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Lead Nurturing step by step

It has been known for a long time that entrepreneurs want to acquire regular and profitable customers who will purchase products or use the services offered. To increase the chances of being ahead of the competition, it is worth taking one step more and, in addition to optimizing the SEO of your website or investing in Google Ads sponsored links campaigns, read the topic of Lead Nurturing. We will talk about this in today’s article. We will suggest what Lead Nurturing actually is, how to implement it, and we will also present practical examples and inspirations. Enjoy reading!

Lead Nurturing – what is it actually?

Lead Nurturing is a process aimed at engaging potential customers. How? Thanks to marketing automation activities that facilitate movements leading to the delivery of comprehensively personalized content targeted at a specific customer.

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Lead Nurturing – implementation in 5 easy steps

Implementing Lead Nurturing is a relatively simple task. Just follow the 5 steps below:

STEP 1 – arouse interest in potential customers

Help customers solve problems. Start educating them. Make them interested in your company through educational value. First of all, focus on the subject matter and presenting useful knowledge. To confirm your competences, we recommend using, among others:

– tests,
– infographics,
– blog articles.

Depending on your preferences and design assumptions, you can also decide to create an e-book and offer it, for example, for subscribing to the newsletter. Image advertising will also prove useful.

STEP 2 – present the advantages of working with your company

The advantages of cooperation with your own company are best listed in the section provided for this on the website. In addition, it is worth confirming the reliability of your services with useful case studies – just like we did in our case study – home and garden industry.

STEP 3 – persuade the customer to buy

It is worth starting professional negotiations at this stage. We recommend talking to potential customers, shortening the so-called distance (as far as possible), establishing a close relationship with customers in order to persuade them to take advantage of our offer.

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STEP 4 – offer the customer attractive discounts

You can use the newsletter for this or offer the customer an attractive promotion during direct contact (e.g. -25% for the product or service chosen by him). Depending on the adopted strategy, it will also be useful to offer a permanent discount (e.g. -10% for the first 15 customers for the entire range).

STEP 5 – build loyalty

You can build loyalty by developing high-quality educational materials, organizing regular industry events, and sending out, for example, weekly newsletters with time-limited promotions.

Lead Nurturing – inspiration

How can Lead Nurturing be used? The essence of this solution is based on convincing customers to interact. Proving them that we are interested in them, which increases the likelihood of future conversion (e.g. by purchasing a product, using a service or subscribing to a newsletter). It is also worth showing the interested parties or business partners that we want to guarantee the best service – this is another element that convinces a given person to our company.

– retargeting – a way to convince customers to finalize their purchases (e.g. when they put the product into the cart but did not buy it);
content marketing – developing valuable content is one of the best ways to attract a large group of customers by creating eye-catching content (high-quality content also allows you to educate recipients, additionally presenting your many years of experience in a given field);
e-mail marketing – companies use e-mail marketing to send discount newsletters or persuade consumers to finalize their cart (for example – a company that produces adjustable desks sends to anyone who has registered on their site but has not finalized the cart with personalized emails enabling getting free delivery).

An attractive solution to the concept of Lead Nurturing are loyalty programs. It is a perfect complement to this strategy to build a bond with customers, encouraging them to buy again in the future.

Why is it worth investing in Lead Nurturing campaigns?

Lead Nurturing campaigns facilitate, among others:

– work for marketers and sellers (thanks to the use of this solution, marketers and sellers can avoid talking with the so-called cold leads);
– recognizing the needs of the target group (the information obtained can also be used in other campaigns – e.g. Google Ads, Facebook Ads or SEO, i.e. comprehensive SXO activities leading to increasing the position in organic search results);

Image of Lead Nurturing – effectively turn contacts into regular and determined customers (who will regularly contribute to your company’s budget).

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In summary, Lead Nurturing allows you to increase the awareness of potential customers about the proposed offer. Leads that are regularly maintained are much more effective, and thus – they turn out to be a great opportunity to increase the number of sales, but also the average value of the basket. By investing in Lead Nurturing, you care about relationships with your customers, and nurture those who are not ready to buy.

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