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Universal writing tutorial

Would you like to finally write a bestseller? Wondering where to start and what is the most important thing in your creativity? Read the Practical Writing Guide to learn how to reach your destination and complete your masterpiece.

Writing tutorial

Beginning writers often think that there is a universal set of tricks that will ensure their creative success. They are looking for a scheme by which they will create the perfect novel, short story or article. For others, it seems that directional education and perfect knowledge of the rules of spelling or punctuation are necessary.

If you are one of them – you will be very disappointed.

Writing is primarily about rationally setting goals, and then scrupulous implementation of them (even despite mounting adversities).

Quite simply – the most important thing is that you start and then complete the work you have planned. Without paying too much attention to the effect.

Why? Because for your creative success, you need practice and experience. However, if you need a little help to get started, it’s worth using the paraphrasing tool.

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Nobody was born a great writer. Even if you have a “light pen” and above-average freedom of expression – you still have a very long way to go. You have to come to terms with the fact that your first songs will be mediocre at best.

Mastering the art of writing is exactly the same as mastering any other skill. For example – cycling.

At the beginning, someone has to explain to you what the idea of driving this vehicle is about (or you will understand it yourself as a result of observation). Then, with a lot of effort, you will cover the first meter, then a longer route, and finally go on quite a long journey.

Staying with this comparison – the problem of most novice writers is that they do not know how to move the pedals yet, and already want to compete in the Tour De France (i.e. write, publish and sell their novel well).

Of course – there are exceptions to every rule. However, if at this point, instead of receiving another literary award, you read an online writing tutorial – you will probably not avoid blood, sweat and tears.

5 effective tips to help you write

In order not to waste them in vain – let me present you 5 effective tips that will help you learn where to start and where to go in your writing adventure.

1. Complete your project

It’s fairly easy to start typing. However, getting to the end of the song may turn out to be quite a challenge.

First of all, because writing is the domain of creative people. Think – who without this feature would be willing to spend long hours at the keyboard in painstaking project work without any guarantee of success? And that’s what writing is like.

Every day you have a great new idea for a novel or a short story? It’s a tragedy.

So what if you have thousands of great ideas if you only implement each of them to a small extent (e.g. come up with a title, outline a story or write a few sentences)?

At one point, I even started to think that creativity could be a curse.

This, of course, is not true – we would not do anything without it. However, it needs to be mastered and then closed within one project. All ideas that are not relevant to your current job deserve a note at best.

2. Learn to ignore lack of inspiration

I will also spare you a lot of disappointment and frustration. A good text never comes out of the way. Vena, on the other hand, appears most often only during the creation process.

Having creative inspiration should never be a condition for starting work on a text. The fact that you currently have no inspiration cannot block your creativity.

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Anyway – who said that inspiration is necessary to create high-quality texts? On the contrary. Text written without effort is usually read without pleasure.

3. There are no bad topics, only a badly selected audience

Still wondering if your text idea is good enough? Is.

Every idea is good.

You should write about what you are passionate about, arouse your emotions or keep your mind occupied. This is the only way you can enjoy writing. Otherwise, creativity quickly becomes backbreaking work. You don’t need to write another Harry Potter or a Scandinavian-style detective story.

Each topic has the potential for success.

So why so many writing failures?

Remember to write in the medium and form your audience uses. A printed book is not always the best solution.

Perhaps people interested in your subject are more likely to use the Internet than books? Perhaps an e-book or a blog will be more effective? Perhaps your idea is so niche and complicated that it deserves only an article in a professional scientific journal? Think about it before starting work. If you want to correctly choose the target audience for your texts.

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4. Make your text evoke emotions

A good text arouses the emotions of the reader. This is a universal rule. The category of the text only affects their intensity (a good scientific article should also arouse emotions).

Beginning writers usually limit themselves to two emotions: emotion or amusement. Remember that you have many more at your disposal. Text can inspire, arouse anxiety, desire, anger, etc. A good creator always wonders whether his words will achieve the goal and arouse the selected emotion in the target group.

You can read more about the creative use of emotions in the article How to write a short story.

5. Don’t be intimidated

You also need to be aware that everyone makes mistakes. Not the best publication happens to everyone.

Serious people know this perfectly well. And believe me – they don’t waste their precious time pouring out on comments or social media.

Despite this, at the beginning of your writing adventure, you will be exposed to hate and criticism (more or less justified).

You just have to survive it and keep “doing your thing”.

Lots of useful information about the correct ways to compose a text can be found in the post how to write an article.

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