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Everything about the SEO service

Are you a dynamic entrepreneur or team manager? Then you probably already have clearly defined your marketing goals. And ambitious! The plan to be achieved for the whole year has been established and discussed with all employees responsible for its implementation. What else should you take care of? For website SEO! Why? If the answer to this question is as cloudy for you as the water in the lake then – this article is for you.

The task and goals of marketing are quite universal, regardless of the industry. It is primarily taking care of the image of your company, building brand awareness and … increasing sales. It’s not rocket science. The realized marketing goals translate directly into the evaluation of your business activities and the consistent increase of the target.

If you already know how to manage people and processes in an organization well, it’s time to take a business in a virtual space. At the outset, it is worth visiting your website. The only question is whether we can find it on the web … Which page should we go to when looking for your service or product? Uuu. If you’re not in the first one, we’re unlikely to meet you.

This short story best explains the meaning of SEO (Google and its users like GOOD sites). However, in order to more fully answer the question: “what is worth knowing about the SEO service”, we take it under a microscope.

SEO service – what is it? So a handful of useful information

At the outset, it is worth clarifying what SEO is.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the optimization of a website for search engines. This formulation closes a complicated process based on about 200 elements that affect the presence of a given website in the high search positions of a given phrase. This, in turn, translates into increased traffic on this website and an increase in sales potential.

In short – the point is that after entering a specific password in the search box, our website appears “on number one”. Or at least in the TOP 10. The rest of the results practically do not count.

What do we gain? Meaning an increase in inquiries and organic inputs.

How to do it? It is already a higher driving school. The most important are:
– title (about 80 characters),
– URL address (simple and containing words that define the content of the page),
– and a short, but valuable description (at the time of publishing this material, it is a limit of 150-200 characters), about which the site is concerned.

SEO – what does it mean in practice?

As already mentioned, SEO is influenced by around 200 factors. The most important – apart from the three above – include:
– Create valuable content.
– Use of unique product descriptions.
– Correct work with the website code.
– Smart linking (external and internal).

Now slowly and clearly … What exactly is SEO “eaten” with? STEP BY STEP short instructions.

A. Audit of the website and links – screening the website (or online store) is the basis on which we will develop a positioning strategy. Thanks to this, we will find out whether the website requires optimization, for example in terms of speed, meta tags, unique content, the possibility of indexing the website by Google web robots, linking or redirects). The page that is audited may require improvements that are suggested by Google Search Console.

Effective SEO – how to verify? Sample tools

Google Analytics:
– Analysis of the number of visits to the website (organic search results).
– Analysis of key phrases.

Google Search Console:
– Analysis of key phrases.

– Analysis of the website’s visibility in natural search results.

– Analysis of the site’s average position for a specific query.

B. Preparation of SEO strategy – on the basis of the audit and competition analysis, we prepare an action plan, including individual activities related to website optimization, content publication and linking.
C. Optimization – that is, inter alia, fixing errors on the website, correcting internal linking, working on the website architecture.
D. Publication of content – when the errors are eliminated and we are sure that the new texts will not duplicate inside the website, we place them on the website.
E. Linking – both internal (making it easier to navigate through the website, creating a hierarchy of content and effectively directing Google robots to the subpages that are most important to us) and external (quality counts here!). Linking is a kind of fuel for our “SEO car”.
F. Monitoring the effects and… further work – SEO is a continuous process, the effects of which can only be seen after some time. After the first optimization and linking, we check how the website reacts, then we plan further actions, such as expanding the website with new subpages, adding texts or further linking.

Before you outsource SEO … YOU MUST KNOW

You already know “roughly” how to make sure your site is properly allocated on the search list. If you don’t feel up to the task on your own, you can always ask an SEO agency for help. Before you report to professionals, you must know that …

A. The position of your company in Google search is influenced by over 200 factors.
B. In the long term, it is the cheapest method of acquiring customers from the Google search engine.
C. Effective positioning is mostly based on the knowledge and experience of positioners.
D. Consists of continuous testing, trial and error, and access to a wide portfolio of websites.
E. The SEO specialist will ask you for full access to the website, so that he can make an in-depth audit, and after establishing cooperation, start optimization.

A. SEO is a long process. Immediate Effects? Not the way! You should be patient. For this reason, SEO contracts are usually signed for a year. Prize? The results last longer than with Google Ads. With professional SEO, within 3-5 months, first the caloric traffic (qualitative, translating into a goal) increases, and in the following months the number of conversions.
B. SEO strategy is selected individually. If your friend suggests that “it works” for him, know that this solution does not have to work for you.
C. The strategy may change during the term of the contract. This is due to changes in Google algorithms as well as the website’s response to optimization. If everything goes according to plan – we act. If we do not achieve the intended results, “we enter through the window”.
D. Not every page can be optimized to the same degree. It is influenced by many different factors, including its history, responsiveness, any penalties imposed by Google and the technology in which the website was made.
E. Good communication with the positioner is essential! You must inform him of any changes to the site. Or their plans. Otherwise, you will disturb and hold each other, and in the worst case, destroy the results achieved.
F. We work with a relatively constant set of key phrases. You need to know which are the most important from the perspective of your business. The positioner will suggest which of them fit into the needs of the SEO strategy and the possibility of “breakthrough”.
G. UX [User experience] in e-commerce is particularly important. 69% of customers leave your site if the checkout process takes too many steps. It’s worth combining it with SEO.

SEO – what are we doing this for? For effects!

Website optimization can significantly increase traffic to our website and positively affect sales. Example? You don’t have to look far!

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