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Where to advertise a company on the Internet? Overview of available solutions

In today’s world, every entrepreneur should harness the power of internet marketing. Thanks to your own website and effective online advertising, you can reach your target audience, build a trusted group of customers and increase revenues. Let’s check how and where to advertise on the Internet to achieve financial success.

Where to advertise the company? Available forms of promotion on the Internet

The Internet offers a wide catalog of promotion methods that will work well for companies with limited resources for advertising and a high advertising budget. The best and most effective forms of online advertising include:

– own website,
– content marketing,
– advertising on the local market (local SEO, Google My Business),
– SEO broad,
– Google Ads advertising in the search network,
– Google Shopping product advertising,
– Google Ads image advertising,
– Google Ads remarketing,
video advertising,
– Google Ads smart campaigns,
– activity in social media,
– advertising in social media.

Below we will discuss all the above-mentioned forms of online advertising, so you will learn where to advertise your business online and how to do it effectively.

Where to advertise a company on the Internet? Own website

Your own website is one of the most effective ways to advertise on the Internet and reach your target customers. On your website, you can promote specific products and services that bring you the greatest return on investment. Using your own website, you can also reach audiences with a visual message (photos, videos, etc.). It’s your own place on the internet that you manage. Take care of it as if it were your business card by:

– improving navigation,
– conversion optimization and UX,
– improving readability,
– adding content,
– presenting your company in the most comprehensive way possible.

How and where to advertise on the Internet? Content marketing

There is no internet marketing and effective advertising on the internet without content marketing on the website and on the internet in general. What forms of content marketing should you use to promote your company on the web?

– Make sure you add valuable content on each subpage, such as category descriptions, product descriptions and content about the company.
– Plan to create a corporate blog and publish valuable content on it (guides, summaries, reports, case studies, etc.).
– Take care of internal linking in the content to improve navigation on the site.
– Cooperate with other websites to be able to publish guest posts on them along with a link to your website.
– Create content for social media.
– Engage in industry collaborations, e.g. with online industry magazines.
– Create content for email marketing campaigns.
– Take care of attractive photos and infographics for your blog content.

Remember that modern content marketing is not only text content on a website. If you want to reach recipients who value modern messages, invest in:

– infographics,
– recording podcasts and sharing them in tools such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc.,
video content (product reviews in the form of films, case studies, etc.).

How and where to advertise a local business on the internet? Local SEO and GMB showcase

Where to advertise a local business on the internet? Take advantage of the power of advertising in the local market. For this purpose:

– create a Google My Business listing for your business,
– invest in local SEO,

A GMB business card is a profile of your company on Google that you can create for free. Thanks to it you will be able to:

– present users with basic information about your company (address, opening hours, photos, etc.),
– reach recipients who are nearby and are looking for your services or products,
– position yourself on Google maps,
– increase awareness of your brand on the Internet,
– increase traffic on the website and in stationary points of sale / personal recipients,
– actively obtain opinions about your business from customers.

Local SEO, on the other hand, is SEO activities focused on local audiences. They include website positioning on Google maps and traditional positioning based on location. The local SEO includes, among others, following actions:

– creating content for the location,
– local link acquisition,
– technical optimization of the website, including local seo.

Where to advertise on the internet? Google search and SEO broad

Where to advertise a shop and a nationwide company on the Internet? Harness the power of Google’s search engine and organic search results through SEO broad. It is an SEO strategy consisting in promoting a website with many different key phrases related to the offer. Thanks to this, the website is displayed in the top10 positions for different phrases – this gives a better effect than a single phrase visible in the top1 position. This is a particularly effective tactic in the case of extensive websites with a large offer and online stores with hundreds and thousands of products. As part of broad SEO:

– you improve the website’s visibility for key phrases,
– SEO for phrases that increase the chance of return on investment (conversions),
– you increase website traffic,
– you reach users who are actively looking for your products or services,
– you optimize the technical aspects of the website,
– you get valuable links coming to your website,
– you get valuable content for your website.

Effective online advertising – Google Ads for businesses

One of the effective forms of online advertising that brings relatively quick results is Google Ads for Business. This is a paid promotion for companies that want to advertise in the Google ecosystem (including in the search network, on portals associated in the advertising network, etc.). The available forms of Google Ads for business include:

– advertising on the search network,
– image advertising on the display network,
– product advertising for online stores,
– remarketing,
– video advertisement,
– dynamic ads in the search engine,
– smart campaigns.

