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Case study – footwear industry

There is a lot of competition in the footwear industry – large chain stores, small boutiques, online and stationary sellers present their offer. In the midst of a variety of options that are both visually and cost-effective, it’s not easy to get noticed. However, challenges are our daily bread – see how we deal with them.

The shoe store from the example discussed entrusted us with its Google Ads campaigns and website positioning and has been with us for almost half a year – from December 2020. During the last months we have been working intensively, optimizing ads on Google, introducing changes on the website beneficial from the SEO point of view and expanding the profile links. The results of our specialists’ work are impressive. Let us briefly discuss the last 3 months of campaigning – here the changes take place so quickly that you can focus on a shorter period – and just over 5 months of positioning.

Google Ads – How did the results improve in 3 months?

What can be achieved in Google Ads for three months? With our specialists – a lot. We managed to significantly increase the interest in the client’s ads, which translated into an increase in the number of clicks on the ad by over 300%! However, these are not empty, meaningless clicks – three months of regularly conducted optimization activities allowed to increase the number of conversions fourfold.

Increase by 332.99%
Despite the fact that the interest in the offer increased significantly and the client decided to entrust us with an additional advertising budget, the conversion cost did not increase, on the contrary – it fell by as much as 25%. This means that the fee for achieving the set advertising target has decreased by a quarter. This is an excellent result when the budget is significantly increased in a short time.

A decrease of 25.86%
The client’s decision to increase advertising spending has opened up new optimization opportunities for us – it is no secret that the larger the budget, the more data for self-learning advertising algorithms. Since campaigns have been running for several months, we already had a lot of information about them, which we used to get even more from the ads. The man-machine duo played in perfect harmony, and this allowed us to increase our campaign revenue by over $ 200,000 (an increase of 328.94%).

Return on investment

Optimizing ads resulted in an increase in ROAS, i.e. the return on investment in campaigns. Three months ago, for every dollar spent on advertising, a customer made about $ 7.50 in revenue. Now every dollar brings him $ 8.50, but we are still fighting for even better results.

SEO results after six months of operation

We started in SEO almost from scratch. When the client entrusted us with taking care of the website, he didn’t have any TOP3 or TOP10 phrases, and there were just over 50 phrases in the TOP50. His site’s visibility was very low compared to competitors’ sites. So we conducted a detailed audit and identified the biggest errors on the website and areas with unused SEO potential. We took up purely technical corrections, selecting the best key phrases and improving the link profile.

Positioning is a marathon, not a sprint, and it will be a while before we achieve the goals we set together with the client. After less than six months of activities, we are happy to see the first effects of our work. The client has the first phrase in TOP3, and we managed to enter 150 phrases into the TOP10, which is a great result in such a competitive industry.

The spectacular increase is also visible in the TOP50 – here we already have over 3,000 phrases. This means that their number has increased sixty-fold since December 2020.

Of course, each customer is a story, and it is not possible to guarantee identical results for every brand in the industry. The return on advertising and the increase in visibility due to positioning are a component of various factors. They are influenced by the age and history of the domain, budget for advertising campaigns, the number of changes to the website and many, many other aspects. One thing is certain, however – the combination of customer knowledge about their products or services with our knowledge of online marketing can bring great results – that’s why successful cooperation is the basis of every success.

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