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Case study – textile industry

We have already written many times that regular optimization of Google Ads advertising conducted by professionals is an essential element of successful campaigns. The mere launch of ads does not have to be automatically associated with profits – observation of the results and continuous adjustment of rates and other parameters allow you to obtain a significant increase in revenues from Google Ads. In order not to be groundless, we will show it on the example of one of our clients.

The client in question produces and sells textile products, both wholesale and retail. He has extensive experience in the market and has an excellent reputation among customers, but nowadays – in the era of great competition – it is not always enough to achieve the profits that could be wished. However, if you add an additional brick in the form of optimized Google Ads advertising, the image begins to take on more optimistic colors. What can be achieved by investing in such campaigns and entrusting them to the care of a specialist? We discuss it by comparing the results from the turn of January and February this year with the results for April / May.


Ad clicks decreased slightly compared to the beginning of the year, but this decline is not cause for concern. In the optimization process, we constantly strive to reach a specific group of recipients who are actually interested in buying. Therefore, changes to campaigns may result in a drop of non-converting blank clicks. However, as you can see later, fewer clicks doesn’t mean less revenue – quite the opposite in this case.

The number and cost of the conversion

The conversion bars look completely different – in January there were 75 of them, while in May 109, which means an increase by 45.33%. Our goal, however, was not only to increase the number of transactions, but also to increase the number of wholesale B2B orders. Thanks to the client’s openness to our suggestions, we were able to carry out tests and implement changes that allowed us to achieve this goal as well – currently the number of such transactions remains at a very high level.

At the same time, we also worked on reducing the cost of conversion so that we could achieve even better results with the same budget. From January / February to May, it was reduced by a quarter, or almost $ 17.

How does this affect the income?

In recent months, the campaign budget has increased only slightly – a difference of about $ 400, which is less than 10% of all Google Ads funds. With the total cost almost unchanged, however, our revenue was 87.04% higher than 3 months earlier, which in this case is over $ 21,000.

The return on investment (ROAS) almost doubled and eventually reached 847%. More figuratively speaking, in January every dollar spent on campaigns brought the customer an income of $ 4.90, and in May the same expense resulted in an income of almost $ 8.50.

Campaign results

Can this result be achieved for each campaign? Unfortunately, the reality is not that rosy. The success of the campaign depends on various factors, some of which are completely independent of both us and the customer (competition, market situation, shopping seasons, etc.). It also happens that the very budget that the client decides to spend on advertising is a limitation. Therefore, for each new contract, we propose the optimal budget and advertising formats, which, according to our experience, should bring the best effect. The fact that we know what to propose is evidenced by results such as those above.

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