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How to write backend text

When operating in the SEO market, you will find the backend text quite quickly. It is a longer and more expensive piece than the basic SEO text – presell. The back office does not require specialist knowledge and “panache” necessary to create articles. Creating background texts does not require much preparation. Read on to find out why the backend is the favorite category of most copywriters.

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What is backend text

Back-end text – is a functional text piece, the task of which is to generate readers’ interest while maintaining SEO usability.

Functional works are defined as textual content which, apart from carrying information (the main task of the text), fulfills another role. The functionality of the texts may be based, for example, on encouraging you to click on a link, subscribing to a newsletter or directly – making a purchase on the website.

The nature of the backing text is best explained by comparing it to a presell. The most important difference between these types of SEO texts is that pretzels are written exclusively for robots, while the backend also takes into account some of the reader’s needs. Hence, it is imperative that the background text has any interest.

The utility of SEO back-end is mainly expressed in the process of link building and saturating new sites with a specific keyword. You can also find a lot of information about creating web texts in the copywriter’s guide.

SEO text hierarchy:

1. Article
2. Backend text
3. Presell text

Back-end text – construction

Back-end content should be at least 2,500 characters long, including a space. At this level, a decent editing is necessary. We must equip the text with paragraphs and subheadings. In terms of construction, the background text is a specific combination of presell quality and the way of editing the article.

Two factors contribute to the popularity of the back office:

– First of all – there is a huge demand for them – background texts are the basis of link building.
– Secondly – backing up creation is quite simple – they are light and neat texts, without much substantive value.

To get a good understanding of this piece’s purpose, we need to go back to SEO basics for a moment.

Back-end text and SEO

SEO sometimes requires the creation of an appropriate “backend”. This concept includes all pages that will “recommend” content on your site’s SEO.

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The search engine takes into account not only the number of links leading to the selected page, but also their quality. Links from old, well-indexed sites filled with compelling content are of greater value.

Page Rank and Trust Flow make up the overall authority of the website.

What side can be the backend? Basically any. All you need to do is include a link with the dofollow attribute (telling the landing page to be given the authority of the host).

How to get facilities

1. Negotiations
2. Buying / Creating
3. Natural

Negotiations – the back office can be created by “getting along” with the owners of other websites. Most often this applies to sites from related industries. We can exchange texts and links, depending on the needs and functionality of the pages in our portfolio.

Buying / creating – we can also create the facilities ourselves, but it is very time-consuming. This activity mainly affects companies professionally involved in SEO. These companies purchase and set up facilities for commercial purposes. Rather, nobody creates several websites with the idea that in two or three years they will use them for SEO. The link prices are not overwhelming. For $ 100-200 you can go a little crazy. This makes using SEO companies seem like a good solution. However, it should be remembered that overdoing with paid links, if detected, may result in sanctions from Google.

With these methods, we have total control over the content and destination of the links. This has its pros and cons. Thanks to the appropriate management of anchor-texts, we can climb the ranking quickly, but the temptation to do it en masse may at some point destroy all our efforts.

Natural background – based on the organic recommendation of the website by other Internet users. This is the safest way to build page authority. Its disadvantage is time-consuming and no guarantee of success in the selected keyword (we have no influence on the content of the anchor-texts).

Back-end text – requirements

If so far your contact with copywriting was based on writing presell – the matter will become a bit more serious. Backend lyrics are the first SEO songs intended for a live audience. Good facilities should be neat and functional at the same time.

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For these texts, we will meet the following requirements:

– Text containing keywords in the appropriate grammatical form,
– The title and content are thematically adequate to the keywords contained in the text,
– Grammatically and spelling correct,
– Contains breaks or paragraphs to improve the readability of the text,
– Contains meaningful and useful information for the reader.

The first three points are common to all text categories. If you want to read more about them, check out the presell entry. The novelty at this stage is the reference to correct editing and substantive value.

Back-end texts – title edition

Internet content has a specific structure. Using a few tricks helps them achieve a good ranking and gain the reader’s attention. First, pay attention to the title.

Over the years, many tricks have been developed to generate clicks. Have you ever heard titles like “He made $ 100,000 in two days as soon as he found out how …”, “The end of the world is approaching, scientists say the only salvation is …” etc.? Such titles can often be seen in sponsored articles and advertisements on major news sites.

I do not recommend such a construction. When creating functional texts, it is not about deceiving the reader. On the contrary. Credibility is very important. The most popular are the titles that announce specific and substantive content: “7 ways to get a hangover”, “How to build a house below $ 100,000”, “The best phones up to $ 200”. The user must know that by clicking on the link he will find the answer to his question. It’s a good idea to put your keyword at the beginning of your title.

Backend Text – Content Editing

When editing, it is also worth remembering about the specificity of reading on the monitor or phone screen. Internet user reads slower. Photos and videos distract his attention. Therefore, you need to break your text into paragraphs. This will help the reader recover the thread faster.

