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Head of SEO – who is it and what does it do?

People dealing with SEO and website optimization on a daily basis work in various positions. One of them is the Head of SEO. A specialist presenting himself with this title has a responsible task because he manages the entire SEO department and verifies its activities. What exactly are his duties? What competencies do you need to demonstrate to take this position?

Who is the Head of SEO?

As already mentioned, Head of SEO is the head of the entire SEO department and manages its tasks. He directly supervises SEO activities of specialists working in other positions, such as SEO Web Developer, SEO Copywriter or SXO Specialist (SEO and UX). It assigns specific tasks to individual people and verifies the effects of their work.

The Head of SEO is responsible for preparing the strategy of his department, and additionally develops quarterly and annual goals to be achieved. He is a leader and is involved in work on several different levels: strategic, operational and tactical. Often a person in such a position is responsible for providing training for employees belonging to the team or providing valuable tips. He makes sure that the actions taken are in line with the business goals and requirements of specific clients. Although Head of SEO is primarily associated with marketing agencies, it is also more and more often employed in many other companies, in their internal marketing department.

Head of SEO Responsibilities

A person who works as the Head of SEO plans and enforces the activities entrusted to employees of the SEO department on a daily basis. He is also responsible for the preparation of specifications and guidelines for content optimization, and analyzes their effectiveness. In the case of this type of position, cooperation is very important, not only with people working in the same department, but often also with other teams of the company.

The Head of SEO constantly monitors the results and, if necessary, implements initiatives to improve them. It happens that he regularly meets or otherwise contacts the company’s clients to discuss the details of the strategy or introduce modifications. This person sometimes conducts A / B analyzes and tests, monitors competitors’ activities, and also tracks trends in the SEO industry.

Head of SEO – competences

The basic competences that a Head of SEO should have are of course directly related to the knowledge and skills necessary in the SEO industry. Therefore, it is important to know SEO, website optimization, link building and copywriting. In addition, experience with various types of tools such as Senuto, Google Analytics, Screaming Frog, Semstorm, etc. is required, as well as tracking changes in Google algorithms and new trends in search engines. Usually, potential candidates for this type of position also require knowledge in the field of website construction and coding languages, such as HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

Due to the scope of duties, a person working as the Head of SEO must have no problems managing the work of his team and assigning appropriate tasks to its individual members. The ability to plan and implement SEO projects, employee management and enforcement plays an important role here. In the work of Head of SEO, the following is also very useful:
– resistance to stress,
– meticulousness,
– ability to manage customer relations.

When browsing advertisements, there is usually information that the candidates are required to have a minimum of several years of experience in the field of SEO. Usually, there is no mention of a specific education and the related title. Good knowledge of all its aspects plays an important role in the SEO industry.

How much does Head of SEO earn?

It is difficult to precisely define the earnings of Head of SEO, because, as in the case of other positions in this industry, a lot depends on the length of service, specific scope of duties, and even the city. Most often, the salary is much more than 2-3 thousand dollars. Average earnings are $ 5,000-10,000, although there are also people earning over $ 20,000. According to the data, SEO specialists from such cities as New York, London or Manila can count on the highest salaries.

How to become the Head of SEO?

Since Head of SEO must have at least several years of industry experience to take up this type of position, you usually have to be patient. Most often in this profession are people who started their adventure with SEO as lower-level employees, for example SEO Copywriter, Junior Specialist or SEO Specialist. Gradually, they gained new important skills and competences, broadening their knowledge in the field of website optimization. In our company that created the paraphrase tool, we also have a Head of SEO.

There is no doubt that Head of SEO knows the industry and the current trends, as well as the available tools, very well. Analytical skills and appropriate risk assessment during the implementation of subsequent actions and changes also play an important role. A person holding this type of position must know what strategy to take together with the entire team in order to bring the expected results. Moreover, communication skills are of great importance to employers. Head of SEO knows how to communicate with his co-workers, people from other departments of the company, as well as with the clients themselves.

In order to get a chance for promotion and take such a position, it is worth focusing on your own development. Various types of courses and training, not only in the field of SEO, but also in employee management, often prove to be very helpful. You should not be discouraged by failures or problems as they occur at every career level. Head of SEO is an experienced person for whom the SEO industry does not hide secrets. It should also support the entire team that it supervises. Good organizational and time management skills are something that will certainly facilitate the performance of daily duties. Often in job advertisements there are references to the fact that experience in, for example, team management is only welcome. Nevertheless, such a skill certainly increases a candidate’s chances of obtaining a dream position and it is worth remembering.

The SEO industry has changed significantly in recent years. In the past, process automation played a more important role, now everything is focused on the skills and knowledge of employees. Head of SEO is a responsible, but also very interesting position for people who are not afraid of challenges and still want to improve their qualifications.

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