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What competencies should an SXO specialist have?

The emergence of the SXO concept, i.e. the combination of SEO and UX, made the creation and optimization of websites a new challenge. In order to effectively provide Search Experience Optimization services, it is necessary to hire experts who know well not one, but several different areas. What competencies should you have to prove yourself as an SXO specialist? Find out if this is a profession for you.

Who is an SXO specialist?

As the name suggests, a person employed as a Search Experience Optimization specialist deals with improving the visibility of websites and adapting them to the needs of users on a daily basis. The implementation of the SXO concept also requires paying attention to areas that are not present in its name, but play an important role. They are: CRO, web development, content and analytics.

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The SXO specialist strives to ensure that the website has the highest possible position in the search engine, and at the same time fully suits users in terms of attractiveness, intuitiveness and transparency. In addition, the website must be refined in such a way as to guarantee a higher conversion, and thus enable the company to achieve a specific goal. Most often it is the sale of products or services, but not always. Depending on the industry, conversion can also be signing up for a newsletter, clicking a link, filling out a form, watching a video or creating an account. Not everyone can become an SXO specialist. A person applying for this type of position must demonstrate appropriate knowledge and skills.

Knowledge of SEO

Anyone who dreams of working at an SXO agency should first of all know the SEO area very well. This is the foundation to focus on. A candidate for the position of a Search Experience Optimization specialist is usually required to, inter alia, knowledge of the most important tools used in the industry, such as:

– Google Search Console,
– Senuto,
– Google Analytics,
– Ahrefs,
– SurferSEO,
– Majestic.

Of course, we are talking not only about theoretical but also practical knowledge. In some advertisements you can even find a mention of the required level of support for specific tools, e.g. advanced. The ability to use SEO tools is important because the SXO specialist will use them on a daily basis in his work. It should be remembered that the person holding such a position must be independent, and must not have problems with making important decisions. The continuous improvement of your skills and expanding your knowledge plays an equally important role. The SEO area is undergoing dynamic changes that must be followed. This requires following the latest trends and algorithms of search engines, as well as participation in various types of training, webinars and similar events. As a reminder, in the area of SEO, a specialist cannot have a problem with performing tasks such as:

– conducting audits,
selection of key phrases,
– working with analytical tools,
– development, implementation and monitoring of strategies for individual clients,
link building,
– SEO technical optimization.

Knowledge of UX

The SXO specialist must know not only SEO, but also UX. In order to create and optimize websites in accordance with this concept, you should take care of a positive user experience, i.e. fine-tune the interface and important details. A person dealing with Search Experience Optimization issues on a daily basis must be aware of what influences the intuitiveness and convenience of using the website.

It is not said that the SXO specialist is to have very advanced knowledge in the field of User Experience. Nevertheless, good knowledge of this area significantly facilitates the fulfillment of daily duties, and additionally increases the chances of further career development. Adapting the website to the requirements of the SXO concept in the field of UX is related to such issues as:

– optimization in terms of technical aspects, e.g. loading speed,
– responsiveness (also important from the SEO perspective),
– taking care of correct, valuable content for users,
– attractive appearance of the site,
– thoughtful navigation,
– analysis of websites belonging to the competition.

It is very important to understand the expectations of those visiting your website. An SXO specialist should look at a website from their perspective to see what exactly they want to find on it. This is one of the key aspects of Search Experience Optimization as it is the users who get the conversion, not the Google robots.

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Other competences

A candidate for an SXO specialist must remember that even a very good knowledge of SEO and UX is not enough. To prove yourself in this profession, you also need to demonstrate, among others analytical skills. In this industry, it is necessary to keep your finger on the pulse and check whether the actions taken bring the expected results. If this is not the case, you have to modify the strategy, make changes and draw conclusions. Skills in the field of conversion path optimization, i.e. CRO, will also be useful. Working in the SXO industry requires a constant search for solutions that facilitate the achievement of business goals defined by clients.

Other features of a good SXO specialist include:

– Creativity – in this industry it is one of the most important aspects, it is worth thinking outside the box and going beyond the limits. You also need to be prepared to implement non-standard projects.
– Stress resistance – working under time (and not only time) pressure can be stressful, as well as coping with several tasks at the same time and making sure all deadlines are met.
– Independence – a specialist must have no problem making important decisions alone and taking responsibility for them.
– Conscientiousness and patience – in the SXO industry, impressive results are not noticeable immediately, it often takes several months to see the results of your work.
– Communicativeness and openness – a person working as a specialist often contacts clients directly, explains doubts, consults the strategy of operation and discusses current matters. The ability to communicate and build relationships is also useful in contacts with other employees of the agency and its individual departments.

In addition, a candidate applying for the position of a specialist or senior specialist should already have experience in a similar position. However, this does not mean that a person without it should forget about working in the SXO industry. An interesting solution for her will be applying, for example, to an internship or a junior position. The most important thing is to constantly develop and control emerging trends. Search Experience Optimization requires you to constantly expand your knowledge, because without it, it is difficult to carry out the tasks entrusted to you with good results. For this purpose, you can use free and paid courses available on the Internet, visit thematic forums and groups in social media, visit valuable expert blogs or take part in industry conferences. It is worth checking your theoretical knowledge in practice, i.e. setting up your own website or optimizing websites belonging to your friends. This allows you to better understand the secrets of the SXO strategy, learn about the available tools and develop creativity. Even minimal practical skills will be an additional advantage of the candidate and will increase the chances of getting the dream job.

SXO specialist – what is he responsible for and how much does he earn?

Considering what the Search Experience Optimization concept is based on, you can guess that the work of a specialist in this industry is focused on implementing SEO and UX activities. This means that he is responsible for the SEO of websites, but also for refining them in terms of usability.

The SEO specialist focuses mainly on on-site and off-site activities, usually also coordinates other works that increase the visibility of the website. In turn, the SXO expert additionally analyzes and optimizes websites to User Experience standards, striving to make them fully adapted to the needs and expectations of users. Of course, he doesn’t do everything on his own, he is helped by other team members, such as UX and UI designers, graphic designers, content marketers or copywriters. Actions taken by everyone are aimed at refining the website in such a way that it is well visible in the search engine, valuable for users and encourages them to take the desired action, which will positively affect the conversion.

Each company independently determines the detailed obligations of an SXO specialist. Nevertheless, in job advertisements, the following tasks are most often mentioned:

– implementation of the adopted SEO strategy, taking into account the SXO principles,
– technical analysis and optimization of websites,
– cooperation with other departments and specialists,
– consulting and providing support to clients,
– monitoring the effectiveness of the activities undertaken.

The salary of an SXO specialist also depends on the company for which he works. In this matter, factors such as the city, responsibilities and length of service are also important. The information provided by the website dealing with job offers shows that the average earnings of people working as a specialist in the broadly understood SEO industry are around $ 5,700.

For whom is a job in the SXO department a good proposition? People who like and are able to navigate in several different, but in some way related areas, are creative and have analytical skills. The willingness to constantly develop and explore new opportunities also plays an important role. The SXO specialist is undoubtedly an interesting and responsible job that will continue to gain popularity.

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