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Marketing in the company – how to conduct it?

Every company that enters a new market or has been operating on it for a long time should create an effective marketing department. Promotion of the offered services or products, reaching the customer and encouraging him to take advantage of the offer are the activities that determine the success of the company. Find out how to effectively conduct marketing in the company.

Why do marketing activities matter?

Marketing is all activities undertaken by the company aimed at increasing the sale of products or services on offer. In order to achieve the intended goals and profits, it is necessary to reach customers, get to know or create their needs and offer them a solution. Marketing in the company is a complex activity undertaken on various levels, both inside and outside the company.

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Although the main goal of marketing activities is to increase sales and profits, they are not solely focused on promoting the offer. They also include, but are not limited to:

– setting prices and forms of product presentation,
– creating distribution strategies,
– training employees and preparing them to interact with customers,
– building a positive brand image and good relations with consumers.

These are just a few examples of what marketing is all about. This type of action must be taken by every company, regardless of its size and position on the market. They allow us to develop, enter new markets and maintain good relations with customers. Marketing gives the opportunity to learn about the needs of consumers, but also makes it easier to analyze the competition. Well-planned and effectively conducted strategies are what develops business and keeps it on the path towards more and more success.

How to conduct marketing in your company?

The proper conduct of marketing activities requires experience, knowledge and cooperation of many people. Each decision should be based on a previously developed strategy. It is from there that all marketing campaigns begin. Therefore, it is worth understanding what the creation of such a strategy consists of and what such a plan should contain.

A well-developed marketing strategy allows you to use the potential of the product, introduce it to the market well and maintain customer interest. However, all these activities must be consistent with the company’s overall strategy, and therefore require detailed analysis and careful planning. The work of the marketing department does not start with looking outside the company, but inside it. Creating a strategy requires precise definition of the goals and values of the business, what it wants to convey to its clients and what brand image to build. At this stage, it is also important to pay attention to what the company stands out from the competition and what new it can offer to the recipients.

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The next step in creating a marketing strategy is the analysis of the target group, but this does not apply to all people who may be potentially interested in the offer. The list of recipients should be narrowed down to those who, apart from expressing their curiosity about the product, will also be willing to buy it. This means that the precise target group for a given offer will not be, for example, women in general, but only young mothers, women in a specific age group or coming from a specific social group.

Only the last stage of creating a marketing strategy is planning specific activities. This is the moment when marketers define goals, which can be:

– creating or consolidating a specific brand image,
– increasing sales and income,
– increasing brand awareness among recipients and reaching new customers,
– informing customers about changes within the brand or product.

In addition to creating an action plan, the marketing department should also identify the communication tools and media that will be used for this purpose. The company can use its own channels, i.e. a website and blog, as well as a newsletter. However, in the case of a website, bad SEO can be the problem. If the page is invisible to users, the information transmitted through it does not reach the appropriate group and, as a result, does not fulfill its task. Therefore, when using your own channels, you must also remember to include SEO activities.

The company may also use foreign communication channels, which include social media, other portals and forums. These channels are part of e-marketing promotions, however, depending on the product and type of offer, activities can be combined with traditional marketing (advertisements in newspapers, radio or television, billboards, leaflets).

Marketing activities are a long-term process

When starting and implementing a marketing strategy, it is important to remember that this is not a one-time action. After completing one plan, you should create another. In between building a strategy, you should also take care of many other aspects that are part of the company’s marketing and determine its success and development. Marketers in a company very often cooperate with other departments, primarily responsible for public relations.

Marketing plays an important role in the day-to-day functioning of the company. First of all, it determines how the company is to be perceived by customers, what they should associate the brand with and how this image will be built. Good marketing allows you to create the right relationship with a group of recipients, and at the same time lead to growing trust. The appropriate image of the company and the offer, refined in terms of quality and promotion, significantly improves the company’s position on the market. However, you have to take care of it every day.

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Building trust, responding to the needs of recipients, planning and implementing campaigns to improve the brand image and many other activities is a process that never ends in the company. It is a daily work that requires the involvement of people in various positions. Therefore, at the beginning of its journey, each company should build a full team of marketers striving to increase profits and improve the business position on the market. Often, marketing activities require cooperation with an external company, such as an SEO agency, which allows you to take care of the business website that is one of the means of communication.

Effective marketing is therefore not only catchy slogans, interesting ads and intense, but short promotion, after which the company disappears from the users’ awareness for several weeks. If all activities are meticulously planned from the very beginning, taking into account the company’s mission and goals, the market, competition as well as the needs and emotions of consumers, the company has a good chance of achieving success quickly. Maintaining a high position and advantage over other businesses, however, requires constant analysis of the situation and adjusting the overall strategy to the changing realities.

Other elements of marketing management

The marketing strategy and related activities are only one of the elements of managing the overall marketing in the company. In addition to creating plans, a team of qualified specialists should also take care of:

– business development strategy,
– brand management and its value,
– development of the offer and products introduced to the market,
– building and maintaining positive relationships with customers through interactions and improving the quality of service,
– planning actions with the participation of famous people and brands as well as contact with the media,
– planning and management of development on international markets and promotion of the offer abroad,
– analyzing and creating data, controlling the market and competition, using progress monitoring tools,
– supporting sales, creating sales leads and new development opportunities.

All these activities require a lot of work, which is why it is so important to build a well-coordinated team from the very beginning, in which experts with experience play an important role. As a result, each marketer is responsible for a small part of all operations, which significantly increases the efficiency of the entire team. Marketing activities are time-consuming and demanding processes, and some of the tasks are related to other areas, such as PR or SEO, SEM or UX activities.

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