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How to write a presell article

Presell text is one of the most important elements of SEO Copywriting. Its correct name is presell article. In this article, you will learn what presell text is, how to write presell text and how you can use presell for page SEO.

Presell texts – what is it

A few years ago, the so-called presell pages. They were huge collections of sloppy texts. Only short notes were placed on presell pages, containing a key word that was also a link to the positioned website (e.g. an online store).

At that time, such texts were the basic element of SEO.

Google judged the site’s value primarily based on keywords and the number of links that led to it. It was assumed that if a website is recommended (linked) from many places (in this case, presell pages) – it must be important for Internet users.

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Presell and SEO

Back then, the search algorithm was much less complicated than it is today. Therefore, it did not matter what content you “encapsulate” the keyword. The search engine only detected repetitive texts or their fragments – therefore the notes could not be created by the generator.

Therefore, copywriters were directed to create them. The presell pages were not intended to be read by humans. As a result, the pretzel quickly became a symbol of carelessness.

The text was created by a living person, but what mattered most was the length and frequency of the keyword. Hence, unreadable monsters were often created.

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This situation lasted until 2011, when Google decided to change the algorithms. From that moment on, more factors were taken into account when evaluating texts, and positioning became more complicated.

The importance of linking in assigning search ranking positions has been reduced. The use of huge presell pages has become pointless, and content marketers have announced the death of presell texts… Wrong.

New presell

Presell is alive and well to this day. Almost half of all texts sold on the Internet fall into this category.

It should be emphasized that since 2011 the presell texts have evolved significantly. From now on, they must be understandable for humans and written “reasonably” in the correct language. The way they are used has also changed. The huge presell pages have been converted into smaller back-end pages, separated by theme and given a more professional look.

Today’s popularity of the pretzel text is primarily due to savings. Most entrepreneurs still treat the budget allocated to creating content as a curiosity. Often $ 500-700 is spent to populate multiple sites. For this amount, it is not possible to buy dozens of serious items. Therefore, interactive agencies continue to use presell. “Some” content is much better than “none”.

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How to write presell

Nowadays, a pretzel is primarily a short and simple text without much substantive value. Often times, orders do not even specify a keyword. In this case, the text is to be a simple note in a specific field.

Most people start their adventure with copywriting by creating texts in this category, it is also worth mentioning that often when creating this type of text, copywriters use advanced tools to paraphrase the text, for example our application: The layout of the pretzel texts is very simple. They consist of a title and one text block. The work should contain the basic construction elements (introduction, development and ending), but there is no obligation to distinguish them graphically.

When creating pretzel texts, you must meet the following requirements:

– The title and content are thematically adequate to the key words contained in the text – when creating the text, do not deviate too much from the specific field. This doesn’t mean you have to limit your creativity. If the keyword concerns, for example, automotive, you can write about things important for every man – including automotive, etc.

– Grammatically and spelling correct – in this sentence the word “correct” is very important. Correct is not the same as perfect. Pretzel texts do not require specialist correction and editing. The main point is that their appearance and level should not turn the reader away (assuming they ever find a reader).

– Without greater substantive value, but with the general sense of the text preserved – theoretically, the pretzel may not have any substantive value. Above all, consistency is important. However, it is much easier to write “about something” than about nothing. You can’t pour water indefinitely. It is worth relying on information and curiosities. It is just profitable. This way, you will speed up the creation of texts and increase their price.

Presell texts are fun with words

Remember that working via the Internet should be a stepping stone from everyday stress. When writing pretzels, don’t worry too much about quality. At this stage, we are interested in earning money, not creating memorable works. Therefore, when writing pretzel texts, you should relax.

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This is not a place for a literary show. Writing, in this case, is more industrial than artistic. The number of characters with a space and the content of the keyword (if specified in the order) are important. The general sense of the text can be added to this.

How much can you earn from writing presell

Pricing for 1000 characters with spaces starts at $ 1.28. This does not mean, however, that you cannot earn money from writing pretzels. It can be done quite a lot. The pace of creating the texts is of key importance. In this case, it is not worth considering each sentence for a long time. The client is aware of the category of the text ordered.

When producing presells, the use of copywriter tools is very helpful. It’s also worth learning about ways to deal with difficult keywords. With basic experience, it is possible to create 15-20 such texts in an hour. Thanks to this, remote work can be quite pleasant and profitable. An experienced copywriter will earn around $ 50 per hour of writing presell.

Presell texts are best viewed in terms of fun and training. However, let’s not underestimate them. Properly used, they can be a powerful weapon in the war for a website’s ranking.

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