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Internet advertising campaign – what price?

Promoting yourself on the Internet today is the basis of a marketing strategy in the vast majority of industries. Why? The answer is simple: because most consumers search for products and services that interest them online. Therefore, no matter how wide-ranging your business is, be sure to promote yourself on the Web! How much does an advertising campaign on the Internet cost?

We answer right away that the costs of an advertising campaign on the Internet depend on many factors. Therefore, it is impossible to define them precisely without analyzing a specific situation. However, it is worth knowing what influences the scale of expenses and how to plan your budget well for this purpose.

What is the price of an online advertising campaign?

An advertising campaign on the Internet can cost as much as you want.

After all, it’s up to you what budget you plan for it – a few hundred dollars, or maybe a dozen or tens of thousands? You decide. The problem is that determining how much you spend on a campaign shouldn’t be a coincidence, and neither should you plan what exactly the money will go to.

Nevertheless, the great advantage of the Internet – especially campaigns carried out in social media or via Google Ads – is the ability to precisely indicate spending limits: both on a daily or monthly basis, and for the entire campaign.

What are you paying for?

When it comes to displaying typical online advertisements, e.g. banners or sponsored links, the costs most often depend on:
the number of impressions of the message – in this system you pay for each view, regardless of whether the recipient has decided to interact with the ad,
the number of clicks on the ad – then the costs are generated only after the recipient clicks on the link to your website.

This is obviously a very general explanation, because it all depends on the type of campaign being run and the specific tools that will be used in it.

What affects the cost of the campaign?

The method of calculating payments by systems such as Google Ads or Facebook ads is not the only factor that translates into the final amount of costs that the advertising campaign will consume on the Internet. So what else is important for the budget?

A. Whether you run the campaign on your own or with the help of an agency
At first glance, the independent configuration of Google Ads campaigns or Facebook ads seems to be a very simple task. After all, service interfaces are easy to use, so just click through the options and you’re done, right? Theoretically yes. In practice, however, especially if you do not have any experience in the world of online marketing, you can expose yourself to very high costs that will not translate into the expected conversion and ROI, and thus return on investment. You can also expect that you will probably wait a long time for the ad’s effects, if they appear at all. So the question is: can you afford such a risky expense?

Yes, internet marketing agencies charge for their work, which can increase your initial investment. However, the actions taken by experts most often hit the spot and allow to achieve satisfactory results at a lower cost. In practice, therefore, an advertising campaign on the Internet carried out by professionals will most often cost much less and bring measurable, clear profits.

B. Experience of an interactive agency
The longer the internet marketing agency’s experience, the higher the chance that its planned campaign will be measurable. However, in the wake of many years of practice and extensive specialist knowledge, the stakes are higher. Therefore, you can expect that using experts’ services will be more expensive than working with beginners in this industry. Contrary to appearances, however, the rates of the former do not have to be “out of space”, and a slightly higher investment may bring greater profits.

C. The scope of cooperation with experts
In order for an advertising campaign on the Internet to translate clearly into the achievement of the set marketing and sales goals, it cannot be carried out without prior preparation. Therefore, the agency will certainly offer you a package of preliminary analytical services – the more precisely its specialists verify your current market position, technical possibilities, business environment, competition and promotional potential of various strategies, the higher the costs will be. Such an investment, however, usually means that the implementation of the campaign itself brings a higher ROI and gains the response you expect. Therefore, this is another issue to consider and discuss with a specialist.

D. The size of your company and the scope of its activities
If you operate on a local scale – e.g. in cities – you need a campaign with a much narrower scope than a corporation operating on the international market. Therefore, you will have to spend less on promotion. It is worth knowing that ad spend is also influenced by competition in your industry, the type of recipient to whom the messages are directed, and the duration of the campaign.

E. Selected communication channels
Advertising on the Internet is a very broad concept. You can put a lot of promotional tools into this bag – starting with sponsored links and banners on external websites, ending with promotion in social media, and even content marketing or SEO activities, which also translate into branding and conversion. The price of the campaign will depend on which of them you choose and how many you include in your campaign.


Of course, these are not all the pieces of the puzzle that must be taken into account when calculating the budget for online advertising. So as you can see, estimating how much an advertising campaign will cost on the Internet without looking at the specific situation, needs and goals of the company is like reading tea leaves. If you want to get specific information on how much your company should spend to see the results of investment in promotion – contact us. Our specialists will make a valuation and present you with various variants – from very economical to slightly more expensive – so that you can consciously choose what you need.

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