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Good SEO, which is what?

SEO is a must if you want to be successful online. Google and other search engines download a hundred million results in half a second, so you need really good SEO to get into the top ten. Now you are probably wondering: ok, good SEO, which is what? The race for first places is won by the one who takes into account the most important ranking factors in their SEO strategy. These factors play a key role as they have a direct impact on the position of the page in the search results. In this article, therefore, we will look at the activities that Google values the most.

– A good SEO strategy should take into account the most important Google ranking factors.
– It’s good to know how search engines work. This process is divided into three stages: search, index, and ranking.
– Good SEO means properly selected keywords, quality content and a properly optimized website.

How do internet search engines work?

If you want your content to appear in search results, it must first be visible to search engines. Therefore, to achieve good SEO, it’s important to understand how search engines work. Before we get down to that, it’s important to note what the purpose of search engines is. Namely, search engines do everything to ensure that the displayed results are most relevant to a given query, i.e. they strive to make the user find the content they are looking for. And the process of website analysis by search engines can be divided into three stages:

At this stage, Google robots search for content by visiting websites and analyzing the entire content of the page with incredible speed. They take into account its layout, ads, texts, images, keywords and links among others. It is an ongoing process. Bots search websites all the time to keep the database up-to-date.

Indexing is actually analyzing the content. All the data collected by the bots is sorted and placed in huge databases that are constantly updated by re-indexing the websites.

How to be high in the search engine results?

We already know how search engine algorithms work. What actions can we take to get our site well-rated by robots and appear high in search results? What to do to have good SEO? Here are some tips:

A. Build a keyword list

It is worth taking the time to analyze how your potential customers search the Internet for products or services similar to your offer. In order to appear in search results for your target audience, you need to include the keywords people are looking for in your content and links. Keywords and SEO are closely related, so make a list of keywords that match what you are searching for on the web. Careful selection of keywords can translate traffic into sales. How to go about searching for keywords? Here are some things to start with:

– Know the problems / needs of your audience – the goal of SEO activities is to attract traffic to your website and show users that you have the solution they are looking for. However, to do this, you need to know what they need. Find out what your audience’s problems are, then use keywords related to the topics in your texts. This will attract your audience.
– Be an authority in your industry – if you are selling a product or service, you need to know what you are offering. Read the specifications of your products in detail, use professional, specialized vocabulary. Good knowledge of the topic not only helps with SEO, but also makes you a better source of information for consumers who come to you for help and information.
– Use negative words – by adding negative keywords, you can be sure that your website will not appear in SERPs that are not necessarily related to your industry. The goal of each website is to reach the right people who will stay on the website for longer.
– Check Your Competitors – Your competitors can prove to be a valuable source of information when it comes to keywords that are relevant to your industry.
– Bet on low competitive phrases – popular keywords, used by everyone, will not help you. Focus on keywords that are less competitive and you will increase the chance of getting a higher ranking.
– Track trends – Seasonal trends can have a big impact on your keyword selection strategies. If you have a product or service that is seasonal or you can sell it as such, use keywords like: “best free paraphrasing tool”, “free online paraphrase tool”, “free ai paraphrasing tool” etc.
– Help yourself with tools – there are tons of tools specially designed to analyze SEO activities that will help you conduct your keyword research. Thanks to them you will find out what works and what does not. You can find a list of free online SEO tools here.

B. Appropriate use of keywords

Once you have done your research and selected keywords, the next step is to place them in places that affect visibility in the search engine – so as to make the most of their potential. What do we advise?

– Give a unique title – each URL address of the page must have its own unique title (title), which will respond in the most natural way to users’ inquiries. Therefore, keywords should appear in the title.
– Create a page description (meta description) – add keywords to the descriptions and the search engine will automatically bold them so that users can easily find what interests them by scanning the text.
– Remember about friendly urls – each subpage has its own url. It’s a good idea to put keywords in your URLs, as the automatic URL won’t be readable by users, nor will it be appreciated by Google robots.
– Use headers (H1- H6) – thanks to this, the form of providing information will be clearer for both visitors to your website and search engines. There are 6 levels of headings, the most important heading is H1.
– Describe files with graphics – keywords in file descriptions, consistent with what they represent, will make your website better positioned in the “Graphics” section of Google.
– Take care of internal links – thanks to these links, Google robots move between subpages, and the greater the number of links to a given subpage, the stronger the signal for the robots that this particular page should be positioned high.
– Satisfy the content on the page – keywords should also be included in the content on the page. This should be done in a skillful way – so that the texts continue to be read well. So they shouldn’t be overloaded with keywords. Therefore, it is worth reaching for variations of a given phrase and synonyms.

C. Website Optimization

SEO is not just a keyword. A properly functioning website is also of great importance. If you want good SEO, there are a few things that need to be flawless on your website. What should you take care of? Here are some suggestions:

– Improve navigation – navigating the site should be intuitive and as easy as possible. Good navigation will not only make the task easier for users, but can also help robots find more subpages.
– Beware of Error 404 – All the effort to drive traffic to your site will be wasted if users receive a 404 error after clicking on the link and leave the site as a result. Creating redirects for 404 links is a must, because not only can you lose a potential customer, but also make it difficult for robots to index your page.
– Remember about phone users – your website should display correctly on mobile devices. After the introduction of Google mobile indexing, the lack of responsiveness of the website may negatively affect the position of your website in the search results.
– Reduce the waiting time – more than half of the users leave the page, which takes more than 3 seconds to load. Thus, page loading time affects conversion. We can shorten the charging time by: compression of photos and graphics, reducing the size of files with the website code, uninstall unnecessary plugins, verification of hosting performance, minimizing the number of redirects, inclusion on the website of the Gzip service,

Blue word SEO on a white background – Write quality content – Your content must be real value. High-quality content extends the time spent on the website, lowers the bounce rate and provides useful information for users. All this is appreciated by Google robots.

Good SEO – summary

What influences good SEO? As we can see above – many factors, but good SEO is primarily about properly selected and used keywords, quality content and a properly optimized website. However, we recommend that you watch the changes to the guidelines from Google in order to stay up to date with what the ranking algorithms appreciate the most.

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