The average backend length is approximately 2,500 characters, including spaces. This is equivalent to 300 words. In recent months, however, there has been a tendency to lengthen texts. This is due to the constant changes in Google’s algorithms. Currently, there are bonuses for articles whose length may indicate that they cover a specific topic in depth.

Keep in mind that reading 1,000-2,000 words on a monitor screen can be a bit of a challenge. Back-end text creation is a constant balancing act between SEO and the reader. Very often these aspects do not go hand in hand. Writing too long texts is the reader’s dedication to SEO. It is entirely up to you to decide which direction you will go.

The substantive value of the text

Back-end texts must contain any information. After reading them, the reader should be richer in new knowledge. Many copywriters care too much about this point. They are afraid of accepting the assignment due to the critical assessment that may befall them. Not always right. The background text is not a specialist article. We don’t have to be experts in a specific industry. The hinterland is supposed to be light and pleasant. Publicly available information from a search engine is more than enough.

>> Copywriter’s Guide <<

The emphasis on the requirement of the substantive content results from the history of the development of SEO texts. There used to be a huge gulf between pretzel text and backend text. Currently, such a division no longer exists. Working with information is the most profitable anyway. Therefore, when creating backends, the first thing you should focus on is editing.

Backing text – example

I planned to put the following background text on my friend’s book page, but decided that it would serve better here:

Is it possible to make money by reading books? (Title)

Reading books is primarily associated with spending money. In the minds of many people, the knowledge acquired during reading can only be used for scientific purposes. Check how to use your passion for reading in practice and start earning money on your hobby. (Lead)

Pillars of the Internet (Subheading)

The Internet is a specific place where only two aspects count – knowledge and sales. There are thousands of websites on the market whose purpose is to generate favorable sales conditions. Articles, blog entries, guides, rankings – all this is the fuel that drives the huge engine of online commerce. Properly structured content helps to provide the reader with the information he is looking for and increase sales.

Who is responsible for their creation? Literally everyone. The demand for unique content on web pages its enormous. This is due to the policy of the largest internet search engine. Google makes the website’s position in the ranking dependent on the quality of the content posted there. The better the quality of the texts, the higher the position in the ranking, and thus – the greater the chance of getting a potential customer. This content does not necessarily have to be advertising in nature. The key to success is gaining the attention and recognition of the reader.

Use Your Knowledge (Subheading)

Writing web texts (Link 1 – anchor text) is one of the ideas for the practical use of your knowledge. Have you read anything interesting lately? You can create an article about it and sell it on the chosen portal. You don’t need to be a professional journalist or reviewer. There is a demand for songs in each category. From reviews of new products on the publishing market to beer discount rankings. Everyone will find something for himself.

The writing procedure is very simple. You log in to one of the portals, define a category and create the selected type of text. The salary is then transferred to your account. Remote work has evolved from a curiosity into reality. Earning $ 500-1000 a month this way is not much of a challenge.

Reading Pays Off (Subheading)

Work on each text is based on the use of information and trivia. If you love reading, you must have tons of them. Creating texts is also an incredibly addictive hobby, a way to express yourself, show your point of view. Find out that knowledge has measurable value. On the blog you will find all the necessary information that will allow you to start writing and selling your texts.

Back-end text – tasks

The above text has two tasks to perform. First, I’d like to get the authority of the page where I was going to put it. That site is several years old and has thousands of users. My site is much younger. Moreover, I would like this authority to work on my keyword (writing texts). Hence the link in the form of an anchor text containing this phrase. If you write background texts for profit – that is why the ordering party requires the keyword in an appropriate form.

Secondly, I would like people interested in books to visit my website. This text is not intended to explain any point to the reader. It has to say: “look, there is such a nice page where you can find out this and that, click on the link” (Brand link in the last paragraph).

What does the owner of the second site get out of it?

As a thank you, I can recommend his shop on my other website, social network, etc. Moreover, by placing this text, the owner receives content. It may not be a killer content that will generate thousands of clicks, but it is important that something happens on the site. Online stores have a huge problem with this. How much can you write about the same thing over and over again? A review of this book, a review of that book, the best books for spring, the best books for summer, etc.

While I am of the opinion that the sources of inspiration are basically inexhaustible – it all takes time. Here, the owner receives a ready text “for free”. Of course, if he includes an external dofollow link in every post, his site authority will suffer greatly. But every now and then – why not?

Hence the requirements as to the length of the back-up facility. It is difficult to consider anything under 300 words as content. With the current content ratings by Google algorithms, this is the absolute minimum.

Back-end text and marketing

The hinterland should be neutral. When navigating on a selected issue, you should not focus on marketing aspects. The text has a job to do. However, it is not a sale at this stage. The best texts in this category are light readers and tutorial entries.

The average internet user should never find out that his favorite blog or information service is only the back-end of an online store. We will strive for this effect when creating content for the backend.

Price backend text

Backend text price depends on where we sell it and our reputation. When selling a text with a volume of 2,500 characters with spaces on popular websites for copywriters, we can count on an amount in the range from 4 to 10 dollars. Professional copywriters sell background texts of this volume for about $ 50. The average time required to write such a text is approximately 20 minutes.

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