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How to become a copywriter

Copywriting is currently one of the most popular professions that can be done online. What influences the popularity of copywriting? How to become a copywriter and is it profitable to write for commission? Find out in this article.

How to start working as a copywriter

If you are browsing online job advertisements – sooner or later you will surely catch your eye with the term “copywriter”. What does such a person do? Let’s find out.

>> Copywriter’s Guide <<

The basic form of a copywriter’s activity is the creation of functional texts. Such texts, unlike their classic counterparts, have an additional function to perform.

Functional text = information transfer + persuasive impact on the reader

In addition to the basic function of the text, i.e. conveying information, functional texts must also convince the recipient to a specific behavior.

What is the job of a copywriter?

How does it look in practice?

As a copywriter, you will create texts that will be used on various marketing grounds. In addition to quite obvious grounds – such as leaflets, advertisements, commercial offers – your texts can also be used to position websites (SEO texts) or educate potential customers (content marketing).

A copywriter can write:

– articles for the printed press
– articles for online media
– commercial offers (both classic and as part of e-mail marketing)
– advertising texts for websites
– product descriptions in the online store
– landing page texts (landing/sales pages)
– texts on product packaging
– leaflets
– advertising banners (outdoor)
– scripts and scripts for TV and radio commercials
– entries and posts in social media

Now a question may come to your mind:

Is it difficult to create such texts?

Theoretically – no. In practice, of course, it’s a bit more complicated.

Yes, writing is one of the most common skills these days. There is no doubt that almost every member of modern society can try his hand on this ground.

However, when it comes to Copywriting with a capital “C” (i.e. all these examples of people who earn real money on writing), we are talking about art.

The first element of this art is the very approach to the text. In addition to trivial matters – i.e. grammar and spelling, which, I always emphasize, is not the most important thing in copywriting, there is also the issue of the ability to properly construct the message (you can read about it, among others, in the article about the inverted pyramid principle).

In addition to the “dry” skills of creating textual content, there are also editorial skills.

At the very top there are people who understand the psychology of consumers in the selected industry (it is worth noting that there are no universal consumers – cosmetics are sold in a completely different way than training or agricultural machinery), they are able to use analytical programs in their work (e.g. among others Ahrefs, Buzzsumo, Google Analitycs) and have mastered at least the basics of operating a selected CMS (content management system – web content management system, e.g. WordPress).

Copywriter work

Think copywriting is the job for you? Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to find out about it safely.

Copywriting is one of those professions that you can enter gradually. You do not need significant investments, neither in terms of time nor in terms of money.

>> Rhetoric for a copywriter. How to form arguments <<

Let’s start with the fact that there are two basic forms of copywriter work:

1. full-time job
2. self-employment

1. Full-time copywriter job

Here the matter is relatively simple – just go to one of the job portals and search for “copywriter”.

Even if you’ve never worked this way, you have nothing to worry about. Yes – you may not find a job in one of the best agencies right away, but it is such a popular profession that you will easily get an internship or find an employer who will be ready to quickly train you to the profession.

What does the full-time job of a copywriter look like in practice?

Note that modern advertising is most often a creative combination of text and image. This is why the basic executive unit in an advertising agency consists of a two-person team – i.e. a copywriter (responsible for the text) and an art director (responsible for the graphic side of the advertisement).

>> How to write creatively <<

If you choose a full-time job in an agency, you will most likely end up in such a team. Of course – reality is always much more rich and complex than theory, so you might as well imagine working in an online store, an ordinary office or a larger company (smaller companies usually do not employ their own copywriters).

How much does a copywriter earn

The salary of a beginner copywriter on a full-time basis is usually in the range of $ 4,000 to $ 6,000. To this must be added various types of bonuses and allowances, but here the specificity of the selected company should be taken into account. In the case of employment in a larger city, you can add about $1,000 to this. If you have doubts about the rates offered by companies in your area – select in the offer search engine to display only advertisements with a range. This way you can quickly check the current rates.

2. Self-employed copywriter

By self-employment, I mean both freelancing and running a business (in any form).

On the Internet, you can find various portals that enable remote cooperation between a copywriter and people ordering texts.

Working on such portals is the first step in the profession for many people. Registration is free, and the simple nature of the texts created and the lack of obligations allow you to quickly check whether copywriting is the job for you.

At this point, we can also list all the companies that, in one way or another, offer their clients work on texts. You will find plenty of them in the American, British, Australian, Philippine, etc. market. Of course, success in this area depends on many factors (e.g. idea, specialization, customer acquisition and retention system). Either way, there is no doubt that you can earn quite a lot of money by creating textual content.

How much does a freelance copywriter make

How much can you earn working on your own? At this point, the answer will be much more difficult.

First of all, because the salary here depends on your personal characteristics and conditions. For example – the pace at which you are able to create texts, the time you intend to devote to work, the effectiveness in acquiring new customers, etc.

A lot also depends on how you intend to treat copywriting. You can treat it as a simple way to supplement your salary, or you can build your own marketing agency. Anyway, in my experience, self-employed copywriters usually earn at least one and a half to two times more than “full-time” copywriters.

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Does it pay to become a copywriter?

Now you’re probably wondering if the game is even worth the candle. Of course, you’ll never know for sure if you don’t try. Fortunately, in this case, it only requires a little time and attention from you.

As for my opinion – it’s definitely worth becoming a copywriter.

I recommend this for all people who are a bit more serious about internet marketing.

Even if you get a different job in this area in the future, the copywriter’s experience will be useful to you literally everywhere. You will be a better blogger, creator in social media, online store manager, editorial worker, etc. Broadly understood copywriting is the basis of all e-commerce.

If you like working with texts and you are interested in internet marketing – there is nothing to think about.

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