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What is Dark Post?

In this article, you will learn what Dark Post is and what it is for. You will certainly be able to use it in advertising campaigns on Facebook.

Dark Post – definition

Dark Post is also known as a hidden or unpublished post. It is an invisible post on the fanpage, i.e. the company’s Facebook profile, for all fans. It is dedicated to a specific group of recipients. In the aforementioned group, users previously viewed a specific product in an online store. This format is very often used for sales purposes. Dark Post also has names like “blink post”, “unpublished post”, “black post”. However, all of these terms describe posts which are solely used to compose ads. They only gain coverage through paid advertising. Free coverage in this case is practically non-existent. If you run advertising activities within FB, it is certainly worth looking at the possibilities and advantages of this solution.

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What are the possibilities of Dark Post?

In a situation where you are the owner of an online store and plan to distribute an advertisement directed only to a specific group of users, Dark Post is a great solution. For example, your offer includes dietary supplements for athletes. Some of your recipients viewed gainers in the online store, i.e. nutrients useful in building muscle mass. So you can only target your post to people who have viewed a specific product category. Recipients who follow the company profile of your store, but do not want to build muscle mass, will not be interested in the said supplement.

Dark Post is therefore a tool that allows you to segregate Facebook fans. Users to whom the said content is displayed can be called a “core target”. A valuable feature of Facebook is the ability to target hundreds of such posts. Each of them may have a slightly different audience.

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What are the advantages of Dark Posts?

Dark Posts offer the possibility of accurate targeting. Therefore, as a business owner, you can be sure that you will reach exactly those users who are interested in the products or services promoted in the category.

Additionally, this form of communication with your fans has a positive effect on the reach. Also remember that by using just Dark Posts, you hide your actions from the competition. Consequently, companies that compete with you will not be able to draw on your ideas, for example. Such content will also be appreciated by fans who do not like spamming with ads. Due to the fact that they are hidden, they only reach users who will not treat them as something that is displayed unnecessarily. If you are interested in reaching exactly those people who expect it with your advertising message, use the services of a proven marketing agency. One of the recommendable ones in the United States and Canada is Paraphrase Online.

Remember that Dark Post looks different from a regular post. In the latter case, you cannot add many functions. The described tool may contain a CTA (Call to Action) button, a header at the bottom of the post and a clickable photo. By using Call to Action, you give your audience the opportunity to get involved. In addition, all reactions, comments and user shares will be visible, and therefore it will be possible to take them into account when analyzing your marketing activities.

When should you opt for Dark Posts?

Dark Posts are a solution that is worth paying attention to, for example, in a situation where the advertising message you are about to release does not fit in with the overall communication of your company. It differs in terms of language as well as visual issues. Therefore, his rhetoric and message may be different.

Dark Posts are often more advertisements than social media posts that are designed to establish a relationship with the recipient. Their goal is often to increase the conversion rate and persuade the user to buy a specific product or service.

How to make a Dark Post?

To create a Dark Post, you must first select an advertising account. This is where the entry will be published. Then select “Page posts” and “Create post”. Then you can decide whether it should be a graphic, movie, carousel or link. You can also click “Use this post only in the ad”. It is this variant that allows you to show the content only to a selected group of Facebook users. Then you decide what budget you want to spend and what target group you want to reach.

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In conclusion, Dark Posts are invisible posts that are only displayed to the target audience. The use of this solution allows you to increase sales results, and at the same time hide your ads from the competition and not display the content to people who treat it as spam.

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