword analysis for an online store has a positive impact on its functioning and allows you to obtain measurable benefits. However, it is worth remembering that activities in this field require a lot of time, patience and precision. The selection of key phrases is directly related to all other activities that enable SEO optimization of the website.

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