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What is the Google Keyword Planner and why should you use it?

SEO of websites and setting up effective Google Ads campaigns are activities that require the development of a specific SEO strategy, in which we will take into account, among others, the most important key phrases – both one and two words, as well as those from the “long tail” (so-called long tail keywords). Google Keywords Planner (or keywords finder from Senuto, or the famous Moz) will be necessary for this. In today’s article, we’ll explain what Google’s Keyword Planner is and why you should use it! Comprehensive tips from Paraphrase Online Experts.

Google Keyword Planner – what exactly is it?

Google Kewords Planner is a free, advanced tool made available by the giant from Mountain View to all Internet users who have an account on Google. It is dedicated mainly to SEO specialists, advertisers, marketers and entrepreneurs. Makes it easy to find the right keywords that can be used for Google Ads (PPC) paid campaigns and SEO strategies.

Remember! Google Keywords Planner is not the only keyword verification tool. Experts also recommend KWFinder, Answer the Public, Ahrefs, Senuto and Moz Pro.

What to use the Google Keyword Planner for? – application

Google Keywords Planner will help you find valuable keywords that we can use when planning strategic SEO activities and paid PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns on Google. At Paraphrase Online, we value this tool for the possibility of knowing the actual rates for a given keyword and checking the seasonality of keywords.

How to check competitors’ keywords in Google Keywords Planner?

In order to check the keywords of the competition, log in to the tool provided by Google and use the “Learn new keywords” option.

Then, just enter the URL of a specific website – then the Google tool will analyze the website in terms of key phrases and will present inquiries that are worth enriching our Google Ads campaign or SEO strategy. It can also be done by using instruments such as:


Remember that using the Google Ads tool is most practical when any PPC campaign is running on a given ad account. Then the phrases are simply selected more accurately, and Google does not limit any of the available functionalities.

Graphics showing the Google start page on a notebook screen - prepared by the Paraphrase Online Team

How to check the number of searches for a keyword?

How to check the number of searches for a keyword? The answer to this question is very simple – go to the Google Keywords Planner phrase search engine, then enter the selected keyword and click enter. After a while, the number of searches for the verified phrase will be displayed.

We can additionally check the seasonality of key phrases. For this purpose, it is worth using the Google Trends tool. When we enter the phrase, we will get information when the selected keyword is the most popular.


Below, we present the most popular questions and answers about Google’s Keyword Planner.

How to choose keywords correctly?
In order to correctly select keywords, pay attention to two or three-word phrases containing products or services that are available in your offer. We recommend implementing both general and specific words (the so-called long tail keywords) into your SEO strategy or Google Ads campaign. It is worth avoiding highly complex and specialized phrases, as well as those consisting of one word (keywords such as “paraphrase”, “paraphrasing”, “rephrase” are simply too general).

What are free keyword planning tools?
A fully free keyword planner is Google Keywords Planner. Instruments such as Senuto, Moz Pro or Semstorm must be paid, but in the event of dissatisfaction with the service, you can get a refund without giving a reason (if we send an email to the support within a few days of making the payment).

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