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5 reasons for copywriting failure

If it was possible to indicate a copywriter’s occupational disease – it would most likely be bitterness. Dense vapors of disappointment are constantly hovering over the writing market. When analyzing opinions on discussion forums and social networking sites, it is difficult to assess whether the dominant factor is complaining about the level of earnings or about the “reassuring” nature of work.

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Reasons for Failures in Copywriting

Reasons for Failures in Copywriting:

Lack of patience: 20%,
Bad work organization: 20%,
Lack of specialization: 20%,
Bad view of concurrency: 20%,
Reluctance to develop: 20%

Copywriting seems to be a common source of frustration. It’s not true. You can earn very well from writing… and have fun doing it. Find out about the 5 causes of copywriting failure and what to do to avoid them.

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Cause I – Lack of patience

Earning money online requires patience. This is a universal statement. It doesn’t matter whether we want to earn money from blogging, online store or writing SEO texts – everything takes time and work. Every copywriter must take this into account.

Taking up well-paid jobs seems rational at first glance. However, the value of the contract often turns out to be a trap.

Most of the problems in copywriting result from the necessity to write texts for which we have absolutely no idea or desire.

Naturally – writing is our job and it is naive to assume that we will only write what we want. However, it is just as naive to take on too difficult orders in the hope that “somehow it will be”.

Acquiring knowledge that will allow you to correctly assess the level of difficulty of the order (and our strength) is a matter of several months. In the meantime, it is worth focusing on the workshop, writing for large portals and the implementation of the first, simple (and preferably short) texts as part of permanent cooperation with agencies.

Copywriting has been included in the group of freelancing professions for a reason. Despite this, many subjects still try to fit writing into the framework of classical work. Moving too quickly into employment is an inexhaustible source of frustration.

Before making more serious commitments, it is worth finding out what type of texts and thematic category actually suit us.

Taking complicated orders too early will lead to a situation in which it will be difficult to write each sentence. It may turn out that we spent the whole day creating one text and earned a ridiculous amount.

Writing profits increase over time. Before we start to achieve very good results, we need to get to know the market and specialize in a given category. If we have any future with writing – as important as earnings, it’s not to get discouraged.

Cause II – Bad work organization

Working at home, we are exposed to a number of natural “distractors”. In addition, freelancing is a constant search for orders, analyzing their profitability and contact with the client.

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It is worth separating the time for browsing websites with advertisements and responding to e-mails from the time actually devoted to work.

In the photos and infographics related to the subject of freelancing, we see people who, holding a cup of hot coffee in one hand and a mobile phone in the other, “work” in constant contact with the client. Forget about this picture for a moment.

Do the test – if you have an old laptop or desktop computer somewhere in the closet, install it in a room where you can isolate yourself and calm down. Don’t take your cell phone. Do not connect your new workplace to the Internet. Make sure there is only a text editor icon on the desktop.

Start creating simple how-to articles in your favorite category. See how many words / characters you can actually write in two hours. You will be positively surprised.

It’s no secret that quantity matters in copywriting. Especially at the beginning of our career, when we do not yet have the opportunity to value our article for several hundred zlotys and work on it all day long.

The key to success is finding a compromise between the quality of the content and the amount of texts produced. In the case of pretzel and background texts, it is not worth considering each sentence for a long time. When treating writing in terms of work, we must evaluate on an ongoing basis when it is worth focusing on the substantive value of the text and when on its volume.

Cause III – Lack of specialization

It is impossible to write about everything at the same time. If you make texts about ceramic tiles today, tomorrow about available programs for paraphrasing the text, and then deal with the ranking of mobile phones – you cannot count on decent profits. Your approach will be too cursory.

Accepting all jobs is not the best way to earn money from writing. On the contrary. Specialization is necessary.

As a last resort – our success depends on improving the quality of content. Only specialization allows you to build a reputation in the selected industry. In this way, we will quickly break above the level of texts for 5 or 10 dollars. We will turn the search for orders into permanent cooperation with selected thematic websites.

Choosing the right area of specialization is of great importance. If we choose a specific topic (e.g. construction of a single-family house) – it may turn out that it is not enough to ensure an adequate supply of orders. By choosing the entire category (e.g. real estate) – we increase our field of activity sufficiently. Not sure which category to choose?

