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Create your first SEO text

Wondering where to start writing online? This is your first contact with online functional texts? That’s okay. It’s quite simple, see:

Create your first SEO text

Operating in the content creation market, we will move in the following categories:

– Business, Economics
– House, Apartment, Interior
– Hobbies, Fun, Entertainment, Games
– Computers, IT, Programming
– Culture, Music, Film, Art, Photography
– Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle
– Work
– Sports
– Wedding, reception, special events
– Technology, Multimedia, Electronics
– Faith, Religion
– Health, Medical
– Construction, Real Estate
– Finance, Banking
– Internet, Internet Services
– Kitchen, Culinary, Recipes
– Media, Information
– Automotive, Transport
– Garden, Nature, Animals
– Society, Politics
– Science, Education, Law
– Tourism, Travel, Accommodation
– Shopping, Shops
– Sportsbook, Casino, Poker

>> How to write a good article <<

Imagine you want to have a normal, neutral conversation with someone. In which of these categories do you have your say? Choose at least three.

Are you concerned about the quality of your texts?

Don’t think about it yet! The basic text in copywriting (the so-called presell text) is intended for use by search engine robots. This means that it will be read by Google’s algorithm and not by living people. The first step is to create your content. In your favorite editor, create a text related to one of the topics in your category. Here is some sample presell text:

Is it worth buying an apartment?
A flat is a specific commodity on the possession of which the satisfaction of basic human needs depends. The US real estate market is growing at a surprising pace. Development companies are breaking new sales records every year. Since 2014, there has been a continuous increase in the construction of apartments, with developers commencing the construction of 183,580 apartments in 2016. Difficulties in accessing mortgage loans will mean that fewer and fewer people can afford to buy their own apartment. This affects the number of consumers interested in renting. Interest on bank deposits or bonds is much lower than the profits from renting a flat. Many individual investors have a problem with deciding which real estate to invest the accumulated capital in. Before making a decision, you should carefully check the legal and technical condition of the property. When deciding to buy a flat, we are faced with many choices. Let us make sure that this process is properly thought out. This will avoid many unpleasant surprises. It is worth preparing well for the real estate purchase process to fully enjoy your dream apartment.

Category: Construction,
Real Estate Key phrase: buying your own apartment
Minimum value: $ 1.28.

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What the basic SEO text should look like

The presell text is usually 1000 characters long, including a space. This usually corresponds to 12 sentences. The pretzel consists of a title and one block of text. In this case, the key phrase was the phrase “buying your own apartment”.

>> What modern writing looks like <<

The minimum value of the pretext text is $ 1.28 per 1000 characters including spaces. Few? Freelance writing has flexible rates. This is just a starting price. Presell texts, after appropriate editing, can reach the price of over $ 5 for 1000 characters with spaces. A novice copywriter will earn about $ 10 per hour of writing presell texts. When writing presell and other texts, you can always use a tool prepared by Paraphrase Online, which is based on artificial intelligence: free paraphrasing tool.

Using the tools from the writing course, the time to create such a text is only 4 minutes. In this case, we will earn a minimum of $ 19.80 per hour of writing.

Writing “for SEO” also has some rules. At this stage, no one expects an advanced writing technique, but the work must be understandable to humans. The text must not contain spelling errors and should be written in a fairly correct language. Getting paid to write is about making use of every text. Therefore, write down everything you create. You can sell your work in the future or use it as a proof text for another assignment.

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