Effective online promotion for companies. Google Ads on the search network

How and where to advertise a company on the Internet? It’s a good idea to start your paid promotion with an ad on the Search Network because:

– it gives a lot of control over the budget spent,
– brings relatively quick results,
– immediately after configuration, it builds brand visibility in the search engine,
– reaches recipients who are looking for your products or services on the Internet,
– well optimized allows you to quickly generate sales.

How to promote business on the Internet? Image advertising on the Google Ads Display Network

How to build brand awareness and where to advertise on the Internet? Use the image message in your Google Ads image ad. It is a text or visual advertisement that reaches users when they browse through thousands of pages associated with the Google Display Network. It is relatively cheap and provides a long range. It will work well with an ad on the Search Network initially.

How to advertise a company on the Internet? Google Ads Shopping ad for stores

Where to advertise on the internet? Google Shopping product advertising is an effective solution for online stores. This is the only sure way for your ad to be at the top of Google search results. the advertisement has an attractive visual message and allows the user to compare the offers of various stores in the search engine. A well-optimized product ad ensures high effectiveness and relatively low costs.

Where to advertise on the internet? Google Ads Remarketing

How to effectively advertise a company on the Internet? Reach users who have experienced your website or product before with your advertising message. You can do this with remarketing – traditional or dynamic. In dynamic remarketing, you’ll show the user an ad for the exact product they’ve viewed before. You can strengthen the message by providing the user with free delivery or a 10% discount.

How to promote online business? Video advertising in Google Ads

In Google Ads, you can also configure a video ad that will be displayed on websites created on the Google Display Network. The most popular is video advertising on YouTube. It includes various ad formats before, during, or after the main video. These are longer ads that can be skipped after a few seconds, and shorter ones that cannot be skipped. Among the available options are:

– in-stream ads that can be skipped by the user,
– in-stream ads that cannot be skipped,
– bumper Ads,
– Discovery video ads,
– Masthead ads available on TVs, computers and mobile devices.

How to effectively advertise a company on the Internet? Google Ads Smart Campaigns

Smart campaigns are one of the Google Ads campaign formats that distinguishes itself through optimization. Some activities are performed by algorithms that use machine learning in such a way as to achieve the best results. Automated activities include:

– setting rates,
– ad targeting,
– how advertisements are displayed.

Why is it worth using intelligent campaigns? Because they analyze a large amount of data in a short time. What’s more, thanks to the automation of some activities, a Google Ads specialist can spend time optimizing those elements that require his work.

How and where to advertise on the Internet? Social media

Social media is another channel where it is worth advertising your business on the Internet. You can take advantage of both free and paid forms of promotion. How to choose a social media channel for promotion? Check which social media your audience is on. If you want to reach teenagers, be active on TikTok. If your customers are businesspeople, don’t forget about LinkedIn. If you run an online store, you should definitely bet on Instagram, including promotion through reels and InstaStories. The activity should consist of:

– regular publication of valuable content,
– sharing new blog entries,
– encouraging users to discuss and participate in it,
– replying to messages and comments,
– paid post promotion.

Social media is also a great way to get paid promotion. This form of advertising is offered by Facebook (in the form of Facebook Ads):

– you will reach a large audience,
– you will increase your sales,
– you will build brand awareness,
– you will promote the application,
– you will reach local customers,
– you will reach your current recipients.

The following ad formats are available on Facebook:

– ads in Stories,
– an advertisement on the right side of Facebook and an advertisement in a carousel on the newsletter,
– sponsored posts,
– advertising in news on Instagram and Messenger,
– video advertising.

With the help of Facebook advertising, you can:

– redirect traffic to the site,
– create a remarketing message,
– encourage to action (participation in the event, liking the fan page, etc.).

The paid advertising option is also offered by LinkedIn in the form of LinkedIn Ads. The available formats are:

– text ads,
– advertising of sponsored content in the form of: ads with a single photo, carousel advertisements, video ads, advertisements for individual job offers,
– advertising in the news,
– dynamic ads.


The Internet offers many effective methods of promotion for businesses. Where and how you advertise your services depends on the industry you operate in, the audience you want to reach and the services you offer. Universal methods of promotion on the web are positioning, Google Ads advertising and activity in social media. It is worth combining all these activities to be wherever your potential customers are.

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