Nothing prevents you from choosing two or three categories. However, this should happen gradually. For example, we achieve a decent level in the “real estate” category, smoothly move to mortgage issues, and then to the general “finance” category.

How to judge if our level is decent? If you have enough information to write three 300-word topic articles on the go, that’s fine. This is the best indication that you are fluent in your category. It is also worth getting to know the most important literature in the industry in order to efficiently reach for quotes from authorities when necessary.

Beginning copywriters are afraid that the specialization will limit their profits (after all, it is impossible to predict the subject of published orders). Nothing could be more wrong. Think of the first steps in writing as learning. Even when there are no jobs in your category – keep creating content. If you don’t use it today – you will do it in a week or a month. No worries. Certainly nothing will be wasted.

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Cause IV – Bad view of concurrency

Anyone can become a copywriter. Or at least – anyone can try. By analyzing the comments on industry websites, you can conclude that some “old” copywriters would most likely introduce a writing license. It is hard to find a more absurd idea.

The source of frustration here is the apparent need to compete with price. The budgets for content creation are not very large yet. Several dozen people respond to most of the offers. No wonder the advertiser chooses the cheapest option.

Competition on larger portals takes the form of a race for clicks in the booking window of a profitable order. However, the situation is improving year by year.

If you do not believe – try to complete a few orders on the portal enabling communication with the client. Apply the basic principles of creating a functional text and take care of its stylistic and spelling side.

The content you create doesn’t have to be amazing – just keep it correct. Then, count the time until you receive a proposal for permanent cooperation.

It is surprising that in an “immensely competitive” market, after a few weeks you choose yourself who you want to cooperate with. It is equally surprising how quickly customers are able to appreciate quality.

The problem of competition on advertising pages leads to a situation where a lot of time can be wasted on creating test texts.

Especially if someone is actually writing only a trial passage. A much better idea is to write the whole article (if it passes, the work is “done”, if not – we will sell it elsewhere).

Competition exists, but it is not as terrible as it is painted. This applies to all issues related to internet marketing. It seems to me that most copywriters do not take their job “seriously”. Created websites – what they are. Content – is what it is. There is a huge amount of mediocrity on the market. This is an opportunity for all ambitious creators. You will certainly meet the competition, but you will easily beat them with quality.

Cause V – Reluctance to develop

Is there still room for development in such a (theoretically) competitive industry as online writing? Let’s think – how many copywriters use simple bullets and numbering in the content they create? thirty%? Less? And how many copywriters offer to supplement texts with any photos (even from free stock)?

One of the largest copywriter agencies in the USA, offers a selection of a photo highlighting the ordered article (for $ 1). That’s all. Will anyone take care of editing the content in terms of matching the website loading speed? Not to mention creating your own original charts and infographics?

How many copywriters adjust the length of a paragraph to ensure readability on mobile devices (currently over 50% of web traffic)? How many texts are preceded by thorough research on the interests of search engine users?

Some copywriters will find that this is all work for the webmaster. Exactly not. Improving the created content is a natural stage of professional development. Google your recently sold items. Check how much has changed in them since the sale.

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Most often, only the featured image has been added (and sometimes it hasn’t even been done). Besides – everything is the same as in your text editor. And we’re not just talking about the back-end pages that hardly anyone pays attention to. The problem also applies to “serious” thematic sites. By developing your offer – you leave the competition behind.

Evolution of Content

Copywriting has long ceased to be perceived solely in terms of creating advertising texts. Today it even goes beyond the framework of creating the text itself.

Success in the content creation market is very much dependent on development. Every trick you learn, every book you read, every text that arouses above-average readers’ interest – it’s your capital.

If you want to earn decent money writing – you can’t stop. After creating simple presell texts, it’s time for back-end or articles. Then product descriptions in the online store or email marketing. You can change popular portals into cooperation with advertising agencies or your own business. Over time, you will begin to supplement your textual content with multimedia content. Your reputation will grow with the quality of the content you create.

Patience and rational organization of work will allow you to gradually increase your profits. Choosing a specific subject area helps to beat the competition. If you do not stop developing – from the perspective of several months you will look at the progress with admiration. Then there will be specific money. This way you will avoid frustration and pouring out regrets over the “ungrateful” fate of Internet writers.

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