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5 most important copywriter skills

Starting a copywriter’s career is very easy. It is enough to create a free account on one of the portals and complete a few orders. In theory, anyone can make money this way. But only theoretically. If you ever want to break beyond writing for a few dollars, you’ll quickly find out just how demanding this profession can be. Read the article and see what a professional copywriter must be able to do.

What a copywriter must know

Let’s face it – the market is full of weak, bitter copywriters whose only skill is to complain in message boards or point out a typo to someone.

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Copywriting is not easy at all.

You can put a “light pen” and “perfect knowledge of spelling rules” … in a drawer. If you take your profession seriously and want to earn really good money – it’s definitely not enough.

Success in copywriting depends more on your knowledge of internet marketing than your writing proficiency.

Below you will find the 5 most important copywriter skills without which your career will never develop.

1. Knowledge of the principles of constructing Internet texts

As a copywriter, you will quickly notice that most of the texts on the web have been created according to a certain pattern:

Title – with an appropriate length and structure suited to the publication medium,
Lead – in which you inform the reader what type of content they will be dealing with,
Headings and paragraphs – introducing the division of the presented content in a logical way.

The sooner you remember and start using this pattern, the better.

Many novice copywriters rely on the knowledge gained from English lessons.

They were taught that the basic structure of a text is an introduction, expansion, and conclusion.

However, the internet is not an English lesson. The diagram of content on the Internet looks something like this:

ending – introduction – development

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This is due to the nature of this medium. Most Internet users need an immediate answer to their questions. A professional copywriter always responds to this need.

Only a part of the audience will be interested in the introduction or the reasons for the discussed issue. You can read more about the correct construction of web content in the article on the reverse pyramid principle.

2. Awareness of the purpose of the Internet text

Each work of the copywriter has a specific task to perform. Contrary to appearances, it does not always have to be a sale. Basic texts (e.g. presell text or backend text) are used for positioning websites. Many Internet writers also create typically news or entertainment content.

A copywriter can get traffic from a search engine, generate interest in social media, or persuade website users to subscribe to a newsletter.

Each of these activities requires a slightly different approach to the text being created. Whether you are currently writing product descriptions or full-fledged SEO articles – you must always remember the purpose of your work.

For professional copywriters – this goal never has anything to do with achieving the right number of characters with a space.

3. Ability to search for the necessary information

Copywriting is nothing more than finding and providing the reader with information (possibly in an attractive form).

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If you want to be successful in copywriting, you need to learn to do it quickly and effectively. A lot of information on research can be found in the article on lack of inspiration to write.

You will likely be operating in multiple subject categories at once. Therefore, you do not have the slightest chance to check all information provided empirically.

This does not mean that your texts have to be weak and cursory.

4. Basic SEO knowledge

Google search engine traffic is the biggest source of gaining new website visitors.

Unfortunately – even the best writer has no chance of getting such traffic without SEO knowledge.

In the past, it was enough to write a longer article and put a keyword in the title. Today it is definitely not enough.

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If you want to be a successful copywriter, you must have knowledge of SEO and text content optimization in the search engine. Just like us at Paraphrase Online, he must take care that our texts are good and exhaust the topic we are writing about.

5. Basic knowledge in the field of cms operation

Self-reliance is required of professional copywriters. Clients expect that you will not only provide them with specific text, but also publish it and take care of basic optimization.

Knowledge of popular content management systems (WordPress, Joomla) is an obligation for more serious orders.

The good news is that from the copywriter’s point of view, these systems are quite similar – if you master one of them, you will definitely be able to handle the rest.

The copywriting market

Thanks to these skills, you will quickly stand out above the crowd of average copywriters.

If you are just starting your adventure with writing, remember that the situation on the domestic market is shaped by two factors:

The first is the low entry threshold for the profession. You don’t need any investment or formal education to become a copywriter. At the beginning of your career, probably no one will even ask for a portfolio. Honestly – few people will care if your first texts are really good. Unfortunately – for the overwhelming majority of customers who use popular portals for copywriters, the most important thing is the price. This can lead to developing bad habits that will completely destroy your potential and distort your perception of the profession. After all, if no one cares about quality – why try?

The second factor is the situation in the website positioning industry. SEO agencies are responsible for the overwhelming majority of orders. In United States, content marketing is still treated as a curiosity, and the budgets for creating content are often ridiculously low. In addition, there are many people working in agencies who are used to the fact that for $ 10 someone will write them an article generating organic visits to the website.

Does this mean that copywriting has to be a source of frustration and that authors are doomed to mass-produce low-quality texts?

Definitely not! Copywriting is the future.

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