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Google AdSense – what is it? How to make money on it?

Advertising on the Internet is currently one of the most effective marketing tools. It is basically available to everyone. What’s more, any website owner can also earn from advertising – all thanks to Google AdSense. Find out what it is, how it works, and how to take advantage of it.

Google AdSense – what is it?

Not everyone is aware of it, but not only the owners of the largest, most visited sites can earn money from advertising on the web. Thanks to AdSense, it is also available to owners of small websites or blogs.

Let’s start from the beginning, i.e. an explanation of what AdSense is? This is the Google advertising network responsible for displaying contextual ads on websites. They are in the form of text, graphics or video. In simple terms, anyone who has a website can separate a place on it, which turns into a virtual advertising pole, and Google places content on it that is tailored to the visitor.

Why use AdSense? The reason is simple, and of course it is money. How to earn from Google AdSense? By providing advertising space. This is a great way to monetize your website and, for example, earn money to maintain the server. This is one of the easiest ways to earn money by doing business on the Internet, and it is basically available to anyone who runs their own website.

Google AdSense – earnings

Is it possible to earn from Google ads? How to earn from Google AdSense? It’s very simple. The only thing you need to know at the outset is that the mere provision of Google ad space will be of no avail, as long as the website is not visited by real users. The earnings of the website owner depend on them. How to earn from Google AdSense? You are billed for impressions, clicks and other interactions with the displayed advertising content. The bids vary as they depend on what advertisers pay. They are flexible and dependent on interest. However, competition on the Google Display Network is high, so you can usually count on really decent money for each ad interaction with AdSense. In the case of frequently visited sites, this can mean a significant budget contribution!

Good to know … By using AdSense, you provide Google with ad space and you have no control over what ads are displayed on your site. However, there is no need to worry. They are selected by an algorithm that adjusts the content to the nature of the website or the characteristics of its users. Advertisers bid on how much they are willing to pay to publish their content, and the most profitable ads are displayed on the site that works with AdSense.

How much can you earn on Youtube?

Earning money on Youtube can be as lucrative as a full-time job! How much does Youtube pay for 1000 views? What money are we talking about? It depends. At the beginning, you should spend a lot of time getting your channel up and running. Fortunately, the recording and the publication of videos on Youtube can take place at any time and convenient for us, so they can be combined with other professional activities.

Now it’s time for a specific one, i.e. how much can you earn on Youtube? A calculator that would allow you to calculate the possible earnings, unfortunately, does not exist. And this is not an oversight, just a difficulty in correctly estimating how much YouTube is paying for 1000 views. It depends on many factors, including views, video length, number of subscribers, and the topic discussed.

According to Paraphrase Online: the average monthly earnings of a creator is $ 9181. Lifestyle creators can earn the most, an average of $ 13,166 (with an average of 359,000 subscriptions). Gaming creators receive an average of $ 6,625 per month (with a subscription average of 387,000). The creators from the entertainment category will receive the least. Their average monthly earnings are $ 6,500 (with an average of 541,000 subscribers).

How do I withdraw money from AdSense?

We have already explained that you can earn money on Google AdSense. Time for specifics! How to account for Google AdSense income? First, you need to set up your account:
– Provide tax information
– Confirm personal details
– Choose the form of payment
– Reach the payment threshold
– Collect the money.

As you can see, withdrawing funds is not too complicated.

AdSense – how to start?

How can you get started with Google AdSense? It is very simple. First, you need to register on the program’s website. Then you just need to wait for activation and paste a piece of code into the source of your website. You need your own website, of course. You must also be a user of Gmail or another Google service.

AdSense – what conditions must be met?

If you’re interested in Google earnings, you need to know that sites that display content from the Display Network must meet certain criteria. Before activating the service, the website is verified in this regard. The publisher policy covers four areas. What are these areas and what is not allowed?

A. The first restriction is on content. The page cannot contain the following content:
– illegal, promoting illegal activities or violating the rights of others
– infringing copyrights or selling (or promoting the sale) counterfeit products,
– dangerous or offensive, inciting to hatred, containing threats, etc., – promoting animal cruelty,
– misleading, presenting false information, containing unreliable or harmful declarations,
– enabling unfair behavior,
– containing harmful or unwanted software,
– of a sexually explicit nature, offering sexual services for a fee,
– offering international matrimonial services,
– presenting adult-only topics in content for the whole family,
– promoting the sexual exploitation of minors and the violation of their rights.

B. Other behaviors are also restricted. The following are not allowed:
– unfair declarations,
– ads that interfere with the operation of the site or application,
– displaying Google ads on empty pages, under construction, with duplicate content, in applications or on websites running in the background, as well as wherever there is more advertising content from Google than content from the publisher,
– publishing Google ads on pages published primarily in one of the unsupported languages.

C. Privacy concerns are also important. Publishers working with Google AdSense must have and comply with the privacy policy and clearly inform recipients about the data collected. They must not use the software to identify illegal users.

D. Sites using AdSense must also comply with other, minor criteria that do not fall into any of the above groups. These include, for example, adhering to the webmaster guidelines for the quality of the page on which ads from the Google Display Network are displayed. The screens must comply with the Better Ads Standard and must not contain any misleading elements.

Detailed information on all policies for website publishers wishing to serve ads from the Google Display Network is available on the AdSense Help pages. If they are broken, Google may terminate the agreement during the cooperation period – the websites are constantly monitored in this regard.

AdSense – summary

AdSesnse is an advertising platform thanks to which, in principle, anyone can earn money on ads published within the Google advertising network. The content is selected automatically to fit the place of publication and maximize profitability. However, registration in the system is very simple. Is it worth it? Everyone has to decide for himself, but it is definitely a very interesting solution!

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